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How to overcome jealousy?

Hare krsna prabhujis and matajis and Aapke chrnoon mein sat sat pranam.I always feel JEALOUS whenever I see a devotee advancing or serving krsna very amazingly.I know I should INSTEAD of becoming JEALOUS should become HAPPY seeing that there are VAISHNAVAS in this world who r selflessly helping people to come out of their suffering.But still whenever I see a vaishnav progressing I feel very JEALOUS and I feel very sorry for myself.I ESPECIALLY feel JEALOUS of those devotee who got krsna conscious parents and are devotee since their birth where as I did not get and I am not a devotee since birth therefore I FEEL very sorry for myself as I could not rapidly advance like them.I even FEEL JEALOUS of advanced devotees and Spiritual masters, SEEING their advanced krsna consciousness I feel very sorry for myself.And I get irritated and frustrated.So what to do?Because I FEEL highly JEALOUS.Pls HelpI BEG I BEG I BEGYour INSIGNIFICANT SERVANTCharan

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  • Hari Hari..

    I am so jealous of you! heheheheh

    at this small age you got into KC. How lucky you are. You can become a great devotee when become middle aged.

    Everyone is great devotee of Krishna. No one is less no one is more. One will realize early late but all become KC some day and reach only Lord some day. Final destination is only Krishna. 

    Okay It reminded me of a story--:

    Once there was a huge stone quarry.. and in that a sculptor was sculpting a stone and making a beautiful deity of Lord out of a marble stone.. Other stones >.granite and other less quality stones were talking to themselves...Hey Granite!!..said the Sandstone...."Did you see how that sculptor is so impartial to us ?  and how lucky is that marble be made as the main central deity stone". Why don't we get that status..said the sandstone.

    Granite stone said I am so so jealous of that Marble stone.. What to do.. We are given only status of a pavement stones and will be laid as a floor of the temple.. But cannot become the main deity stone.. This Sculptor is impartial to us and I am jealous of this Marble stone said the Granite..

    In this way while they were talking their talks were heard by the Sculptor..( Just a story)..The sculptor then told the Granite and Sandstone that.."I tried to make you into deity central stone.. But you couldn't withstand the pressures of the tiny strokes of my chisels, where as the marble could withstand the pressure, pain while I carved tiny intricate designs over it''.

    This shows the perseverance...diligence and endurance of the Marble over other stones which is why I chose Marble to be  made into the central stone for the deity .. while granite and sandstone become the flooring and pavement.

    ( perseverance=determination, diligence=persistence effort, hard work, endurance=patience).

    Develop these characters (>> PERSEVERANCE, DILIGENCE, ENDURANCE) to become perfected before getting jealous of Marble stone said the Sculptor to the granite and Sandstone.

    Hare Krishna.

    • Hare krsna Mata and Aapke chrnoon mein sat sat pranam.
      U r so kind and MERCIFUL to me Mata. Thank you very much.
      U are very sweet and amazing.
      I liked you a lot.
      Pls KINDLY help me to progress in my spiritual life.
      I BEG I BEG I BEG.
      Your Demonic SERVANT
  • E-Counselor

    Hare Krsna Prabhuji,


    Jealousy is one of the negative emotions that we all have - matsarya. Unfortunately, it is the only negative emotion that cannot be used in the service of the lord. 

    Already few devotees have answered you and described the 2 categories of jealousy - material and spiritual. If the jealousy is for material riches and gains, then it is the most futile type of jealousy, which will get one nowhere. Regardless of how much we possess, we will still have to leave everything one day and go away - at practically no notice. No time to wind up, say goodbyes, sorrys...simply kaal will come one day and take us away. The thing to do is to realise this and not get jealous of anyone. If still jealousy is there, try to do some soul searching to identify what it is that person has (quality) to possess that material wealth or possession that he has, and what you can do to get the same skills. If you are jealous of someone who has a rich father, nothing you can do about it. So what I am trying to say is sift through the emotions and try to find out what you need to do to get the same thing and whether you are willing to do the sacrifice it entails.

    Regarding spiritual jealousy, if you are jealous of someone born to devotee parents, or someone has advanced very well, then please understand it is not a race. We all progress at our pace and instead of being jealous, glorify that devotee and learn how to make your environment Krsna Conscious. Dancing with that devotee in kirtan goes a long way to mitigate jealousy.

    In my opinion, it is sheer lack of maturity on your part - you want to be the best, without qualifying to be the best. YOu cannot do anything about the pedigree of any person. We get birth as per our past karma. You have done something goo karma, thats why you came to devotion at young age in this birth. So utilise the time you have in the service of the lord. Where is the time to feel jealous of anyone.


    Your servant,

    Radha Rasamayi DD

    • Hare krsna Mata and Aapke chrnoon mein sat sat pranam.
      Thank you very much Mata.
      But pls help me to progress on my spiritual path...
  • Pls answer my question
  • Very relevant question to how I am feeling right now. However I m feeling jealous of someone doing better than me materially. There is no spirituality involved in my jealousy like char an pr ji. I never felt so jealous before. Any advice to me as will be appreciated.
  • hare krishna,All Glories To Srila Prabhupada

              The perfect way to see Everybody is

                 When one sees a person more Advanced  than us we much be very Pleased & seek Guidance,

                 When we meet a person who is on Equal stature /on par with us we should make friends with them

                  & when we see a person less Qualified than us we must be Compassionate to him/her

    This way there is no Question of jealousy ,hope i Answered u r Question,haribol

    •    Really nice Vijay :-)

        Now what do you do when someone who is NOT a devotee, defeats you philosophically? 

      • hare krishna ,AGTSP

        well if i can really Help a person & if the person is Receptive to Scriptures like Bhagvat Gita  & Srimad Bhagvatam and accepts the parampara system And treats the Guru as God I can Speak to such a person.

        But i cant waste time talking to a person who is already Biased and no amount of logic or philosopy can answer his Questions.And claims himself to be a Senior Devotee

  • Happy seeing Vishnavas-
    "Selflessly helping others come out of their sufferings"
    Those are some polite words young gee. (Equomnimnaty & Sameness") - Xs-/times transcendental sound vibrations + mental attentiveness & a worthy arcatipe immage or (Krishna-deity of choice, in the mind or visualy = service to all . = respect from & reciprocation from God.
    Come down, do the chant
    More Sennergesticaly. Start w/ an OM & a bow end w/an Om & ah'Bow Go ( envy no Mo* AhRay boly! )
    Lafter is tje best meddicem they say. I like ShenZhen yoga of Che gong alcimy 1-0-1. Good luck ki Ji
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