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Krishna mentions in Bhagavad Gita As It Is that anyone who offers Him leaf, flower, fruit, water with love and devotion, He accepts it.  If I am not able to offer on a daily basis, only on festivals, then what do I do ?  One devotee told me to chant Namo Vishnuh: to eradicate all sins before taking food, but since the name of Vishnu is very pure, I find it very difficult, my conscience pokes me, to offer Him any unpure food.  Please advise.

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Hare Krsna Prabhuji,


Why are you able to offer food only on festivals and not on the other days? You are eating everyday na, then why dont you offer before eating?

Second, if the food is impure, why are you eating it? 


Your servant,

Radha Rasamayi DD

I have a question , If we are not living with devotees & food is cooked by non devotees (although they are pious & vegetarian) , should we offer it to Lord ..? And how. .?

Hare KRsna prabhuji,


The important this is to offer. Please offer and have only prasadam. If the person is not devotee, pray to Krsna while offering to shower His mercy on this soul who has kindly cooked for Krsna, and offer the prasadam and have. If possible, give some to the cook also so that his purification starts. Gradually make him chant. I have done with 2 cooks. I had to keep cook for some time when I was having health issues. Both my cooks had started chanting after some time with us. One was there during Damodar month. He would religiously show lamp in our house everyday.


Your servant,

Radha Rasamayi DD

Ok mataji very nice

You can offer it by a prayer: God bless our food amen, if its difficult for you to say Krishna.

offer whatever u eat before it goes into ur tummy. It is  big sin if u don't offer. don't do the same mistake as sudama ji did. He ate food without offering to lord. even though HE was present physically with him then.. he just didn't like to share food with HIm as he was selfish and greedy!!!!!!!   LOrd Krishna as parmatma dwells in all as a supersoul within ur heart.. We offer food to all people who come to us during lunch time is it not.. ? any friend or relative comes to us during lunch do u offer them bhojan? or u say go away  i am eating now. For courtesy sake atleast u ask them to stay with u for lunch and u share it with them and have right??

But do  u realize a permanant atmabandhu ( THE SOUL"S DEAR RELATIVE)  is residing within u always in ur heart??  How can u hide something from Him and eat.. It is not selfishness??

We acknowledge our foodStuff for our own safty & well-being, because the HeadGods don't require anything from us. We are seeking Hi's/their protection from addverce karma or food poisining. Thus always acknowledge the GodHeads at this most intimit of moment's, Bitting chuing & swallowing are all profoundly intiment it is an ecpantion/transformation of y-our internals our state as well as transforming our relationship with God & Hi's creations dynamically thus the odds of us (not) disturbing our equilibrium & Sameness which is a recqwasit for a lasting and growing relatiinship & understanding of GOD
Are non-existent. We offer what we eat under all cercomstanc i.e. because eating is innatly a dramatically transformational event & if you are leary of those outside of the HeadGods to be worthy of y-our trust, as well you should be then 1st. Allways call on Krishna Hare Rama & Vishnu thus confessing your need and desier for their protection. P.s. our internal energies are our most pressus powerful & important form of energies, as given in the instructions and discreption of Krishna Viah- ISKCON. Krishna's internal potancies are far, far Supierer to Hi's eternal energies. So He protects them by reveling that truth only to those trusted souls He chooses!
This offering & eating thing is if measured is' the most intimate and importent* activity that we can perform most intimate*/potentialy progressive. Next only to Chanting (properly) in my observations. Good luck everyone!


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