HARE KRISHNA Prabhu jis and Mata jis .


Today while Chanting my rounds I got this desire to offer Chappan Bhoga ( 56 food items) to the deity of Laddoo Gopal at my home. I dont know what are the food items that are offered and how to offer Chappan Bhoga at home. I will be really grateful if someone can help me in this regard.


Thanks in advance.





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  • Hare Krishna!

    By the mercy of Srila Prabhupada and Lord's Devotees, Lord gave us strength to offer HIM  CHAPPAN BHOGA at our home this sunday.

    I offer my humble thanks to Manojkumar Prabhuji, KBCI, Nilesh Prabhuji & Dipti Mataji for helping me.

    I would upload the pictures soon on my page. Here is a list of food items offered....

    1. Methi mathri

    2. Namakpare

    3. Moong Dal Halwa

    4.Gajar Halwa

    5. Murmure ki Namkeen

    6. Rabdi

    7. Aatte ke Laddoo

    8. Besan ke Laddoo

    9. Sooji ka Halwa

    10. Fried Rice

    11. Lemon Rice

    12. Plain Rice

    13. Curd Rice

    14. Sweet Rice

    15. Khichari

    16. Sama ke chawal

    17. Brinjal Bhajji

    18. Gobhi ke Pakore

    19. Aaloo ke pakore

    20. Boondi ka Raita

    21. Kheere ka Raita

    22. Bread roll

    23. Aaloo Tikki

    24. Bread Sandwich

    25. CHole ( Chana Masala)

    26. Mix Vegetable Sabzi

    27. Matar Paneer

    28. Daal

    29. Kadhi

    30. Saag ( cooked green vegetables)

    31. Lauki ki sabzi

    32. Papad

    33. NAriyal Chutney

    34. Dhaniya- Pudina Chutney

    35. Salad

    36. Plain parantha

    37. Aaloo Parantha

    38. Spinach poori

    39. Plain poori

    40. Kachori

    41. Chapati

    42. Payassam

    43. Black gram fried

    44. Plain Curd

    45. Mango shake

    45. Banana Shake

    46. Coconut water

    47. Badam milk

    48. Kesar Lassi

    49. Salted Lassi

    50. Shikanji

    51. Mango

    52. Banana

    53. Grapes

    54. Guava

    55. Apple

    56. Plum

    57. Kiwi

    58. Almonds

    59. Raisins

    60. Cahewnuts

    61. Pishtachios

    62.Saunf & Elaichi



    • hare krsna...


      Oh my god...thats such a long list, as I was reading water came to my mouth,

      I cannot wait to see the pictures, mataji.

      good thought that krsna does not require anything from us yet begs us for love....

      thank you manojkumar prabhuji for that awesome thought


    • Jai Shri Krishna..


      Dandavat Pranam.. What a lovely menu for the Loving service of Krishna..  Krishna just wants our love and you have provided it in the form of Bhoga,  yet we all benefit from the Prasadama!!  Although Krishna has everything, yet he begs for our Love and yet we receive all the benefit.  He is truly our SWEET LORD.


      Just a precaution, please do not offer bread made with yeast.



  • hare krsna deepti mataji,PAMHO,AGTSP


    let us know what you offered to krsna

  • first just offer it using ur mind our krishna is bhavgrahi

    then if possible do practical say

    10 -10 varities of rotis,sabji,rice,sweets,pakoras,juiecs,chatnies there is no limit to love krishna


    • Thanks KBCI for informing me that Chappan BHoga does not only 56 items. I was really ignorant of this fact.


      Thanks Nilesh Prabhu ji for giving me this practical tip. 


      I am waiting for the mercy of Krishna and His Devotees, without which i'll never be able to offer any service to my Thakur ji.

  • Some Clarification 56 bhoga doesn't mean 56 items by quantity. It means something big . Even if you make 500 items it is still 56 bhoga ..


  • Jai Shri Krishna..


    Wonderful, I can just imagine how all the people will benefit from the remnants.  Wonderful idea and all the best.  Here's a link to something that might help..  http://www.harekrsna.com/practice/prasadam/offerings/bhoga-arati.htm


    The Hare Krsnas - Spiritual Practice - Krsna Prasadam - Bhoga-arati: Offering to the Deities
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