How to observe Fasting Till Noon?

Hare Krishna .

I want to know what is the proper way of observing FASTING TILL NOON? 

Till what time are we supposed to keep the fast? What kind of Prasadam should we have while breaking our fast? And how many times can we eat during the day once our fast is broken?

Please guide me.


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  • hare krsna


    in one word absorption in krsna

    the devoteesin vrindavan were doin there house hold duties but were totally absorbed in krsna

    ma-al aarti dress in- or worsippin- the dieties  chantin_ readin_ from bha_vatham discussin_

    cookin+ afeast inthis way and  hearin_  lectures iskcon desire tree audio         you can keep yourself busy

    2] depen on the festival janmasthmi till midni_ht 12.00 pm see vaishnav calendar

    acharya s  dissappearanc e appearance day tillraj bho_ aarti over 1.00 pm afternoon

    ekadasi next day on dvadasi  at the time refered in vaishnav calendar see online iskcon vaishnav calendar

    3]depend on one physcolo_y best not eat more or less  breakfast full meals and li-ht  drink at ni_ht imean milk

    hare krsna 


    • Thanks for the guidance Prabhu ji.

      It would be good if I can get more detail on the standard way of fasting on Appearance and Disappearance day of Acharyas.


      Hare Krishna.

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