how to not give up

hare krishna!

all glories to srila prabhupada.

yet another hurdle my way, my parents just spoke to me due to the poor marks now they are telling me that if i dont give up bhakti that is stop doing pooja (they said they are clearing the panaphelia and evryting the whhole pooja room by tomorrow ) and stop goingto mandir , stoop lighting diya , stop celebrating festivals, stop chanting, stop talking about god. if i dont do the above they are telling me they wont put me in an collage they are saying if u want to study give up everything or else dont even pray. they are saying im abnormal from society and im not acting per my cast(kshtriyas) and even the brahmanas near by are telling dont do pooja pat listen to ur parents and get into good clg. is there a way out of this misery. all this pressure. im so so so broken confusted and deeplu hurt with all the back lashes and also my un expected score of 73.

plz tell me something i can do to get out of theis situation 

hari bol!

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  • E-Counselor

    Hare Krsna Prabhuji,


    My sympathies prabhu. I understand both your and your parents point of view. Results could have been better - you will also agree. So parents are naturally inclined to think that this poor results is because of your interest in devotion and are trying to curb those activities.

    Just to tell you - even devotee parents expect their children to do well in exams. So do not think of your parents as demons.

    Now how to do damage control? You have to lie low, adjust a little, temporarily. Do not compromise on chanting - your committed rounds have to be chanted everyday. REgarding deity worship, for now, you can keep Them in packed condition. Tell your parents that your incentive is - if you do well in exams, you will be allowed deity worship in future.Eating non veg - try to avoid - tell them you are not comfortable. Atleast come to veg food. If that is not possible, consciously try to eat more fruits and vegetables and avoid non veg. REading books - make it a point to stop book reading before exams. 

    All in all, pay attention to your studies and do well in exams. Then everything will fall in place.


    Your servant,

    Radha Rasamayi DD


    • hare krishna

      accept my pranams

      plz plz pray for me mataji, ill put my full efforts i have 2 more exams to write mataji where i can still improve and comensate 20 more days left for that exam i hope i cann do it by mercy of radha govinda.

  • Oh! Uttam  prabhuji  u r giving  up?

    First  of  all  pls  accept  my humble  obesiances. I know  I m incapable  of  telling  u anything, because  I m even  lower  then  the  worm  in the stool.

    But  pls  I beg  dont  give  up,  because  ur name itself  suggests  that  u r  UTAMMA  then  how can  u give  up.

    I would  have at least  gave up my  life  instead  giving  up kc.

    My  also  parents   shouted  I got  75% 

    Rascal ,  idiot  what  not that  told,  Naak  katvake  rakh diya tune, shameless.

    But  I m  tolerating. 

    Aree  u at  least   went  to the   temple  many times, they  allowed  u,  but  for  me  they  had  caught  since  4 yrs  and  may be  out  of  4  yrs only  4  times  I visited   temple   even  that  too  chup  chupke   and  after  coming  home   they  nicely   grinded    me.   what  will  I do now?

    I m  still  Tolerating. 

    Two yrs  before  they  slapped me  broken  my  Deity  what not  they did  but  I m tolerating  and  DO  U  KNOW   WHAT   KRSNA   GIFTED  ME  FOR   MY   PATIENCE???



    LUCKY ,   U  know  one   devotee   is  57  yr  old  and  another  is  something  45  both   r  Amazing  and  u  know   one  thing   their   Guru  is  our  SP    but  they  r  not  connected   with  iskcon,  they  were   recently  in  iskcon  but  before  15  yts  they  left  it,  now  why  they  left,  is  because  they  told  me  that  they did not like  living  in  iskcon  but  separate  so  they  left. 

    They  have   their   own  property   80 acre  farm of their  father,  Its  name  Is  GOVIND  DHAM, u  know  i ate  the  fruits  of  there  and  i  became  mad,  it  was  simply   amazing. 

    And  u  know   their  name  is  Radha raman prabhuji(45yr)   krishna  kanaihya  prabhuji(57)

    U  know  they  r   simply   Amazing  I dont  understand.

    They  have  an  amazing  glow  on their   faces , a shining  spark  and   their  mind  and  senses  fully  controlled.


    • And  u know  I once  asked  them  that will  u  pls  accept  me  as  ur  Servant  till  Death  and allow  me  to live  with u,  


      Radha raman prabhuji  dont know  somehow  he was  attracted   to me  and  he  said dont  worry  "I m always  with  u"  Till  Death". 

      U know,  the  area  where  the temple is situated  is very materialistic, all materialistic  ppl  live  there  and  no one  comes  to the temple,  whole  day they  both  live  alone  practising  devotional  service dont know how(Its  amazing).   And  one  day I came (recent yr in 12thstd)   and  donno how  some how or  other  I became  dear to them. 

      And  u know  in this  yr  at  the beginning  6 months  I used  to  visit  there  and  do  kirtan and  Chant Hare krsna  and  I also  gained a lot of knowledge  from them,  due  to  which  I did  not  study  a lot  and  now I scored  75%  Heheehehe.  Even  more  than  u. 

      Now  I m  having  two association   one  of  iskcon devotees  and  other   of These  Highly  Elevated  two vaishnavas   WHO  R  READY  TO  ACCEPT  ME  WITH  THEM   WITHOUT   ANY   MATERIAL OR  SPIRITUAL   DEGREE, ( even  if  I fail  in exams  doesn't  matter  they told)  I  SIMPLY   BEGGED  AT  THEIR  FEET   FOR  THEIR   SHARAN  AND  THEY ACCEPTED  ME.

      Actually  they  saw  my  sincerity  in those  six  months,  I used  to  bunk  my  class  and  go there to  do bhajan, kirtans  and  my  parents   wouldn't  understand  anything   and  therefore   after  they  understood   how  much  I m serious  about krsna consciousness  they  accepted  me   in  their  SHARAN.


      SO,  u  pls   have  patience   and  perseverance   And  Complete   Faith  And   unflinching  Trust  in  Krsna   everything   will be  all  Right.






      • hare krishna 

        plz accet my pranams ,

        acctually my situation is quite similar to urs. pr ji coz ididnt got to iskcon much before one year i found a temple nearby my home 4 kms me. ukw even my tution was there i also used to bunk clg and go sometimes and after finishing tution aalmost weeky 2 times. but i had tuded better than this but my marks went down for some reason now im fasing trouble. not sure asto what to do. but im not giving up anytime soon

        • they were iskcon devotees too but left mandir 10 years ago sanyasi pr ji

  • Hare Krishna,

    Have Patience and Perseverance. Everything happens for a reason. God is right in your heart. Even if they remove all paraphernalia's of pooja room also... Krishna cannot leave ur heart. Make Krishna's temple in your heart. Do whatever your parents say. study well. Score of 73 is not bad. All education is for knowing God. But these days education is a needed for a good life. If you study well and earn well... then you can spend more for Krishna conscious activities later in your life... This is the difference between a devotee and non devotee. A devotee if he is highly educated and has good earning then.. he can donate for Krishna temples and help many people turn towards KC, do more seva by spending his own earnings and preach also becoz people like to hear from an educated devotee...  Devotee doesn't mean devoted to only Krishna and not discharging his regular duties properly. A devotee if he does all his duties properly then only he or she is loved by his parents, society and Krishna as well.

    Devotee should study well and become a perfect devotee and a perfect student and a good human and set an example to all others to follow. Cannot fail at any cost. You cannot let people say becoz he is into KC he became a loser in life. You must show that Krishna devotees are perfect in all fields just as our Krishna is perfect in all fields wasn't He? Krishna was a perfect student, a perfect son an able adminstrator and an a great worrior always cheerful. 

    Whatever happened happened.. don't worry for past. Just for time sake realize ..Krishna in your heart and keep chanting in ur heart no need to show off your devotion to ur parents. Can make a temple in your heart itself., and silently pray.

    patience is the key. bad situations will pass. don't worry.

    Hare Krishna.

    • Mataji dandvat pranam can you talk to me by anywhere because I live by no association till I have got into sincere kc through lockdown in YouTube in my town there is no iskcon temple i live in meerut . Plz add me a friend so that I can send you message.  Dandvat pranam . Hari bol . 

    • hare krishna mataji!

      thank you for the words of wisdom, and the comfort mataji. the problem is i have shaligram dev and he needs regular pooja and i dont want to give him to anyone and i dont really know what to do now.

      • You can give shaligram to a devotee in temple( whoever you have trust that they can take care of it properly) to take care of for sometime, so that you can also feel stress free a bit. until this bad time passes off. hare krishna.

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