how to not give up

hare krishna!

all glories to srila prabhupada.

yet another hurdle my way, my parents just spoke to me due to the poor marks now they are telling me that if i dont give up bhakti that is stop doing pooja (they said they are clearing the panaphelia and evryting the whhole pooja room by tomorrow ) and stop goingto mandir , stoop lighting diya , stop celebrating festivals, stop chanting, stop talking about god. if i dont do the above they are telling me they wont put me in an collage they are saying if u want to study give up everything or else dont even pray. they are saying im abnormal from society and im not acting per my cast(kshtriyas) and even the brahmanas near by are telling dont do pooja pat listen to ur parents and get into good clg. is there a way out of this misery. all this pressure. im so so so broken confusted and deeplu hurt with all the back lashes and also my un expected score of 73.

plz tell me something i can do to get out of theis situation 

hari bol!

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  • Please provide your email or contact details , we can connect there personally!

    We have experiences of lot of such cases, we will be able to add some help surely at this needy time!

    Hare Krishna!

    • hare krishna!

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    • thanks a lot prabhuji ! the issue is that in indian iskcon temples they want a minimum degree to join in temple. i had been to temple, and asked to stay there but they councled and sent me back. and even if i manage to go to the temple, my parents will goto the cops since im a minor and they wont let me live in peace, my family has a lot of political hold inmy place now.

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        • hare krishna!

          all glories to srila prabhupad

          will surely lookinto what can be done  as per your advice

          hari bol


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