radhe radhe and hare krishna to all devotees !

my english is not very pure i will try to write proper !

 in college(engg) every student have to work for himself like write some texts,take zeroxes,etc. this all work is for own' life and during this how one can serve the supreme lord ?

 please if you know something about this then plese tell me ?

hare krishna !

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  • Hare Krishna Prabhu ji!


    Your english is good enough... no need to worry about that😊

    I'll say wake up early and Keep the morning for lord Krishna. if you wake up at 4 am and do bhakti till 7am, then you will remember Lord Krishna for the rest of the day! 

    Hare Krishna!

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  • E-Counselor

    Hare Krsna PRabhuji,


    We have all gone through the phase of studies, exams, interviews, job related deadlines and personal highs and lows - keeping Krsna in the centre. There will always be some challenge or the other in life - if we think let me first tackle this challenge, then I will devote my time to Krsna, that will NEVER happen.

    You are in Engineering college - dont you go for movies, hang out with friends, look at girls with friends, go to eat out with them? Why then only for Krsna there is no time?

    The trick is - get up early in the morning - and chant minimum 4 rounds of mahamantra everyday, exam or not, deadline or not. Then you can study/ bond with friends whole day. Be careful to avoid non-veg, onion garlic in your diet. No smoking, no drinking. If possible, avoid tea and coffee also. Then see how things are falling in place. Unless you show any inclination towards Krsna, why He should help you and show you the path towards Him?

    Please ask whatever you need to ask freely. Nobody is judging anyone in this group. We are only trying to help each other.


    Your servant,


    • Thank-you Mataji 🙏🙏

      Hare Krishna 🙏🙏

    • thanks rashmiji ! actually everyday i hear audio of shrimad bhagwatam and from few days chanting hare krishna but didnt count the number of rounds. and also i dont like peoples(also friends ) who dont like my krishna . i really like to talk with devotees ! im pure veg and have tulsi maala, but pls tell me why you said avoid tea and coffee ?

      actually i got two year drops and now im thinking to leave engg. and thinking about to start own business but i am confused and not confirmed about this decision , pls can you give me an advice about this. 

      sorry if you found my words harmful. my english is not pure !

      • E-Counselor

        Hare Krsna Prabhuji,


        Firstly, please start by chanting 4 rounds of mahamantra everyday, without fail. It is such a commitment that the day you dont eat and the day you dont sleep is the day you dont chant. This will take you half an hour everyday. In 24 hours, I am sure you can take out half an hour (need not be together, you can break the rounds - 1 now, 2 after lunch, 1 in the evening) and chant your rounds.

        Secondly, do not wear your religion on your sleeve until you are more sure of yourself and have some philosophical background. Anyways, it is better to be tolerant and accepting of other people's faith - whether they follow Islam, Christianity, Sikhism, Ram, Siva, Hanuman, Durga..... atleast they are doing something. Just let it be. If you want to talk about Krsna, then you should seek devotee association. Where are you located? You could visit the local ISKCON temple and ask what congregational preaching is going on there? Is anything happening in your college per se.

        My husband preaches in IIT Madras and we go there atleast twice a week. Maybe something is happening in your college also, you never know.

        Hearing audio of Srimad Bhagawatam is very good prabhuji. You can continue with that - or you can start by reading Gita and then graduating to Bhagawatam.

        Tea and coffeee have an intoxicating ingredient called caffiene. Thats why we see people getting a headache if they dont drink their tea/ coffee on time. If you are a Krsna devotee, you should be addicted only and only to Krsna, not to morning cuppa of tea/ coffee/ whatever else.

        Prabhu, if you  are able to study, then it would be better to get a degree. Business you can do after getting the degree also, but studies you will not be able to do. Unless there is some family pressure on you to start earning immediately, my suggestion would be to study and finish the course, get the degree. I do not know the reason for the 2 year gap, thats why giving general answers.

        Dont worry about your english. If you are able to convey, thats enough.


        Your servant,


        • radhe radhe and hare krishna ! thank you so much. actually i created a page on facebook facebook.com/parbrahmakrishna where we share shrimad bhagwad gita shlokas .bhagwat puran stories and from other puranas and sanhitas. about college i dont know what's happening to my exam marks. when i write a exam paper very brilliantly i get very low marks 40 which is the passing mark and when i write a paper weak i get more marks .. dont know whats happening. revaluation doesnt changes anything. but rashmiji you are correct i think i have to complete this course by any way.

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