Hare Krishna,

It says 5 types of liberation are :

Sālokya means that after material liberation one is promoted to the planet where the Supreme Personality of Godhead resides, sāmīpya means remaining an associate of the Supreme Personality of Godhead, sārūpya means attaining a four-handed form exactly like that of the Lord, sārṣṭi means attaining opulence like those of the Supreme Lord, and sāyujya means merging into the Brahman effulgence of the Lord.


If sārūpya means attaining a four-handed form exactly like that of the Lord - then how to distinguish between two individual in vaikuntha with sārūpya mukti. 

So if Jaya and Vijaya both look same like four-handed form exactly like that of the Lord then how one would distinguish who is Jaya and who is Vijaya from their look ? 

Lord will have Kaustava jewel/Srivatsa mark, but what about other individuals there ? In fact how to know who is whom in vaikuntha with sārūpya mukti ?

-Jai Shri Krishna !! Jai Bhakt Prahlad ki Jai !!

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  • Maybe their faces are different,in this world everyone has two hands but still we distinguish each other right.There maybe different features that distinguishes them.

  • For us, on a platform of simply trying to addvance our/the service of chanting to a qulity of
    (any value at all)
    It is puzzling that such an inquiry could even come up? I hope that it is innocents & not false delusional ego that prompts you to ask. However, in truth serving whenever we can & wherever we are is it seems' far more significantly relevant to our present & near-future existence
    So having no problem with or aversion to idel Chit Chat. I suppose there is no harm in such speculation upon a Spiritual topic such as this. The last I heard however, most American Vishnavahs are still struggling to drop the un-common habbit of pronouncing the Supremely potent name of Sri Sri Haray without adding a ah (D) or a (Day) sillabul/sound into it. Basically disrupting it's auhtonnamus & magnanimous/Yin qulitys. A simplistic earra with who knows what diminishing ramifications upon one's Self & God realization of Haray Krishna Prama? So
    what is the fruits of such lofty speculations concerning frequenting Vishnu's spiritual abode or becoming the 1st. born of a new universe except for idel intertainment perpuses KHH) (S P) there is no such thing as spair time" please chant The All important name of Hare properly. Or who will you realize Her accual nature or develup attraction in or for Krishna, which is accually why we are hear doing what we do. Who or what doe's that serve? Or is it as I suspect simply creating unnecessary distraction(s)? Plz. Chant & Sit properly.
    Good luck as always your
    Not always worthy servent
    Shaktymahdasa Dasa. There is no spair/free time.
    "Freedom like God isn't free, it Isen't even cheep" a vishnava saying.
    False pride false ego false
    Identafacations attachments must all be abandoned. You know the rules your ever wellwisher Walter.
    • Don't wast any time chant properly!
      • Thank you for the suggestion. I shall try to follow it.

        I wish to hear about Lord and his abode, his associates etc and somehow I got this question in my mind while thinking about Lord's Vaikuntha planets. So I thought of getting it clarified here which I thought to be quicker, easier and sure way to get right information.

        - Jai Shri Krishna !! Jai Bhakt Prahlad ki Jai !!

  •  every one has different face just like we humans have 2 hands 2 legs etc . Sage narada has different face goddess laxmi has different face . Its not that they all look the same surely.

    • Yes yes I got it in vani quotes. One cannot distinguish between who's narayan and who's not.....lol
    • Thanks for kind reply. Prabhuji, question is related to  sārūpya mukti (sārūpya means attaining a four-handed form exactly like that of the Lord).

      - Jai Shri Krishna !! Jai Bhakt Prahlad ki Jai !!

      • That vedabase link doesn't work but does 4 handed form also mean that all get face like krishna too?

  • Hare krishna , PAMHO

                              The spiritual World is Sat -Chit- Ananda , it means it is Eternal ,Full of Knowledge & Full of Unlimited Bliss. Knowledge there is not Limited like here as we are limited by sense organs . They Posses True Knowledge and there is No Duality . Every thing ,the senses there are Transcendental so as there are Individuals there , they can Distinguish each other . there are no vices there.

    Hope i have Answered your Doubt.

    Feel free to ask  if you still are not satisfied

    • Ok, Thank you. So they can distinguish/they will know even though all look same. 

      - Jai Shri Krishna !! Jai Bhakt Prahlad ki Jai !!

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