Hare Krishna to all wonderful Devotees.

One thing is really disturbing for me for a long time i.e the Money issue.  I am working in the corporate sector for the last 3 years & hate doing what I am working on. Although being a new devotee of ISCKON I've learned many things to overcome all fears but still this Maya energy takes the test of devotees at all the time, I personally feel so. Right now, I am feeling that I am not getting worth my salary due to pandemic, since last year many companies fired their employees, many lost their jobs, yearly increment was not in line. India is really going through a recession for quite many years.

So, how to keep myself calm regarding my salary issue and other insecurities, since I am a devotee of Lord Krishna, I chant daily, read spiritual books daily. Lord Krishna says in Bhagawad Gita that our body is the field of activities & can we have to fight with full strength with our anxieties & fears. Then why I am becoming weak. 

There are many householders in ISCKON who are earning around 20-25k per month but still, they are happy, maintaining their families & living a life of simplicity without any miscellaneous expenditures. Isn't so.

It's not like that I am depressed but I am a bit sad due to some fears. I keep myself reminding that Krishna is with me, how can he make me fall, when Krishna is with me then why I am fearing of all these nonsense things be it money or any other thing. But Maya is really troubling me because I am trying to get out of her & want to advance in my spiritual life which has some meaning in life. I joined ISCKON to become happy & peaceful as nothing is more valuable for me than becoming happy, serving the devotees of the Lord & loving Krishna unconditionally.


What do you think guys, is my faith not strong on the lord, or I am possed by money?


Your servant:

Kunal Bhardwaj


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  • You are in fear. In fear for your life. What is to fear? When you die of famine on a street, lord Krishna will still be with you, you worry that you'll not get a new body? So what's you problem boy? 

  • Hare Krishna,

    "There are many householders in ISCKON who are earning around 20-25k per month but still, they are happy, maintaining their families & living a life of simplicity without any miscellaneous expenditures. Isn't so."  

    Your own sentence has reply for you question. Satisfaction and contended life is key to happiness.

    Why devotees are happy with such meagre amounts and why you are not able?

    Because their center is Krishna and their goal is only Krishna.  rest of the things like clothing, housing, food they don't go for high-fi things. They are just satisfied with whatever they have and find pleasure in Krishna bhakti then these earnings. They don't even look for high salaries.  If  by providance of Krishna if they get money they will take is as prasadam but they are not sulky and depressed for making more money. 

    as you said.. above.. iskcon devotees are earning 20-25k and are " STILL " happy also. that means you are earning a little more then 25K a month right?  Is that not enough for living a normal life??? tell me how much earning is just enough for you.  If you really looking to make more money in case you are not able to make the ends meet and it is becoming tight towards the end of the month .. That means you either have to cut down you expenses or have to create new means  to make money in legit way by doing some extra jobs. ( tutoring kids or some other online jobs). I think second job should always  be there for anyone in this tough times of covid as back up.  

    Hare Krishna.

    • Gayatri 

      Thank you Maata Ji.

      It seems that you really understand Spiritually to the roots. You have very deep knowledge 

      Maataji, if you don't mind there is something personal I want to have a word to you, so it will be great if you can email me at kun.bhardwaj@gmail.com  by simply sending Hare Krishna Prabhu & will understand that it's you.  In case you find my above statement not suitable then plz forgive me.

      Your Servant:

      Hare Krishna.



        All glories to Srila prabhupada.

        Hare Krishna.

  • E-Counselor

    Hare KRsna Kunal Prabhu,


    First thing, dont feel guilty. Krsna is sitting in our heart as paramatma, so anyways nothing is hidden from Him. Thats why its ok to acknowledge our feelings, regardless of what they are.

    Second, to address this - I have learnt one thing in my life - waqt se pehle, aur taqdeer se zyada kisi ko nahi milta. 

    So it is possible that today we may be short changed, not get our due despite working hard and deserving something very nice. The flip side is - tomorrow we may get even when we dont deserve. THe problem is - we generally have such a good opinion of ourselves that we never think, even to ourselves, that we dont deserve the good thing we are getting. We take it for granted. If we are honest, we will realise we have got a lot without working for it. 

    Regarding money, you appear to be on first job. It is natural that you will want to earn money. Have faith, whatever is your due will come your way. It may not come when you want or from the source you are expecting from, or even in the package you think it shoudl come. It will still come. Until then, gather the experience and keep building on it. 


    Your servant,

    Radha Rasamayi DD

    • Radha Rasamayi DD 

      Thank you Maata Ji for your encouragement. It really helped me mentally to overcome now.




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