How to increase our depth of your prayer?

Hare Krishna dear Devotees, please accept my humble obeisances! All glories to Srila Prabhupada!

As we are trying to be devotee and we know that Krsna does not see the length and breadth of your prayers, He only sees the depth of your prayers... So in KC How to increase our depth of your prayer?

is some extra endeavor required??

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    It says that we should cry as like a child crying for his mother. 

    And if we cannot cry like a child for his mother then we have to cry that we are not able to cry like a child. 

    Cry for not being able to cry.

    Continuous cry for the Holy Names will surely attract His attention to us. King Prataparudra had to undergo so much difficulties to please Lord Chaitanya and get His mercy. Because Lord Chaitanya told that He does not want to meet a king - materialistic person. So king lamented but still he did not loose his determination that some day i will please my Lord and He will embrace me.

    So he served to all Devotees with the intention to get His mercy; used to chant, do all menial services, ...continuously again WITH DETERMINATION AND HOPE FOR HIS MERCY. As a result one day Lord Chaitanya was pleased with him and embraced him.

    Lord Chaitanya ignored king in the beginning just to increase king's desire to serve to Lord more and more. To do his best towards the Lord.

    As it happened in Narada Muni's previous life. When his mead servant mother died he left his home to the forest and started to mediate upon the form of the Lord. And after some time heard His voice then saw Him within his heart. But within moments Lord disappeared. A small boy started to search for Him and lament very badly but heard a voice that Lord showed Himself only for a moment just to intensify his desire to serve to Him. In this way perfect his life.

    So summary: we should not loose our hope that some day we WILL PLEASE THE LORD. That someday He will give me a shelter under His lotus feet and continue our service which was given by our Guru. 

    Your servant, 

    • Hare krsna .My humble obeisances to all the dear devotee.(Rashmi Khaitan and Bhaktin Maral ).

      Thank u for the wonderful reply..Ur realizations are filled like you  had been associating with krsna from time immemorial. never felt such a warm suggestion penetrated core of my heart.. thanks a lot..Plz give me mercy so that i can do some service for krsna..

      ur servant::

  • E-Counselor

    Hare Krsna Prabhuji,


    The depth of our prayers can be increased by our sincerity to please and serve Krsna. Whatever endeavour we do can be done only if we are sincere. It kind of adds to the kitty. The more we get knowledge of Krsna, the more we associate with devotees, the more our desire to serve Krsna gets awakened.

    We can associate with Srila PRabhupada by reading his books. THat is an essential step. We need to chant attentively. We need to be strong in our sadhana, whatever we commit to, we must be very focused to fulfill that commitment. In fact, we should pray to Krsna to allow us to chant attentively and to do our sadhana. We must remember that we are nobody to do anything, the fact that we can even take His name even once, is His causeless mercy. We should pray for the mercy to be able to complete our rounds, and whatever sadhana we undertake. If we think we are doing anything, that is the end of our sadhana. We must remember that He is allowing us to do anything that we are doing.

    I hope I have answered your question.

    Pls forgive me for any offences.



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