• Bhaktee Sava Service, to me means works to work duty or responsibility.
    My response is give the served what they want to receive, in this case Krishna is asking us-His servants, to introduce others non-devotees to the primary principal of self purification/liberation & direct association with Himself I.
    E. The chanting of His superb Names which ultimately serves
    the greater good of Love & all life.
    Let's say the despite says "how may I serve you master?" & the master said "tell everyone about the glorious effects of the sound vibrations created by chanting & singing my names a the glorious pastimes" & the devotee responds "that they recognise that but personally they enjoy meditation " so that is what they will do, increase their own investment in meditation. Although meditation is a good thing its not exactly introducing others to the Names. So our service is to peek the interest in others in calling out on God's names as the most spiritually progressive pastimes.
    This is the Bhaktee (service) being requested of us if the teacher asks for tea don't bring Him wine or coffee or soda bring Him tea. Increasing harinama sankertonah-for one's self and inspiring it in others is all /the most pleasing service to & for God so without Austin's in my mind it is a question of quality over quantity in one's expression of appreciation for (KC)/or Krishna's association. For example if I could convince a New person to adopt the richawel of chanting for 10 minutes 3 times daily that would please Krishna more than if I personally read the scriptures more. Thank you for your question & association.
  • before increasing bhakti one have to understand what is bhakti..? bhakti for me is when one understands that krsna is the only way and the only option .....bhakti is not when people follow rituals....its when one start loving god... There is two prime examples in srimad bagwatam...1st is gopis and 2nd is rukmani mata...
    gopis have given up everything to lord krsna...they said krsna you are the only option we have and we are not waiting for your approval coz we have no options... you have to accept us as you dont have any options...
    how strange but that is the rukmani mata case she have never seen krsna..she have only heard about krsna from sages nd priests nd she fell in love with krsna....
    how strange is that you have fell in love with krsna by only hearing about
    hear about krsna as much as you will surely fell in love with krsna...once you fell in love you can say same as gopis said...we have no options other thn is true bhakti....and it will only increase once you will have no options other thn krsna....
    hari bol
  • By completely surrendering to God, chanting and listening about Lord from the lips of pure devotee, rejecting all material association and sense gratification, person can increase bhakti.

    Association of pure devotees is rare to achieve, mainly because people  dont have desire, and if they do, they cant recognize them. They usually accept unqualified materialists in swami cloths who live comfort lives.

    Deep love for Lord melting the heart of pure devotee when start singing about His glories, praying to Him or remembering Him, but those proud stone hearts who consider themselfs elevated cant ever melt, no matter of the effort. 


  • E-Counselor

    Hare krishna,


    bhakti means devotional service to Lord Krishna, Supreme Personality of Godhead. In my unqualified trying to do devotional service experience, association is more important. Association with pure devotees (swamis, maharaj, senior) immensely boost our spiritual karma beyond expectations SB 4.30.34... 


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