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There are five primary rasas in which a soul can enjoy relationship with Krishna (Santa, Dasya, Sakhya, Vatsalya and Madhurya), but in Vatsalya ras, Mother Yashoda and Nanda Maharaj, reign supreme. My question is that lot of devotees feel vatsalya ras towards Krishna and even I want to enjoy my relation with Krishna in paternal love and would love to hold Him as a baby but Mother Yashoda and Nanda Maharaj are already in that position. So how can other devotees having same feelings fulfill their desire of vatsalya ras towards Krishna as there cannot be another Yashoda maiya or Nanda Maharaj. Please don't get me wrong here. I am not in competition with Yashoda maiya or Nanda Maharaj. That would be sinful. But I really feel attracted to the baby form of Krishna. Please guide.

Your Servant,

Avinash G.

Jai Shree Krishna.

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  • Hare Krishna Avinash Prabhu ji,


    Pls. do ask questions in the forum. Don't stop urself from asking questions.

    I am very happy to read your post that.. You have so much attraction for Baby form of Krishna. Can you in detail explain me what all you want to do for baby krishna.

    Pls.pls. pls. I am very much interested to read people bhavas for krishna.

    One of  our devotee friends he has same feelings as you have for Krishna. When I asked him what do you want to do for Baby Krishna as a parent.

    You know what a great reply he gave?

    he said.. I want to take baby Krishna on my shoulder on a piggy back ride. 

    So cute isn't it?

    Pls. do let me know .. I don't know about others but I am very much interested to know about ur emotions for krishna.

    When Yashoda maiyya was giving bath to Krishna itseems.. there were many many gopis' who would want to serve her.. One used to get her warm water, one ran to get shampoo., one gopi ran to get His dress ready.. one gopika ran to get towel, one ran to kitchen to make milk ready boil and make it luke warm so that as soon as a warm bath is over krishna would drink milk and sleep. So.. one gopi ran to make garland, one gopi went to make the bed and cot ready, one gopi decorated the palna in which Krishna was going to be put to sleep. One gopi made ready kajal and another gopi made ready alta to be applied for decorating feet and hands.. .. Thus so many were ready to serve Krishna in many many ways and help Yashoda maiyya.

    They all had motherly bhava for Krishna so only they all served Yashoda maiyya. each one felt happy.

    When Lord was in Vrindavan. .. He used to steal butter from all the houses and gave them the pleasure of being HIS mother, father.

    You know in Braham garva bhang leela.. When all the gopas were abducted by Brahma for one whole year... Only krishna became everyone's son, even krishna became calf also and suckled at the udders of cows.. He gave the pleasure of being the son to all the gopas and gopis' isn't it?

    then why fear. If we do our bhakti sincerely.. and if you ask anything Lord can give u anything. {One whole year every person in vrindavan had the pleasure of being the parent of Krishna) 

    So you can also have that status. don't worry. Lord can do anything for his devotees.

    Hare Krishna.

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    • AGTSP

      You've really given such a sweet answer. I was really touched to see so many cute ways in which Krishna can be served. If only everyone in this group could think like you. Punkech Prabhuji speaks very rudely with me and please talk to him Mataji. I don't know what anger he has towards me. But he speaks very rudely with me and that's why I was very hurt. If he has a problem with me he can ignore my messages. Ok I will ask whenever a question arises in my mind Mataji. But please somehow teach Punkech Prabhuji how to talk. The way he talks is very rude and not at all a sign of a Krishna devotee.

      Your Servant,

      Avinash G.

      • Krishna will teach everyone someday. I don't see him. visually blocked him so cannot see. 

  • According to Jaiva-dharma you serve and follow the pure devotee once you have achieved a siddha-deha (spiritual body). These is no way your question can be answered with a paragrah or one word replies you must read Jaiva-dharma of Bhaktivinoda Thakura (look at purebhakti.com) in pdf format or purchase the book. Its essentially will tell you almost everything you ever wanted to know. Please spend time read the book and dont waste time looking for tit-bit answers and then coming and saying 'thanks prabhuji you have answered my question'. Thanks now go read it, dont be lazy.

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