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    All glories to the devotees

    I just read the replies of everyone and I wanna thank you all. I feel much better now, I just went on and watched few lectures on youtube and I am feeling much better now. I just realized everything is temporary in this material world be it sadness or happiness, I have to control my mind and engage in Krishna Bhakti. As Lord told in Bhagwad Gita, one should remain calm be it happiness or sadness. Good times and bad times are like day and night and it keeps on changing.

  • Hare Krishna,

    I was wondering If I were in your shoes ( if I am facing the same issues) will I be calm and composed and able to do chanting and have faith in Krishna??

    If I tell you every adverse conditions can be used as an oppurtunity to grow spiritually strong will you agree??

    or will it hurt you in any way? I was doubting to reply to you and give advice on this matter.

    I don't know how your present situation is there. I can only advice and sympathize with you or pray for you from this platform.

    One time i heard in lecture in which the guru ji  told an incident where in he had to take a local train in mumbai. He was quite surprised,  when  he wanted to get on to the train ( you know how the local trains in mumbai are so crowded). he was just pushed off by some passengers while he wanted to get on to the train. Without any effort the person simply got into the train. No need to even do any extra much effort. All he had to do was face the main door of the train and he was directly pushed into it by the crowd. similarly when he wanted to get off the train. he simply had to face towards the door that is it.. The crowd at the back pushed him knocked him out of the train. 

    Have you observed here the person didn't do anything. He just had to do was only change his direction and his face turned to the door. Everything was happening automatically.

    In this case if you think these crowd who is pushing the person to be like tons and tons of problems. the outcome is safely landing in and out of the train. The only thing the person did was turned his face to the main door ( this is turning your face towards God).

    When you are having life problems. We are automatically pushed towards the outcome. Pain and torture is temporary. The person  should just face towards God and thats all will go automatically.

    All adversities are oppurtunities to grow spiritually stronger.

    One catterpiller was facing troubles from outside by strangers attacking it. It wanted to fly away so It made a coccoon around it and gone into silence and meditated on God to give wings so that it can fly away. After a while it developed colourful wings and flew away. Whenever there is adverse situations try to remain calm.

    I will give you some tips here. Don't think I am expert at problem solving. Everyone is facing his or her karma. Just helping you in some way. 

    Be calm whenever you face challenges in life.

    • List out the current problems point wise on a peice of paper.
    • State the deadline or time period within which you can solve the problem.
    • Now make a note side by each problem, its cause and means to solve it.
    • Prioritize which problem needs your attention first.

    now you will find tons and tons of problems can be solved. Put tick mark next to the problem which is solved. Go to the next. 

    See this all you can do only when you have first peace of mind.

    -->>Stop all confusions and just do it. If money is the thing that is leading to all problems. Then find some other way legit ways to make money.  Even a chaiwala is earning and living with pride. vegetable vendor also can do it. I don't think you are not capable do it. 

    --->>If you have mortgage ( loans) sell some stuff .. down size go to a small budget houses or rental homes. Everyone need not have an Iphone only to live. a nomal phone android phone also works.

    --->>If you have a car and you are not able to maintain it just sell it. Don't go for show off stuff. Just be plain and simple. Finally at the end of the day you need to be living and feeding ur self and your family. Don't see compare with people who are richer. Compare with people who are more poorer then you and facing even more tons and tons of problems.

    -->>>Pay respects to God for whatever He gave you. Say Lord I have seen good times, now its time I am facing the bad effects of my karma. Pls. make this process a little bearable and never leave my side. Please give me strength to face it. 

    -->>Chanting gives you a lot of strength internally do it. atleast 4 rounds.

    --->>Don't feel lonely as Krishna never leaves his devotees at all at any circumstances.

    One more example is told in this condition.

    If you are devoted to Krishna at all conditions in the same way. Then Krishna sees that these bad times will pass of smoothly. 

    If you are travelling in a mercedes car you wont feel the jerks of the bumpy roads why? because it has many good shock absorbers. If you have taken up Krishna Consciousness and doing regular chanting. Even though the roads which you travel are unsafe and having lot of bumps and pit holes. You wont feel any jerks or you wont hurt ur back. The ride will be going smoothly just like as if you are travelling in a Mercedes benz.


    Whenever there is problems trust in God, nothing ever lasts. Neither happiness lasts forever nor sadness lasts forever. Everything comes and goes like Seasons. Keep chanting.

    Read Bhagwad gita whenever you find yourself lost or confused.

    Hare Krishna May God help you. Don't worry. cheer up.

  • Hare Krsna Prabhuji 


    Im sharing what I recently heard from a devotee consultant psychiatrist.As I'm not aware of the exact problem.Hope sharing this might help.

    She said how when devotees face mental conflicts and find it affecting their life,they say it is:

    -Mayadevi's clutches

    -One is not good spiritually ,or that one is fearful of being judged by other devotees when they seek help regarding mental health

    *Though the first one maybe true.It is important that a devotee is also practical about life as much as one is sentimental.

    We are not this body nor are we this mind.But when we have a fever we treat it with medicine.Similarly conflicts occur in mind level too.So,If one feels the need to address it ,it is vital to do so.Especially if it interferes with ones daily activities or spiritual sadhana.

    Im sorry if I had said something that is not of relevance to your situation.I thought this might help.

    Please check out Chiti Sakthi DD mataji's video on mental health challenges faced by devotees if you could relate what I mentioned above.

    Thank you




  • Rohan Venkatesh Gupta 

    Hare Krishna Rohan PrabhuJi.

    I see that you've opened your heart with courage & confessed that you're feeling lonely & depressed about your personal life which is quite natural. We all are having a tough time due to Covid 19 & due to personal issues. Can you please elaborate in detail what is it exactly which that is making you feel depressed and lonely? I know this human life is really troublesome when we got trapped into clutches of Maya(material nature).

    Only by surrendering unto the lotus feet of Supreme God, we get the strength to face all challenges & happy life after all struggle.

    Your Servant.

    Hari Bol.


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