How to develop eternal loving?

Hare Krishna,

Please Accept My Humble Obeisances to all Vaishnva & Vaishnavi.

I am having difficulties in understanding below:

Do I have to worry on controlling the mind or do I have to worry on how to develop eternal loving relationship with Lord Krishna?

Please Guide me on the right path to understand this.

Thanks all in advance from bottom of my heart.

Please pray for me to develop eternal love to Radha & Krishna.


Your Servant


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  • dont have to worry. moreover you are allowed to accept what IS. Letting go. Krishna is the doer we are simply his servants who witness and love him.

    in terms of eternal loving, you may develope a perception that allowes you to see that there is only this one moment. eternity is that same single moment that is now. the eternity and the now both possess the same quality which is limitlessness. so simply by loving krishna now you love him in eternity 

    in my humble opinion Felix

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