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  • This site is useless n boring

  • No one talks or discusses .. all that i see is "Hari bol Danwat dandwat dandwat "
    No One helps each other .
    BEsides Im Done With Gaudiya Math and their self written scriptures. 

  • Tell me the method of deleting my account

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I have helped many devotees over the last decade; so also have other devotees on this site.  Perhaps you have no use for the site, but that is no reason to disparage it.  As well, we are ISKCON.. not Gaudiya Math. While that may be part of our tradition...we are Shrila Prabhupada's child...ISKCON.

I hope you find your answers somewhere.

Hare Krsna.

well i did received a lot of hateful messages from devotees recently i take that as an answer that i might be looking in the wrong place for self realization



 - This site is of no use to people who are not inclined towards self realisation. Naturally it will be boring if one cannot find any use in something.

- You have to go beyond the first line to see the discussion. It is normal etiquette to greet a person (good morning/ evening, Hello, Hare Krsna, Haribol) before a conversation is started or continued. For your convenience, I have dispensed with that activity in my reply to you.

- Like Rankin prabhu mentioned, this is not Gaudiya Math. This is an ISKCON site. Srimad Bhagawat Gita and Srimad Bhagawatam are timeless scriptures. Even Ved Vyas is not credited with writing them - he is only credited with compiling them; ie penning down what was shruti - coming down disciplic succession by word of mouth. They have been spoken/ written by the Supreme Lord Himself. These two are our reference points in ISKCON.

- Stop coming to the website and accessing mails on this website. We are not in the habit of disturbing anyone. When people ask questions, we answer based on our knowledge of scritpures, what we have heard in lectures and practical application and understanding.

Devotion is rare and to be able to understand how rare it is also requires a certain level of spiritual understanding.

Best of luck in your journey - I hope it is towards self realisation.

Radha Rasamayi DD

Rohit Prabhuji,

I see that you have an image of Lord Ramachandra in your profile pic. I take it that you are a devotee and not one of those Brahmakumari's or others who want to merge in Brahma Jyoti.

Based on your profile you seem extremely sincere and you want to cut all the formalities and go to the core.

I do agree with you. Too many dandavats, especially by those who dont mean it is irritating. I assure you, there are many sincere devotees here. If they offer you dandavats, please accept and respect them.

I have been following Iskondesiretree for a few years now and there are many, many sincere devotees like yourself, have come here and found help.

Please tell us why you think this site is not being helpful? Management at Iskondesiretree heartily accept feedback and do everything possible to improve. As you can see the site traffic has grown 4x in just 1 year, based on Alexa ranking.

Please post some questions and see for yourself if you will get answers supported by scriptures. 

I know that you are not the kind of person that gives up. So I am not going to say, dont give up :))

Ps. I can totally relate to you. My favorite verse you quoted in your profile. "People of kaliyuga will do the hardest tasks but they will not utter the name of Krishna as they do not know the Priceless opportunity of human life and uttering the name of lord "

He is a beginner. We need to understand where he is coming from.

If you are Vaishnava, you cannot say, go away! :))

Nityananda Prabhu is going door to door and begging people to chant the name Hari and I will become your servant.

He is beginning to chant and therefore, we should be his servant/s. 

Just like Nityananda Prabhu, (who one should regard no less than Caitanya Mahaprabhu) is actually begging to be a servant. 

Hari Bol! Such a wonderfully kind and compassionate response to a soul who is seeking, as we all are. May the Lord be merciful to all of us as He intends for us to be to all His children. Hare Krishna

Nadira this person is telling that for him this site is very boring. It is possible. He is not telling God, spirituality etc. is boring. It is everyone's choice.  

Looks like the rude reply by someone saying "go away" was deleted by admin. He/she also posted a picture of Radhanath Maharaj. Perhaps he or she a disciple of Radhanath Maharaj or aspiring to be one.

It is so important how we treat others, especially new Vaishnavas, because, with our actions we can end up making our guru look bad. 

Thank you admin, for removing the rude reply

i received a lot of hateful messages. Yes i do have feeling for Lord rama.
Shravn you are the only nice person i see here :) 

Rohit prabhu,

I sent you a friend request to offer you a private link to the SOSCBhaktischool/Beta.

As is my practice, I left that request for ten days. I am disappointed you did not answer.

This was my attempt to show some substance in reply to your desire to advance and have questions answered.

I will send another request so you will know that some of us are trying to associate with you.

All Glories,  Bhakta Rankin

Jaya Rohit,

Thanks for becoming my IDT friend.

I look forward to our productive devotional association!

Hare Krishna.

Ha ha! Thank you. However, I would like to think that I am most fallen. Therefore, more qualified to receive the mercy of Nityananda Prabhu. By who's grace and devotee blessings here, I am able to sing Hare Krishna Mahamantra everywhere I go. While I am taking a walk, riding a bicycle, shopping at a mall... 

It is sad that you received hateful messages. I assure you, they are new to Krishna/God Consciousness. Some are just plain new and others have been around too long and have not grown in KC. (You wonder why!)

Please have compassion for all those who sent you those negative messages and do not pay attention to those. Just hold on to the feet of pure devotee, Srila Prabhupada and literature/translations and purports of Bhagavad Gita, Bhagavatam, Caitanya Caritamrita

(Lord Rama teaches by example and it is described that Lord Rama always spoke in a way that is pleasing. Even if he delivered the bitter truth, He always delivered the message in such a way He never offended/disturbed mind/heart of others.)

Each one of these offenders has not studied Prabhupad's books. If they did, they would know not to offend a Vaishnava. This is NamAparad, and Krishna does not tolerate such offences. My sincere request to devotees, to be careful not to commit such Aparad that will keep us from going back to Godhead in this very life. Human birth is extremely rare and we must be enthusiastic to make it back in this very life.

Many of us practicing devotees are distributing Prabhupad's books but failing to read them ourselves. How can we help others if we are not working hard towards going back to Godhead ourselves?

Simply joining ISKCON is not going to cut it. We need to put the effort to study the scriptures and participate in Sankirtana. Nityam Bhagavata Sevayah! Listen to Bhagavat every day!

To those who sent hateful messages, please forgive me if my words offend you. My earnest request is to give up committing NamAparad. (If you do not know what they are, search for Harinama Cintamani pdf)


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