How to deal at a professional level with people

I am working in the IT industry and have a decent experience in the same.
Off late, we had a promotion cycle at our firm and some of my peers got promoted to the next level. Now, the issue is some of those people have started behaving very differently and seem to be looking at other people (incl me) very negatively and almost like the non-promoted people are underachievers.

Is there a KC way of dealing with such people?
At a personal level, I am not very advanced devotee, but there is absolutely no doubt in my mind that such positions are only temporary in nature and anyone should not get too attached to that.

However personally, since I have to deal with these people almost on a daily basis, it is becoming a bit hard for me to understand how to deal with them.
From my end, I have tried to maintain the same professional relationship as earlier. Is there anything more that I can do from my end OR should I just let things happen hope that things would normalize to some extent over time?

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  • #1. the eternal fact is that no non-devotee is as advanced in their understanding of lif's meaning as Krishna's Bhakti, so that alone should invoke your compassion for them, as meeting the end of this mortal existence while still caught up in the throws of Karma Myia has historically had a negative end.
    while you/we at least, have a mental impression of upon who we should become devoted to, and serve in order to minimize our sufferings. And they do not. That doesn't make you a superior being, but it does indicate that your destiny is far less likely to involve the impersonal destitute awaiting worshipers of most other cultures and their archetypes. As our education or Self & God level of realization is in its final stages of understandings. theirs has likely not yet begun in any meaningful degree' of earnestness. You are in the true post-graduate study stage of the eternal life of the Soul.
    While they are most likely still being relentlessly pushed & pulled and pursued by the reactions of their karmas and the YamaDuttahs, and stand little or no chance of knowing a truly lasting successful enjoyable experience of this life, Most likely. it is said that if Krishna cares for you He will grant one their material wishes but if He loves you He might take your material things away as He knows that we will be acting-out in the same bombastic ego centric way as those fools that are working on your nerves now.? So sometimes, as in your case, you can see 1st. hand how the wealth opulence can spoil the corrector of a person without even their realizing it. so maybe this is a lesson you are learning in a first-person experience of what not to be like when your time to "temporarily" be in a better place financially? God loves you enough to expose you to the receiving end, of The False ego's pride, so that you can avoid becoming such a foolish braggart when your time comes to enjoy more wealth opulence, and thus avoid losing your friends including Krishna's friendship, Perhaps?
    • HK and than you for your reply.....I just wanted to add that I am not at all an advanced devotee, but instead consider myself to be at a beginner stage....However, having first hand experience of both material life and to a very limited extent having an idea about spiritual life, I have a very clear understanding of which one is better and what I should be really striving for...Also, I realize that I ultimately have the support of no one but Krishna to surrender to.
      However, certain situations like the one I am currently in can get really challenging and really hard to understand....
      Also, there are a lot of shortcomings as well as sins that I would myself have on a material level....I am looking for a path to make some amount of material progress, so that I am able to ultimately focus on serving Krishna more....
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    Hare Krsna,

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    • Hare Krishna and thank you so much for efforts in trying to post your reply...However for some reason, the messages do not seem to be coming through...As always, I would really love to see your enlightening comments....
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        Hare Krsna Prabhuji,


        YOu can deal with the situation at various levels - internalize some thing and keep some thing as external.
        To explain, if you are feeling bad that the same peers who are now promoted are bot behaving nicely now, swallow the bitter pill. Keep normal behavior with them, making a mental note to not behave like them when you are in their place tomorrow.
        Internally, teach yourself that the power is to a position, position is to the chair and the person is different from the chair. Regardless of the chair one occupies, it is but temporary. One has to eventually leave that chair. So don't be attached to power or position - this too will pass.
        Tell yourself that you have to learn from this situation - there is a shloka in BG, Ch 18, around 60th shloka - Brahmabhuta Prasannatma Na Socati Na Kankshati .....oen who stops hankering and lamenting is called brahmabhuta prasannatma. One has to consciously try to stop hankering and lamenting. LIke this lack of promotion is without any effort on your part, the same way the day the promotion is due, that will also happen without any extra effort on your part. Do your duty diligently and be happy that Krsna knows. He will provide.
        Use this situation to come closer to Krsna. Then the entire episode is worth it.
        Your servant,
        Radha Rasamayi DD
        • Hare Krishna Radha Rasamayi DD mataji and as always, your words are truly truly inspiring specially in the world that we are living in currently....

          To be honest, actually the issue has got a bit aggravated because of a slightly different reason...So, my role in the current project has become less critical as the project has reached a good maturity stage and so I do not get to work on some really challenging/critical work. I have been in touch with my older colleagues to make a move out of the current project and even looking for opportunities outside the firm. However, looking at the prevailing market condition and probably also because my overall experience is slightly on the higher side (these days companies seem to prefer people with lesser exp like just 3-4 years), I have not been getting much calls. This situation is causing me some bit of anxiety/discomfort because of the uncertainty.

          However, on the positive side, like you said, I have always tried to come closer to Krishna when facing such situations, as I realize that no one but Krishna can give me the strength needed to deal with the situation..
  • Also multiple times reading of second chapter of Gita may help you very substantially , at least read all translation of whole chapter 2 and if time permits read all purports also, but read them again and again......................You will surely find solace.................HARE KRISHNA.
    Chapter Two
  • Hare Krishna,
    If the other party would have raised a question in the forum (Those who were promoted) Can you guess how the question would be?
    "I got promoted and whatever I do those who are non promoted think I am feeling pride of my position and they feel that I am showing off my power " what to do? " how to deal with such non-promoted group of people, who are jealous of my position. who cannot take my attitude positively?"
    Pride and Jealousy are two sides of the same coin.
    You are saying you have ended from your side and want to maintain same professional relationship as earlier. But they are not changing ...
    and you are also saying you see these material positions are temporary and you don't get attached to them.
    how to deal with people who are feeling pride of their newly attained positions in the group??
    ==>>You know when do you feel you are inferior to others?? only when you are counting the others' achievements and neglecting your achievements.
    Look at the plus points you have and you will see you are benefited more then them. But usually we tend to measure our achievements comparatively. There begins the issue.
    1. List out ur achievements and just see it as it is. Don't compare with others. Just view only ur achievements in life and appraise them...You will surely find you are in a better position.
    2. If at all you have to compare ... compare with the less fortunate group of people who didn't even have any chance to be nominated for the promotion also.
    3. Smile and move out of the place when you have to deal with such people who are repeatedly.. showing off their attitude.
    4. Just say.. You are very lucky, But with every new position in life their are new challenges to face... Maybe I am not yet ready for facing all those. I hope you can do better.
    5. Think to your own self God gave you this opportunity and we have to work to the fullest of our ability.. Find what is lacking in you when compared to others. Fill up those blanks. Improvise your knowledge, skill set or anything that is lacking.
    6. Think always If one door closes....There is always another door that is open for you.
    5. Think God must have chosen me for something better then this opportunity.
    6. Never fight, or argue with the person who is looking down on you. Just smile it off and leave it. If not possible.. Just quit the place instantly.
    7. If they still confront you and make you feel ashamed .. then just say... pls. guide me as you have passed and got promoted.. I would like to know how you could achieve this stage.
    give them the respect and praises which they are looking for. It will satisfy their ego to a major extent. They will be ready to open themselves to you about many things.
    8. Finally, Whatever there in your destiny you can attain that much only. Not one penny more or one penny less.
    9. Contentedness is the key for a peaceful co- existence with all types of people.
    more the craving...more the duality and fight in mind.. WHY ?? he did this Why?? I couldn't achieve?? Why?? they behave like this?? Why am I like this?? these all wont come to ur mind. If you are happy with whatever God gave.
    10. Don't try to preach anyone saying I am contended I don't need any promotion i am happy with whatever I have.. this is not to be shown or told to others.. Just keep it within ur own self. In professional life.., We have to keep trying ..But jealousy and enviousness wont work. Try hard then before next time. but don't became envious of other's.
    11. Just say I am happy for your achievement and I would like you to give me some advice on this.. so that I can try for next appraisal.
    KC way of dealing with people:-

    Just leave everything to the flow of life Just have trust in Lord Krishna.... All will come to their normal places.. when time comes. Karma doesn't leave anyone. every action has an equal and opposite reaction. It doens't mean that you are waiting for their bad days...
    For this you need to be really having a lot of patience.
    As Krishna BG.. Happiness and sadness are temporary things.. they pass off. nothing is permanent. Letting the time pass off... is what wise man do.
    But then it requires lot of patience and maturity to see both situations as equal as both are temporary.
    Being in the state of equilibrium is tough but its not impossible.

    सुखदु:खे समे कृत्वा लाभालाभौ जयाजयौ |
    ततो युद्धाय युज्यस्व नैवं पापमवाप्स्यसि || 38|| ( Chapter 2. 38 BG)
    Do thou fight for the sake of fighting, without considering happiness or distress, loss or gain, victory or defeat—and, by so doing, you shall never incur sin.

    Best way to do any job is doing Job for the fun of it. You see how the Scientist does or a painter or a artist does??
    For example..:-
    A professional person does painting compared to a child who paints for fun.
    Professional person looks for praises for his art.. he is looking for appraisal and reviews.
    But a child does a rubbish painting also he feels happy that he enjoyed the colors. Just enjoy the process and the journey not counting at benefits or losses.
    One must enjoy the work and the journey.. sukh dukh.. labh haani,,, jaya apajaya, maan- apmaan.( joy-sorrow/ victory and defeat./ honor- disgrace) they keep coming and going.. as seasons .......but the person who enjoys his work doesn't react much to any outside conditions and changes. If he is praised or not praised.....if he is recognized or not .. he seldom cares.
    Hare Krishna.
    • Hare Krishna and Thanks a lot for the detailed response. You seem to have answered everything pretty nicely. Could I please ask a follow up question.

      It is about the right attitude to have while trying to make some progress at a professional level (so materially)

      Should that attitude be
      1. Make some efforts, but ultimately leave it to destiny and being aware that the results would only be temporary in nature (being material gains) - though I feel this attitude also has some level of laziness
      2. Make extreme efforts to achieve professionally even if it means sacrificing some of the things....But here, we are keeping the professional efforts entirely separate

      So, to summarize, what should the right attitude while doing our work at a professional level
      • You have not understood Krishna Consciousness process it seems. Being Conscious of Krishna at all times is called Krishna Conscious way of doing things.
        If you do any work with KC then all the material work also turns spiritual.
        Let us say.. you are doing a project. Do it perfectly give your 100% effort to it. Enjoy the work done being in Krishna conscious. Think you are doing to please Lord.
        tell me one thing.. Whenever you do a job perfectly well...doesn't your Antar Atma feel nice?
        Lord never said to leave your duties and do only bhakti. Include Krishna in all works.
        If you do any work any karma for your own selfish needs and not including Krishna in your actions........then the actions become simply Karma Kanda ( material work).
        If the same work done with including Krishna and doing for the benefit for all It become selfless action and such actions are called Nishkaam karma.
        Bhakti however is Akarma
        doing Spiritual work ( akarma) is best.. doing Nishkaam karma is better, nishkriya. ( no karma at all), Nishkriya is the worst of all.
        Whenever you are doing professional level work you try do Nishkaam karma.
        There are basically 3 types of karma.
        1. Akarma ( these type of actions doesn't give any fruits...good or bad.. They are neutral) ..example Krishna Bhakti. Becoz here in Krishna bhakti alone you don't expect anything in return for the actions done.. Unlike other Gods. Other gods pooja you ask for some returns some boons. In Krishna bhakti we serve Lord to please Him.
        2. Vikarma ( doing bad to others following non dharmic means to achieve your selfish ends/ Bad karma).
        3. Nishkaam karma ( doing regular duties .. in your case Job...studies anything without expectations)
        Not doing any work at all is laziness ( Nishkriya). Purushartha also have to be done to earn for living and daily bread.. without doing any work
        can you get simply food in your plate. If you are getting that means you are in mode of ignorance and Lord condemns it totally.
        Work done should be atleast to make you survive..( selfish) though this is least of all the karmas. ( adhama= least) This type of work done for ones' own needs is not benefiting anyone and just you are benefitted. so its given least ranking.
        Work done for the benefit of many ( like working for an organisation) this is next highest karma in the ranking order.
        Work done for pleasing God is Spiritual work and its highest order of work.
        The only way Lord gives us to get ourself out of Karma bandhana ( bondage of karma) to work for others without expecting anything or very least expectations.
        In professional work front also one must strive and give 100% effort being loyal to the work or organisation and following Dharma without expecting anything in return.. or least expecting that they pay you for ur daily bread.
        When you would follow dharma? When you are always in Krishna consciousness your consciousness is pure and wont let you do Adharma.

        yajnarthat karmano 'nyatra
        loko 'yam karma-bandhanah
        tad-artham karma kaunteya
        mukta-sangah samacara ( Chapter 3 text 9 BG)
        Work done as a sacrifice for Visnu has to be performed, otherwise work binds one to this material world. Therefore, O son of Kunti, perform your prescribed duties for His satisfaction, and in that way you will always remain unattached and free from bondage.
        Since one has to work even for the simple maintenance of the body, the prescribed duties for a particular social position and quality are so made that that purpose can be fulfilled. Yajna means Lord Visnu, or sacrificial performances. All sacrificial performances also are meant for the satisfaction of Lord Visnu.
        Nothing should be performed for sense gratification, but everything should be done for the satisfaction of Krsna. This practice will not only save one from the reaction of work, but will also gradually elevate one to transcendental loving service of the Lord, which alone can raise one to the kingdom of God.
        If you do work in such a way it is accepted by Lord.
        This is what Lord says in BG chapter 3 on how to perform actions and how to get ourself out from the clutches of karma bandhana.
        Even good karma binds you to the earth what to say of bad karma.
        better to do Nishkaam karma.. much more better then Nishkaam karma is doing Akarma ( spiritual work)
        Simple truth-->
        Give your 100% effort.. rest you leave to God. Results of ur karma are not in your hands., do karma for benefit of all.
        do karma without expectations from anyone not even God.
        doing karma is only there in your hands. not the results.
        कर्मण्येवाधिकारस्ते मा फलेषु कदाचन |
        मा कर्मफलहेतुर्भूर्मा ते सङ्गोऽस्त्वकर्मणि || 47 || ( 2.47 BG)
        You have a right to perform your prescribed duty, but you are not entitled to the fruits of action. Never consider yourself to be the cause of the results of your activities, and never be attached to not doing your duty.
        Last but not least--
        Do work without kartha bhav. It means doing work without feeling that you are the doer.
        Doer is only Krishna.
        renounce the doer ship also.
        when you just leave the doer ship ur false ego is totally broken and then the karma become a Yagna ( sacrifice to Lord)
        What does renouncing the doer ship mean??
        Easy way to understand is..
        is this body yours? did you make it?
        is the food that you eat to make this body run .. are you owning it?
        then where from you feel that the work is done by you?
        This doership only is causing a big false ego in you.
        renounce the doership. Doer is Only Krishna.
        Karta bhi wahi karwane wala bhi wali. what is you? when you lose this "l" in you all other things come to silence.
        What is that you are owning????
        neither the body is urs nor the soul is ur property nor this house or office everything is owned by lord and He is only the doer.

        To summarize..
        1. do work for the benefit of all.
        2. do work without expectations, work leaving false ego ( renounce doership).
        4. do work to please Lord.
        any work material or professional all become spiritual if you include Krishna into every walk of life.
        if you do such work your antaratma gets satisfied.
        Hare Krishna.
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