How to conquer Lust

Hare krishnaI am in kirshna consciousness from 2013, but in between 2 years i stopped chanting but now i am regularly chanting 5-6 rounds daily.but the problem since start that i am facing is lust, how can i conquer it?I feel it takes me away from Krishna :'( and i regret. Please help, how can i conquer lust?Thank you

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  • However, Lust is the Greatest weapon of MAYA to keep u within this material world.
    Also prabhuji u left krsna consciousness in between because of Maya(illusionary energy) only.
    So be alert,

    However I have explained everything in detail so that u may not face any problem.
    But if anyhow I offended u because of my answers then pls KINDLY FORGIVE me.
    I m also a FALLEN soul.

    Ur demonic servant
    All the best.
  • Also, prabhuji u said that u were practising krsna consciousness since 2013 then why did u leave in between??
    Pls dont do that at any stage of ur life.
    Because, see this video:-

    Pls also kindly see these videos.
    Will help u a lot
  • To awaken the inner intent for celibacy and to make strong determination for celibacy, it is extremely essential to receive constant guidance from a bonafide spiritual master
    yet, it is equally essential that one has the inner alertness to attain a ‘safe side’ for celibacy from all different directions. To have the alertness to escape ‘safely’ from ‘unsafe’ place and to have the protection given by the presence of mind in ‘practical’ situations is essential.

    The following collection of celibacy rules (brahmcharya rules) has been outlined for you, the seeker of brahmacharya, who has made a firm decision (nischaya) that regardless of what happens; you will not have anything to do with sex, at any cost:

    You should refrain from watching videos, reading books or looking at images that create sexual desires or impulses within you.
    Do not indulge in sexual fantasies about anyone; if they occur then you have to erase them right away with pratikraman.
    You should avoid the company of the opposite sex.
    You should avoid eye contact.
    Avoid touching at all costs even by mistake.
    You should not talk about sex and you should not even listen to anyone talking about it.
    You should avoid all circumstances that may lead to a sexual encounter.
    If thoughts of sex arise in the mind, you must ask for forgiveness. The fault that occurs through the mind (sexual thoughts) can be tolerated, there is a solution for that. The fault that occurs through speech and action (act of sex) must never occur. Purity is must!
    Those who want to practice brahmacharya must be aware of the fact that sexual impulses increase with certain foods. These types of foods should be decreased. Fatty foods, such as those with fats and oils, should not be consumed.
    You should also decrease the amount of milk intake.
    You can eat curries, rice, vegetables, and chapattis, just reduce the amount you consume.
    Do not overeat. The amount of food you eat should be such that you do not feel lethargic. Eat only enough to make you sleep three to four hours at night.
    You should not eat a lot at night; eat more in the afternoon if you want to. You cannot stop semen from discharging if you eat a lot at night.
    You should not eat any kandmood - root crop such as onions, garlic, etc.
    Remain in an environment of satsang (company of Self-Realized people), that way you will not become spoilt (deluded) whereas you will be doomed by associating with kusang (worldly environment). Kusang (bad company) is poison. Stay as far away from kusang as you can. It affects your mind, your intellect, your chit, ego and your body. The effect of one year of associating with bad company will last upto twenty five years.
    You should remain in the company of celibates otherwise you cannot be recognized as celibate.
    All the celibates have to live together. A place where they can sit together and talk; do satsang and have some fun times as well. It becomes a problem if they do not live together but go to their own homes instead. Celibacy cannot be practiced without associating with other celibates. There should be a group of at least fifteen to twenty celibates. There is no problem if they all live together. An association of two or three does not work. You will continue to have the influence from a group of fifteen or so. This maintains the atmosphere at a very high level. Otherwise it is not easy to practice celibacy.
    It is important to have a bonafide spiritual master(who is completely free from sexuality) above you, to whom you are answerable. They can provide you with the necessary guidance on your celibacy and you can disclose your mistakes to them. By doing this you do not provide protection to your mistakes of sexuality and thus you nourish your celibacy. By following whatever guidance they provide you, you can come out of your mistakes of sexuality and progress spiritually.
  • I have added many points prabhuji.
    I hope it would surely help you.
    Also u read this, about celibacy.
  • People are happily enjoying unrightful sex and that is why they bind a very strong knot of suffering for many lives to come. It ruins many lifetimes.
    A wrongful sexual relationship with another man or woman, is absolutely prohibited. Due to wrongful sexuality, one becomes entitled to a life in hell.
    If anyone who is married gets involved in illicit sex, then their spouse will make a claim against them; they will even bind enmity. Many men have burnt their wives and many women have poisoned their husbands. They will bind all this vengeance.
    The moment one has a thought about having illicit sex, he is headed for a life in the animal kingdom. One thinks in his mind, ‘What is possibly going to happen to me?’ And that is why people do not have any fear. But this world is a factory of fear, therefore be careful when you tread. This is a dangerous era of moral and spiritual decline. Day by day, the time is continuing to degrade; thoughts and everything else will continue to go bad. Therefore, if you talk about going to moksha, then you will get somewhere. That is why wise men practiced brahmacharya and got out of it by attaining liberation.

    Those who steal the chastity of a woman become worthy of a life in hell Who are most likely to go to hell?
    Ans:- Rapists go to the seventh hell. As much pleasure he derives from his actions, the misery and pain that he suffers is infinitely greater and that is when he will decide that he does not want to go there anymore. Therefore, in this world if there is anything that you most definitely should not do, it is to rape someone. Never allow your intentions to be tainted sexually. One who rapes goes to hell and has nothing but constant suffering there. In this world there is nothing higher than a woman’s chastity.
  • Nature has accepted the relation between a husband and a wife. There is no problem if this relationship does not give rise to desires for illicit sexual gratification. Nature has made that much allowance. If you are living a married life, you may indulge in sex that is rightfully yours but you should never even think about that which is not yours, because the consequences of illicit sex are very grave. It is inhuman to take what is not rightfully yours, to wish for what is not rightfully yours and to wish for sex that is not rightfully yours. Should there not be a line of demarcation between what is rightfully yours and what is not? You should never cross that line and commit adultery in marriage. Still, people have crossed that line, have they not? That is called beastliness. There is no problem in enjoying what is rightfully yours.

    Unknown Facts about Illicit Sex and Adultery in Marriage:

    The world remains in the dark even today, about the grave dangers that exist in indulging in illicit sex and sexual infidelity.

    Having an affair means that you are breaking the boundaries and going against the universal principles accepted by all, no matter what caste or creed you belong to.
    Once caught, you forever have to live with the shame and guilt of what you have done. Your family members and the people who are close to you may be hurt and deeply saddened by this type of act.
    People will always look down upon, criticize, point fingers and gossip about you.
    You experience so many worries and tension internally because you know you are doing something wrong.
    You bind innumerable demerit karmas if you engage in illicit sex.
    You lose your worthiness of being a human the moment you take something that is not rightly yours (debauchery).
    You will lose this human life form, which you have acquired with great difficulty.
    Illicit sex is a violation of all the five major vows given by the Lord. In it, you commit himsa (violence), you tell lies, and you are openly stealing. It is daylight robbery. Then abrahmacharya (non-celibacy) is definitely there and so is the fifth violation of parigraha (possession). Abrahmacharya is the biggest parigraha. The Lord says that, there is liberation for the one who indulges in rightful sex but there is no liberation for the one who indulges in illicit sex.
    ‘You would have to follow her [the woman you have an illicit relationship with] wherever she goes in her next life. She may come as your mother in the next life. I have seen in my Gnan that there are so many sons, these days, born to their mistresses of their previous life. The son would be of an upper caste and the mother would be of a lower caste. The mother would go to the lower caste and the son would have to go from an upper caste to a lower caste again. Look at these terrible dangers. The woman of past life would become your mother in this birth, and the mother of this birth would become your wife in your next birth. Such are the horrible dangers of this sexual world. In short, make sure you understand this.’
    As the breaths of life increase in frequency, the lifespan decreases. When is the maximum number of breaths used? It is used in fear, in anger, in greed, in deceit and most of all in the sexual act with a woman. In the sexual act with a wife, they are used up more, but in illicit sex with any other woman they are used up much more.
    When one enjoys someone else’s wife, it is equivalent to him not worrying about someone else enjoying his own daughter. And that is exactly what happens, is it not? Others do enjoy his daughter, do they not? This is considered as extreme worthlenessness; the “ultimate” worthlessness.
    A person can never be happy and has to suffer painful miseries when he enjoys sex with someone who is not rightfully his [his wife].
  • How do you stop sexual thoughts or impulses from arising?

    Through analysis and study of what sexuality actually is. This includes completely devaluing the object of attraction (i.e. the person, thoughts, body parts, etc) to zero. You can do this by thinking about all the ways that the pleasure derived from sexuality is merely illusory, not real, and only temporary. When you are indulging in some form of sexuality, you tend to forget how filthy the human body actually is. For instance, you forget that every pore and opening in our body releases waste, which looks and smells awful. If faeces, sweat, and other discharge smell so bad, imagine how it would be inside the body. In addition, if there is real pleasure and happiness in physical contact and touch, then there should be pleasure even when your skin has an open wound or rash, but that is not the case. Furthermore, any form of dependency is the cause of suffering in this world, so how can dependency on someone else be the reason for happiness?

    Analyze and know the real nature of sexual attraction

    Here are some other ways in which you can analyze sexual attraction and see it as it is, in order to break the belief that there is happiness in sexuality:

    Sex is a latrine; it is wasteful! Here, one gets engrossed and as a result, new causes are created! If an analysis of sexual act is done, it is like scratching an eczematous rash! The more you scratch, the better you feel, but how does it benefit you? You end up digging your own wound, blood starts oozing and the rash burns even more than before.
    The body is just meat and bones covered with a sheet of silk. If you would only realize this much, then you will experience apathy towards sexual desires.
    Not a single one of the five senses like the enjoyment of sexual pleasures. The eyes do not like to see it so it is done in dark. Its’ smell is not liked at all. Don’t even talk about its’ taste, it will make you vomit actually! One wouldn’t like to touch it and yet people believe there is happiness in it! No one likes it and yet what is the base on which does one go through sexual act is a surprise! People get involved in it because of popular opinion!
    If you can visualize the entire life of the men or women you are attracted to, you will be free from the attachment and the attraction. If you visualize with understanding what he/she looked like in the womb, what he/she looked like when he/she was born, when he/she was a little baby, when he/she becomes very old, when paralysis occurs, when he/she is about to be cremated, you do not need to be taught renunciation.
    Any kind of dependency is the cause of suffering, not happiness. Sex is completely dependent on someone else. So how can there be any happiness in it?
    People in these times get tired and bored after running around for the whole day, they have tension about their job or business or domestic matters, suffer from much mental tension and so they jump into the mud of the sexual pleasure to divert from this burning sensation and at that time, they forget about it’s results (the outcome of sexuality)! After sexual pleasure, even a great warrior like person becomes feeble like a dead body!
    If the person you are attracted to, had a burn on their body and pus was oozing out, would you still be attracted to it? So in reality there is no happiness in the body parts.
    Man has the wrong belief that pleasure exists in sex. Now, if you experience greater happiness and pleasure in something other than sex, then you would not seek pleasure in sex. There is no happiness in sex but there is no other option for the humans in worldly interactions. Otherwise, who would knowingly open the lid of a gutter? If happiness were there in sexuality, the emperor kings would not have departed for the search of true happiness in spite of having so many queens!

    It is due to our wrong belief. It is only our belief. There is nothing except for our belief. Destroy that belief and there would not be anything.
  • The attraction will continue if the old link of misunderstanding remains that there is happiness in this.
    You must never say that sexuality is good, and it should not be so in your behavior otherwise such behavior can cause sexual attraction.
    Repeated protection of sexuality also brings the seed of sexuality to life. ‘What is the harm in sex?’ once this is said, protection of sex is done! Once sexuality is protected, its lifespan is extended!
    One feels sexual impulses only where one had made the bhaav (sexual intent in previous life). So be aware and uproot the sexual impulse immediately.
    The reason why one feels the happiness in sex is because one has not experienced happiness anywhere else. If we really look at it, the most filth exists in sexuality rather than anywhere else.
    We tend to expect that we will become happy after experiencing sexuality, through either thoughts or actions. We become curious and try new ways to experience sexuality, but in the end, the satisfaction that we had expected, never comes. Therefore, we again look for different ways to get pleasure. This becomes like an addiction, which is never fulfilled and continues like a vicious cycle.

    1) The attraction between a man and a woman is just like the attraction between a needle and a magnet.

    2) Without celibacy / brahmacharya, the Self can never be attained.

    3) Where do quarrels occur in this world? Only where there is infatuation and attraction. For how long the quarrels exist? As long as sexual interaction exists, quarrels exist.

    4) If no sexual attraction occurs in this life, yet when you see a certain young man and you feel, 'This man is so handsome, he is so good looking'. Then you have instantly sown a seed for your next life. With this, sexual attraction will occur in your next life.

    5) When an intense dislike for sex arises, only then would sex stops. Otherwise, how else can it be stopped?

    6) Eradicate the sexual thought immediately. With these two weapons, celibacy / brahmacharya will remain forever.

    7) In sexuality, the more a person enjoys it, the more he has a burning desire for it.
    If you want to stop anything from happening i.e an effect, you have to find the cause. Once you put an end to the causes then the effects will automatically stop. Therefore, to stop sexual attraction it is important to know how it arises in the first place.

    Thoughts arise in the mind and the mind is made of tubers (karmic). The bigger the tuber, the greater the number of thoughts one will have. It is a fact that there is a tuber of sex; just as a pin gets attracted by a magnet, similarly attraction arises here too.

    When the tuber of sexuality sprouts, the result is a sexual impulse. Generally, the impulse is so strong that one becomes engrossed in it i.e. he becomes one with it. If no sexual attraction occurs in this life and when you see a young girl and you feel, ‘This girl is so beautiful, she is so good looking,’ you instantly sow a seed for your next life. With this, sexual attraction will occur in your next life.

    Once the tuber of sex is dissolved then there will be no attraction in the worldly interactions. The relationship between a ‘needle’ and a ‘magnet’ would cease. That relationship only exists because of the sexual tubers that have been carried over from the past life.

    People are all involved in the filth of sex. One does not like presence of light during sexual activity. They get alarmed when the light comes on. Therefore, they keep lights off. If the light falls on the spot of the sexual activity then one would not like that 'place of enjoyment', the organ of sexual interaction.

    'It is not even worth vomiting over'.

    Yet, what is the reason for being so attracted to that part of the woman's body?

    This is due to our wrong belief. Why don't we get attracted to a cow's body part? It is only our belief. There is nothing except for our belief. Destroy that belief and there would not be anything.

    Do these beliefs arise due to circumstances coming together?

    These beliefs arise by what others say to us. Then by supporting those statements, your beliefs become strong. After all, what is in there in it? Just pieces of flesh!

    Certain causes of Sexual Attraction:

    When the tuber of sexuality sprouts, it results in sexual attraction.
    A well-nourished body with healthy bones, flesh and blood.
    It will also arise by looking at images, watching videos, or reading stories that are of a sexual nature.
    By engaging in imagination and fantasies of a sexual nature.
    Through eye contact and touching people of the opposite sex.
    Due to the wrong belief that happiness exists in sex.
    It is due to the fire of inner restlessness and discontentment. By working all day long, constant inner burning restlessness arises. To quench this fire of restlessness and discontent within, one indulges in transient pleasures of sex.
    People indulge in it because others do. It is just an imitation of behavior due to societal influence. From time immemorial, the societal norms have been carrying along just in this same fashion and because of that the worldly knowledge has arisen and on top of that a wrong belief and understanding has set in. Now whatever is in one’s belief, that belief will inevitably be reflected in his conduct.
    As a result of bad company (kusang) of people or friends that encourage sexuality, even jokingly.
    Due to the regular practice of human beings involving themselves in sexual interactions, the mind will tend to go back there and delve on it again and again. Thus the vine of sexuality will grow again. Then again the sapling of vishaya will grow.
    One has never analyzed the sexual event and this is the reason why they still get stuck in it. It is without the analysis that people are confused and keep getting attracted.
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