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    In bhagavat gita arjuna says O my dear Krishna I can control the wind but its very difficult to control this mind sanjala mana Krishna than Krishna also agreed its very difficult to control o arjuna but one who surrender to me can cross beyond that because krishna is the Rsikesa controller of the senses so its very difficult to control the mind its required a practice Krishna says abyasenathu kauteya possible only by regular practice what ur facing is first realization on chanting the bead  but nothing to worry keep chant and bring back ur mind to hearing the transcendental vibration it will go again after some time than bring back like that we have to bring the mind to hear the sound vibration than slowly by the mercy of guru and Krishna it will come to control than u can enjoy the chanting lot till  that we have to practice well more over we have to chant in morning hours when our mind is normal condition and u can chant with group of devotees or u can chant along with prabhupada chanting or u can sit with tulasi maharani and chant or sit in front of the deity and chant or u can sit with some pure devotees and chant than its easy to control.. hare Krishna

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