How to behave at workplace..

hare krishna...plz guide me prabhuji n mataji..

m a workin girl..i have most of d tyms felt vry ignored and left out at my z nt that people over there dont talk 2 me bt it z me whu lyk 2 speak less..sumtyms i feel very desirous to go 2 any temple during my working hours bt wen due 2 wrk i m nt able 2,i feel depressed...i wan2 chant more and more krishna's name..even i do still my mynd diverts 2 other worldly things lyk y this prsn z nt talking 2 me or so...z this because m nt pure 4m insyd...plz help!!!


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  • hare krsna


    try to get up early morning chant niece rounds make it a practice      on a day to day basis perform aarti

    just absorb in spiritual activities more and more and see the results  param vijayate sri krsna sankirtan

    hare krsna

    • hare krishna subhkrtdas..


      thnx prabhu...i will try my best..

      Radhey Radhey!!

  • Hare Krishna Mata ji....

    i also a workin man..... i work with some person other religion and also atheist..... i workin in a passenger ship in germany,so everyday we visit different place in germany.some of them also sometime teasing and laughing that i learn about krishna conciusness...sometimes i got mad also but i try to hide my mad... most i am doin is only ignore what the teasing about lord krishna... but some person also understanding me. i usually chant and hear hare krsna song with my in the ship so complicated.... but i believe lord krishna will give me a good way...

    hari haribol.. jay radha krishna.....

    • Hare Krishna komang jaya prabhuji...

      thnx prabhuji 4 sharin ur experience..juz believe in Krishna..think that work which u r doing there z given 2 u by ur own Krishna..and so u have 2 do it whole heartedly..Our Krishna will surely show u d ryt path..

      Radhey Radhey!!!:)

  • Hare Krsna Bhavana Didi,

    Earliar , I also have the same problem. I am introvert actually. So, I talked to very senior deevotees regarding this.They asked me to talk more to the material persons also but dont try to adopt their activities. I am studying in BITS- Pilani & there is no devotee here, so here I talk to many people, atleast I say Hi & Hello to everyone.

    By doing this, at some proper time I use to tell something about Krsna to them.

    I guess u r living in Delhi(actually, I am also from Delhi). Try to visit Greater Kailash Temple on Week-ends & most important talk with some devotees in that temple.

    Plz remember one thing,just by going to temple frequently will not help u to elevate in Krsna Consciousness.

    U must come in contact with some pure devotees.

    According to our authorities, u shud not read Srimad Bhagvatam at this stage.

    First go through Bhagvad Gita-As It Is scrutinisingly , then come to this Bhagvatam. 

    Srila Prabhupad said- Bhagvatam is so pure that you will not be able to appreciate it without properly understanding Bhagvad Gita.

    Srila Prabhupad said,"Bhagvad Gita is 12th Standard, Bhagvatam is Graduation & Chaitanya Charitamrata is Post Graduation"

    your servant



    • hare krishna dhananjay prabhu...

      thnx 4 guiding me..actually i was vey worried 4m past few dayz regarding this.. what u told was vry relieving, i will try my best 2 bring this in my daily outlook..and yes earlier also one of the Krishna devotees told me to talk 2 devotees as this not only will help me to solve my problem but will also accelerate my consience in Krishna conciousness..thnx prabhu..

      Radhey Radhey!!!:)

    • Volunteer

      Hare Krishna dear Devotees please accept my humble obeisances! All glories to Srila Prabhupada!

      Dear Bhawna Arora Mataji,  yes, to be in the association of non devotees is little bit difficult. 

      If You do not speak too much then it means You can think nicely. So it is very good if we train our mind to think of Krishna by chanting Maha Mantra or by praying. You can find nice prayers in song book.

       If Your job is connected with computer job or You work mostly sitting then try to read books. Or if Your job is running here and there then better choice is to listen lectures. 

      Try to be respectful with even non devotees talking with nice speech and trying Your best to help them whatever good they request. 

       And main thing even if Your job is far more from spirituality, (for example, accounting or etc.) then even though think that Krishna ordered You to be an accountant because of that i am working. Not because that some bosses ordered me BUT KRISHNA! :-)


      According what  Dhananjay Prabhu told about books.

      Please, forgive me Prabhu, but in one lecture His Holiness Srila Radhanatha Swami Maharaja was asked a question "if Srila Prabhupada gave any order for reading His books". Then Maharaja told that no.

      We can read Srimad Bhagavatam or Nectar of Devotion, or Bhagavad Gita...But not the 10th chapter of Srimad Bhagavatam directly. But we must read Srimad Bhagavatam.

       Reading books is very powerful! Srila Prabhupada told that even if one person reads only a word from these books then one will achieve love for Godhead.

      Your servant, 


      • hare krishna bhaktin maral mataji

        thnx 4 guiding me...i will 4m nw on think dat this particular wrk wich m doin z being givn 2 me by my Krishna..this will give me immense satisfaction 4m inside..

        thnx again mataji..

        Radhey Radhey!!!:)

      • Hare krsna, 

        actually I meant that without understanding Bhagvad Gita, one will not be able to appreciate Bhagvatam.

        I thought that Bhavana Mataji has not read BG & she is directly reading Bhagvatam

        • Hare Krishna dhananjay prabhu..

          as u recommended 2 read Bhagvad Gita nw m a bit confused as m reading Shrimad Bhagvatam..what shud i do? shud i leave Shrimad Bhagvatam in between and start reading Bhagvad Gita?..plz help..

          Radhey Radhey!!

          Your servant,

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