• Hare Krishna !

    Please accept my humble obeisances.

    "I am a student as well as doing my training and want to develop in devotional services. So i can i manage my time. Kindly suggest me. I need help."

    Ashok prabhu, I think you will have to explain a bit more in detail like:

    1. How many days a week you go to your school/college/university and from what time to what time.
    2. How many days a week you go for your training and what time to what time
    3. How long do you spend every day in travelling
    4. Apart from your studies and training, do you also work?  If so , what are the days and timings for work?
    5. What are the activities you do at home apart from your studies/home work

    I think, it will be easier to advise once you clarify to these points.


    Durga Basnet

  • Hare Krishna P ji

    I was also like you in my past .But after joining BACE everything gotta solved.

    Please come and join BACE where you will be able to do your studies,work and able to get association of devotees and the full culture of ISKCON.

    i be able to clear you more after talking to you.

    CA.Sandeep Kakkar


    • Volunteer

      so what means BACE! Very nice!

      • Hk! Mata ji,


        Today i am fortunate that you give your Chit for a minute on my reply.But i am not able to get you.As you know Bhaktivedanta Academy for culture and education(BACE) is doing very good to cultivate the culture of ISKCON among students or youth.

        if my reply is lacking somewhere then please clarify me.

        your servent,


        • Volunteer

          i did not know exactly what was BACE Prabhuji. So it means this. Very good. It is really nice. 

          Wish all boys join that :) and become perfect men of society.

          Your servant, 

          • Mother we all are very lucky to have your blessings and still want to have a lots to grow in Bhakti.

            your insignificant,

            • Thanks Mataji and Sandeep really it encourage to divert myself in the line of Spiritual realization.

              Your Dass!!

  • Hare Krishna Ashok prabhu !

    Please accept my humble obeisances.

    All glories to Srila Prabhupada

    Is it possible to chant your rounds at home before leaving home?  If you travel to work by public transport, you can listen to Srila Prabhupad or his disciples or grand disciple's lectures. 

    Krishna consciousness is also about attitude, mood and remaining in different platform, such as seeing Krishna every where.  While seeing people in the street, you can think of them as Krishna's children.

    You can offer your work and studies to Krishna.  You can work, earn, study for Krishna.  It does not mean that you spend 100% to Krishna.

    You can only eat prasadam at home and if possible take the prasadam to your work. If not possible to do so outside, you can buy some fruits/dry fruits offer to Krishna mentally and eat.

    I myself work 45 hours a week plus 2 hours traveling.  But that does not seem to be an obstacle to my Sadhana and service.

    On your day off, you can go to your nearest ISKCON temple to associate with devotees or do some little service.  Service is the highest way to please Vaishnavas and Krishna.  If you can not serve, you can attend lectures, kirtans and eat prasadam.  These are also service.  Try to interact and mingle with devotees more.

    Hope this helps you prabhu.



  • Volunteer

    Hare Krishna dear Devotees, please accept my humble obeisances! All glories to Srila Prabhupada!

    It is true, when one works and studies than time is less for other things. But at least for 16 rounds we have, have and again have to find time. 

    If we desire so as like Dhruva Maharaja - no matter what i will search for You my Lord! - then Krishna will arrange in such a way so that we will have time for our japa. Krishna can do impossible things possible. As He could arrange peaceful life for crores of people in a small city like Dwaraka. 

    If You do not have time for chanting in a sitting posture then please chant while traveling to Your institution and job, in the bus, between classes but try to complete Your fixed rounds. 

    Seeing our eagerness Krishna will be pleased.

    And please remember that Krishna knows each of us personally and knows about our capacities so gives exams accordingly. In this way Krishna knows that "My Devotee Ashok can do it!"...:)

    Also You can save time by reducing other unimportant actions. Maybe You are already not doing that but anyways there are things which we spend time on it idly:

    TV -- idle



    over doing some sports --idle

    But please try to sleep on time and to wake up on time. 

    Many students think that if they study whole day they will learn more. But it is wrong. We should look to the quality of our study not to the quantity. For example, there is time when our brain works very good and when we study those hours then we will gain more knowledge within few hours rather than study whole day and in proper time and even repeating the same thing over and over won't remember many things. 

    In this way there is time when brain takes rest so when we do not give rest that time it will be over tired and again obstacle for studying... 

    Your servant, 

  • Volunteer

    Wake up soon morning and do your chanting, etc. around 4.30am, and the rest of the day you can do your studies.

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