How to Avoid Fault Finding?

How to Avoid Fault Finding?


Lord Chaitahnay said "you can get My Full Mercy by chanting the holy names and not finding faults with others".  One has to be adosha darshi.


Acharyas explain there are four types of people who see faults:


1) Like Daksha, who only sees faults.  Even amidst good qualities, they see only faults.  The reason is that the mind is full of that mentality.


2) See faults and good qualities side by side.  You can focus on whatever you see.  When you see faults look for good qualities also, reject the faults.


3) Those who see faults as potential good qualities.  He sees the faults as actually good quality.  Example: a person may be angry at something that is worth becoming angry at.  Anger is negativity, but if you are angry and engaged in devotional service, it becomes a potential good quality.


4) Those who do not see any faults and see only good qualities.


Do not criticize those who are undergoing the process of purification. Even if they are not fully cleansed, they are in the process. A cock goes to dustbin to pick grains for the children.  It is going to dirty places, but only finding good food for the children.


We should be very eager not to find faults in others.  If you have propensity to find faults, then find faults within yourself that will help you get better.


Source -  South India Yatra, 2010.

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