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How to access vibrations ?

Hare Krishna,I once met a certain type of yogi who do group meditation regularly on certain days of a week by gathering at a center. They worship their guru in the mother form of Goddess Durga, Kali, Kalki, Ganesha, and kundalini awakening is the main aim in their realization. They can feel the vibrations on fingers and parts of body, etc.Something of Patanjali System that Srila Prabhupada has mentioned in Bhagavad Gita. Chapter 8 of Bhagavad Gita describes about yoga in detail.He could access mind, subconscious mind and started falsely arguing with me. I on the spot told him that I never agreed to any kind of commitment towards his yoga. Because unless and until I know someone perfectly well, it is not possible to jump into realization. It would be a fool's business.Is it possible to do yoga in this age ? If so in what manner ?What is breath control ?What are vibrations ?How is mind control achieved ? Why NOD warns not to go after siddhis ?What is the basic requirement of Sadhakas in terms of character, behavior, actions ?Regards,Parag

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  • I fine that infinite vibrations can be accessed and mannaged if certain protacalls are ubserved! Grounding, pousing expantion, contracting, building & discharging, redirecting, vibrationaly changing an enviernment. So yes good question! As it mmght concur in most of the books of allowed Spiritual Rits, (Veadas etc. We don't Creat nor (may we) distroy (eternal energies.)
    However, as afor mentioned it is wonderfully diverce while remaining Subal worm & rightchus Taoism chiGong metaphysical energies are well discribed in both Indain & Chinese texts! OM & OM TAT-SAT )THE PRONABA= opening & closing rits,/ mantta, also it is "Vishnu's shelter (for the young Bhakty) a modest waiting & a giving of heart. Om Tat Sat!
  • The yoga of modisty
    The yoga of discretion
    Of serving with the vibrations of
    Enthusiastically cellabrating our Coo over the Gunas of cause & effects &the ddiscoveringof theAddi Narryina
    Because Krishna Chatonya desiers us to teach & except-all) & Vishnu has housed & prprotectthe asrams as Krishna educats selflessly & unconditionaly. Divine yoga is never so liberating as when performed in a divine diaty Dahm?
  • E-Counselor

    Hare Krsna Prabhuji,


    Ashtanga yoga is one of the methods of self realisation mentioned in Gita - therefore it is completely authorised. The problem is that there are no good teachers anymore. If one gets the proper teacher, then one can open all the chakras with the help of yoga and eventually choose to depart (date, time determined by the person) through the chakra that is there on the head. If done properly, it can take one to spiritual planets. The problem is - there is no retake for this and there are no teachers for this.

    Breadth control is started by simple pranayam. In hinduism, we count the duration of life not by no of years, but by no of breadths. Therefore there is a lot of emphasis on remaining calm under all circumstances (as you know, once one is agitated, one takes shorter breadths).

    Vibrations are experienced by kundalini process and also by chanting - one has to chant with attention. Its called chanting from within, I heard in lectures of HG Mahatma Prabhuji.

    Mind control is very easily achieved by effective chanting. NoD warns against running behind siddhis because one will get caught up with the siddhis and forget the real goal of this life - to go back to Godhead.

    Basic requirement of sadhaka is faith, firm faith in the process, chanting 16 rounds and following 4 regulative principles. If this is done regularly and sincerely, the character, behaviour and actions are going to fall in place. Its a very big responsibility to know that one cannot cheat at all, supersoul is witness to all thoughts, words and action, that we are ambassadors of Krsna to the outside world and that our words and actions will bring future devotees to the fold or drive them away.

    Pls ask if you have further questions.


    Your servant,

    Radha Rasamayi DD

  • Different types of yoga can be practiced in this Age, but there is very limited number on this planet who are qualified learned teachers nowadays. Neither those who ask money on behalf teaching Yoga are  qualified teachers, neither those who pay are qualified students .

    Vaishyas, shudras and outcaste materialists are not qualified to teach Yoga, only those with a Brahmana qualities based on holy scriptures:

    SB 11.17.16Peacefulness, self-control, austerity, cleanliness, satisfaction, tolerance, simple straightforwardness, devotion to Me, mercy and truthfulness are the natural qualities of the brāhmaṇas.

    SB 11.17.22The twice-born member of society achieves second birth through the sequence of purificatory ceremonies culminating in Gāyatrī initiation. Being summoned by the spiritual master, he should reside within the guru’s āśrama and with a self-controlled mind carefully study the Vedic literature.
    SB 11.17.23The brahmacārī should regularly dress with a belt of straw and deerskin garments. He should wear matted hair, carry a rod and waterpot and be decorated with akṣa beads and a sacred thread. Carrying pure kuśa grass in his hand, he should never accept a luxurious or sensuous sitting place. He should not unnecessarily polish his teeth, nor should he bleach and iron his clothes.
    SB 11.17.24A brahmacārī should always remain silent while bathing, eating, attending sacrificial performances, chanting japa or passing stool and urine. He should not cut his nails and hair, including the armpit and pubic hair.
    SB 11.17.25One observing the vow of celibate brahmacārī life should never pass semen. If the semen by chance spills out by itself, the brahmacārī should immediately take bath in water, control his breath by prāṇāyāma and chant the Gāyatrī mantra.
    SB 11.17.26Purified and fixed in consciousness, the brahmacārī should worship the fire-god, sun, ācārya, cows, brāhmaṇas, guru, elderly respectable persons and demigods. He should perform such worship at sunrise and sunset, without speaking but by silently chanting or murmuring the appropriate mantras.
    SB 11.17.27One should know the ācārya as Myself and never disrespect him in any way. One should not envy him, thinking him an ordinary man, for he is the representative of all the demigods.
    SB 11.17.28In the morning and evening one should collect foodstuffs and other articles and deliver them to the spiritual master. Then, being self-controlled, one should accept for oneself that which is allotted by the ācārya.
    SB 11.17.29While engaged in serving the spiritual master one should remain as a humble servant, and thus when the guru is walking the servant should humbly walk behind. When the guru lies down to sleep, the servant should also lie down nearby, and when the guru has awakened, the servant should sit near him, massaging his lotus feet and rendering other, similar services. When the guru is sitting down on his āsana, the servant should stand nearby with folded hands, awaiting the guru’s order. In this way one should always worship the spiritual master.
    SB 11.17.30Until the student has completed his Vedic education he should remain engaged in the āśrama of the spiritual master, should remain completely free of material sense gratification and should not break his vow of celibacy [brahmacarya].
    Without that process, who nowadays can call himself a Brahmana.
    SB 11.17.16
    SB 11.17.16
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