I saw this video recenty: How small are we in the scale of the universe?


The universe is so big its beyond our comprehension. So vast we cannot even imagine the scale, Probably compared to the Universe we are like one the end of a PIN.. and we are inside of the tip of the needle...

When you think about it deeply you cannot imagine 'A God' created this Universe as it is unimaginable and something we dont usually think about it. 

Maybe and I will speculate here its just 'Space'. Like some space in your cupboard you leave for some cloths. Then make more space later,?!

How can GOD if He exsists be so powerful? Maybe we are so tiny that we invented 'A God' because we cannot comprehend the vastness of the universe.

I wait for comments and views...


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  • Whatelse you want to know.. out of the Textbooks
    You have doubt whether we only made God becoz we are so teeny tiny.
    For an ant it might think Human being must be God. Becoz he is so big in size.
    for a dog.. God must be some Buffalo.. becoz ....Buffalo is big in size plus it has horns also.
    If you are considering God to be something Huger then your size.. then you would feel oh must be God is my creation only.. there is no one out there watching over me.
    But when you start doing some activity.. Why does ur conscience tell you.. No don't do this.. do that?
    Who is that sitting in your heart and saying NO do this NO do that.. this is not right This is wrong..
    Who is that..??
    Its your antaratma. or parmatma.
    You are considering God is too big in size.
    I am considering God is so small that he can fit in my heart and also the present in an ant.
    Its perception that matters.
    You are seeing yourself as too small when compared to big universe... Have you not seen that conscience guiding you sitting in your heart itself ..
    He who can manifest whole big form to occupy whole bramhanda..( vaman avatara). Can become Parmatma and sit within your heart and guide you and watch over your actions.
    Even if you feel God is your own creation also...
    You are always taking suggestions from your antar atma day in and out.
    Don't you?
    God created the Universe or We created God?
    Hen came first or the egg??
    Discuss on this.
    Kuch cheezon ko maan ke chalo kuch cheezon ko jaan ke chalo.
    Har cheez ka dissection karke seekha nahi jaata.. there are so many things in this world which we don't know. But we belief and go ahead.
    Belief and trust in something or someone.. on belief only the world is running.
    For a person who always question .. He can never be at peace.
    In Mathematics and Science .. they start with Hypothesis.. then they do experimentation and then they get conclusion.
    In Adhyatma ( philosophy) we start with belief... and proceed further to get realization on the journey to confirm our belief.
    If you have doubt whether hen came first or egg..??
    or God came first or we made God..?
    then you have to simply sit and chant..with a belief that Yes someone is saying God is there.. Have to see HIM.
    They are saying this mantra if you keep repeating some day you will reach God. Ok.. Lets believe in what they say and start doing it to see it.
    Put ur finger into the fire and see If it burns or not... Becoz you don't believe in Archaryas and their words so.. Just try chanting for some years and lets see.
    Not one round one day 5 rounds another day or no rounds .. Not this way. Strictly do a set of rounds.. for some considerable period of time like 3 yrs and daily sitting at one place daily maintaining one time.
    do and see. You don't know the power of lord's name then you have to test it right?
    One child is there whose parents say don't touch the fire it will burn .. but the child is very adamant wants to touch and see. Its okay it will learn its own way.
    You ur self when you get any realization let us know.. God is man made or Man is God made.
    Hen came first or the egg.
    Hare Krishna.
    • yeh but human consciousness is higher then any animals.
  • so no answers of any value? just preaching to me. Ask a question Oh no he needs to be preached to. Have a valid discussion.
  • Hare Krishna,
    Chapter 15.15 BG

    sarvasya caham hrdi sannivisto
    mattah smrtir jnanam apohanam ca
    vedais ca sarvair aham eva vedyo
    vedanta-krd veda-vid eva caham

    I am seated in everyone's heart, and from Me come remembrance, knowledge and forgetfulness. By all the Vedas am I to be known; indeed I am the compiler of Vedanta, and I am the knower of the Vedas.

    The Supreme Lord is situated as Paramatma in everyone's heart, and it is from Him that all activities are initiated. The living entity forgets everything of his past life, but he has to act according to the direction of the Supreme Lord, who is witness to all his work. Therefore he begins his work according to his past deeds. Required knowledge is supplied to him, and remembrance is given to him, and he forgets, also, about his past life. Thus, the Lord is not only all-pervading; He is also localized in every individual heart.

    O forgetful soul...You forgot who made these all universes is seated in your heart.. awaken yourself and get connected to Him
    you are realizing the vastness of universes... and comparing urself to be tiny bit of this all universes. But Alas! it is ur false ego again kicking in saying.. you invented God!!!??

    "He is not only worshippable as the impersonal Brahman, the Supreme Personality of Godhead, and the localized Paramatma, but as the form of the incarnation of the Vedas as well.
    What you are speculating about " Space" is Impersonal Brahman.. The formless God.
    You understood Universe sprang out from Shoonya .. and will go into Shoonya. This concept is Advait philosophy.
    We believe God is existing and He is having a form!!!
    Science sees no God becoz.. they see only material things.. They cannot go beyond the sixth sense.
    the 5 senses and mind makes 6 senses.
    and one has to transcend the 6th sense to see God or understand God.
    People have Gone to Moon they didn't find spiritual world or Chandraloka there nor they found any CHandradev or heavenly things.
    Doctors have cut open the heart .. they couldn't find any Parmatma
    Even though it is told in BG by Sri Krishna so clearly I am seating in your heart region
    Why so.??
    Becoz they only saw material things made up of matter and they cannot go beyond matter.
    GOD principle cannot be understood with our 6 Senses.. ( 5 senses and mind) have to transcend these senses.
    After that You need to lose the FALSE EGO.
    What is False Ego?
    We are not this body. This body is just material covering it will perish.
    But we not the body we are Souls and it cannot die ever. The false ego makes us think that we are this body and with this body we can achieve anything
    An astrophysicist thinks that he has studied so much that he can map the universe itself But alas!..
    so many scientists came and went away they couldn't even know who is running this universe..
    After coming to atomic level they have a big question.. who is making the electrons run around the nucleus... Whatever knowledge we have its very limited to understand God.
    Hare Krishna.
    • Gayatri dd you made some valid points... But its just quoting scriptures which could be 'man made'. I am not faithless but 'speculating for use for an argument. All I see so far is quotes from here and there. No actual realisations or NO knowledge of actual events. Are you guys advanced or just blurting out things you have read in Books? Did you realise anything yet. I am not having a 'go' at anyone. Get off your 'preaching MODE' for a second and have an actual conversation between two people who are individuals for a moment! I haven't come here to listen to copy/pastes of scriptures.

      I await your responses on what you have actually realised and can put into words. In as much as 'power of GOD'. Thanks again.
      • One cannot come to KC simply do you agree with me?
        If you have not done atleast one good karma in ur last birth you cannot come to Krishna.
        If you don't have mercy of Lord Krishna ( Esp. Lord Sri Krishna not other Gods) It is very very difficult to understand Lord Sri Krishna.
        The realization I had i cannot share it. It is personal.
        But I am having some realizations which made me come to Krishna Consciousness.
        Hare Krishna.
  • E-Counselor
    Hare Krsna prabhuji,

    You are right - it is pure unalloyed mental speculation. It is an example of how BIG our EGO is - despite seeing and understanding that we are infinitesmally tiny, you are speculating that we created God from our imagination!!! Did we create the scriptures also?
    Prabhu, there is a true life story of scientist Newton. He had a friend who was an atheist. Once that friend visited Newton's house unannounced. There he saw that Newton had recreated the solar system in one room - almost real like - relative size, shape and colour of each planet what it is actually, orbiting around the sun in its pace. He was very excited and asked - how did you do this? Newton replied - nothing - just some balls came, fell into place and started to move around one ball, I didn't do anything. That friend got offended and said - if you don't want to tell me, its ok. Don't fool me by saying some balls fell into place and started moving around in an orbit, how is it possible. Then Newton replied - if a mere imitation cannot happen without someone making it, do you think the original happened without anyone making it?
    Look around you - sun sets and rises at its time everyday, without any holiday. Seasons change in cyclical order, ageing process happens in living entities in the correct sequence - how is it all possible without discipline. Just because traffic is smooth and one is not able to see the traffic police, does it mean it is not being managed? Same way, who is the traffic police for the sun, the seasons, the ageing process, the digestion process?
    The world has been created such that one wants to take a simplistic view and believe God doesn't exist or that we created Him out of our imagination, or a realized view that not even a blade of grass moves without His will.
    Another example - did you see videos of the mountain tsunami - Kedarnath incident that happens few years ago? have you seen how the Kedarnath temple was saved? Can you explain that? There are innumerable/ countless examples.
    A true seeker can learn from anything - for others, mental speculation option is always there.
    God doesn't depend on our belief - He exists whether we believe in Him or not.
    Chant properly with attention. All such speculations will disappear prabhu.
    Your servant,
    Radha Rasamayi DD
    • Hare Krishna mataji...You are great mathaji...
  • Hi Hare Krishna,

    First of all, I would like to thank you for sharing such a good video and sharing your valuable views. Indeed we all are a very small part of the universe as described in the video.

    When you look at the beautiful nature, mountains, trees you can there itself realize that what a beautiful creator and artist God is. God is the one who has created nature in order to give us such a beautiful environment. Everything which you see around you is created by someone, there is nothing that can be created on its own. For everything, there exists a creator. Just like a painter paints something by using his brush, similarly, God has used nature in order to create a beautiful environment. However, we have very limited knowledge.

    God is known as the supreme soul and we all are parts and parcels of God. Indeed God has made us self-sufficient and strong enough to achieve anything we want in our lives.

    Earth is a 3-dimensional planet which means whatever we see around us are all 3d objects. We study mathematics, physics and we are taught there about n-dimensional planes which we cannot even imagine because our imaginations are limited to the 3D planet. We cannot imagine 4D, 5D or nD objects. Our mind cannot process or imagine 4D 5D or nD space and planes. Our mind's thinking is very very limited. Since it's explained in the video that we are a very small part of this universe, we cannot understand god from simple knowledge which we have on this universe since we humans have not yet even crossed the milky way galaxy, which is itself a very small part of this universe. Understanding God and coming to conclusions about him is something that is not justified since we have not even explored those dimensions.

    We have several scriptures indicating that God exists and he came on earth in some form in order to enlighten all of us. We cannot understand or imagine God since we can never reach there due to the limitations of our planet's resources. There might be several advanced planets that we have no clue of since we are unable to explore them. All the advancements which are made by science are limited to this universe itself. If we have not even reached those galaxies and other planets, we cannot comment on them. This means since we are such a small part of this universe, we should all leave our ego aside since we are nowhere when it comes to the massive universe and believe in God.

    Kindly share your views on it as well.
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