How many arrows were in 16 quivers Karna?

Reading the Mahabharata has been providing ammunition for armies in the text not mentioned in the course of the day to replenish the quivers of the archers, and the inexhaustible quivers was only Arjuna:

Partha, having excellent bow and two inexhaustible quivers
Mahabharata. Sabhaparva. Chapter 23

He turned the idea to his two inexhaustible quivers...
Mahabharata. Aranyakaparva. Chapter 40

The text is also very often found on the rains, the clouds, the darkness, flows, and avalanches of arrows. And well if it was only such vague, amorphous generalizations that could easily be interpreted as parables, allegories. But what about when it's easy to count the number of arrows released per battle, a few combat scenes or for the whole day maharathi, say such as Bhishma, Drona, Karna, and other Asvatthaman. Especially that neither they nor their driver did not take the trophy quivers and does not describe the supply of arrows from the rear. Even if there was a break for lunch, and then there is the question of what stocks can produce enough arrows, even for one hour.

Here are a few highlights of the Karna-Parva, Chapter 42, the exploits of the heroes:

Then Karna in great anger, swiftly lifted their weapons and began to strike the army of the Pandavas, like Maghavan — army of the Asuras. Lightning crashing into the thick pandovski chariots, and spilling around the arrows he smote seventy-seven of the best warriors from among Prabhakaran. Then twenty-five sharp, beautifully feathered arrows, that foremost of chariot fighters battled twenty five Pandavas. After iron, razdiraemyj the body of the enemy with shafts of Golden wings began the hero to strike, and hundreds of thousands of CEDICE.

While he had earned on the battlefield that superhuman feat, he was surrounded, o king, many analisi chariots. Then, upon the bowstring, five irresistible shafts, Karna, also called Vrisha and Vikatan, immediately slew the five papulov, o Bharata! Bhoodevi, Chitrasena, Sinabing, Tapana and surasena. — the five Pandavas, o Bharata, slew it in a battle! And when analysie heroes were slain with arrows, the panchalas raised in the midst of battle loud bitter They mingled, and their cry bitter read all directions; and Karna immediately began to shower their arrows!


At this time, Dhrishtadyumna pierced Karna with ten shafts, the sons of Draupadi with seventy three wounded his, Yuyudhana with seven, and Bhimasena with seventy four, Sahadeva with five, and Nakula with thirty, and Satanika with seven brave placing shikhandi to the fore with ten and King Yudhishthira with a hundred arrows! These and many other brave, desirous of victory, the men met together in that battle, a skilled Archer, the son of a Suta! But that Slayer of foes, the Son of Suta, gracefully maneuvering in his chariot, struck the answer of each of them with ten arrows.


And powerful Radheya, as if dancing with a bow in his hands (in his chariot), each of those who shot him, struck three times in response to the large number of arrows. Every time, hitting one of them, a dozen arrows, he uttered a joyful cry.

Destroying those great bowmen with showers of his arrows and without encountering serious resistance, the destroyer of enemies Radhey broke in the middle of the personal troops of the king! Immediately the three hundred chariot fighters ."

In the following chapters of streams of arrows, simple arrows, not weapons of the demigods, referred to separately.

Quivers in the chariot of Karna was 16: "Let sixteen quivers will attach to my chariot..."Mahabharata. Dronaparva. The tale of the killing samsaptakas

If the arrows were stored in 16 quivers in the chariot, it is possible to place them there to defeat so many opponents? What capacity was one of the quiver of Karna? Here at modern athletes-archers, quivers keep 25-30 arrows.

Or the number of arrows struck Karna carries numerologically encrypted message us: 10, 70, 7, 74, 5, 30, 7

A huge amount of arrows in the battle of Kurukshetra allegory?

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