How Lord Shiva can be called a Vaishnava?

Hare Krishna All,

How Lord Shiva couldn't recognise his own son before chopping his head just because he stopped him from entering ? After chopping his sons head why did he chopped head of an innocent animal and put 

that to his sons body ? Why cant he put the same head or make him alive?.


Hari bol


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  • Once Lord Shiva was in deep meditation.. Parvati came to Him asked Lord.. "whole world worship you but you are always into deep meditation.. What is the deity that you are meditating on.??'asked Parvati. Lord Shiva said.. I am meditating on my Lord Rama.
    He recited the sloka..
    Sri Rama Rama Rameti Rame Rame Manorame..
    Sahasranama tattulyam Rama Nama varanane!!
    It means.. Sri Rama name is so pleasurable that even reciting the 1000 names of Vishnu is equal to one time reciting the name of Lord Rama.
    Lord Rama is His Ishta Daiva.
    When Lord Sri Krishna was performing Rasleela in Vrindavan.. Lord Shiva couldn't control Himself and came down to be a part of it.. Gopikas didn't allow HIm asked him to take up a girl form then only He can enter the Ras dance they said. Lord Shiva instantly became a gopika. Only Lord Shiva is called the first and foremost of the Vaishnavas.. WHY???
    Let me explain..
    --->>Vaishnava is one who treats everything equally!!!!!! ( Shiva treats filth and gold equally.. He stays in graveyard.. never craves for any highest position or riches though riches as easy for Him to attain He is always in bliss ananada when He is in union ( YOGA) with Lord Sri Krishna.
    ---->>Vaishnava is one who has no feeling or attachment to His body!!! ( LOrd Shiva is the one who can give up himself and become a female for Lord Krishna.. He is perfectly unattached to his body.. !!! He didnt' feel for one second also I am male how can I become a female to dance with Lord Sri Krishna in Rasdance. He simply gave up his body and turned into a female just to be with His beloved)
    ---> Vaishnava is one who has no attachments to family ( He can behead His own son He He wont feel any attachmet.. Well this is what is being preached By Lord Sri krishna in gita all the time.. One who doesn't crave for any family attachments which are anyways temporary). Lord Shiva has powers to fix things all right but He never thinks to get attached to these.
    He gives boon to the elephant demon Gajasura that his head would be worship hence forth as He was a true devotee of Lord Shiva and as per the boon he gave Him he gave that head of the demon the perfect place. He didn't feel for one second also-- oh man I lost my son what to do>>??? He is not human Like us .. He is perfectly unattached to emotions and is above the Mind emotions and feelings..!!! That is why is most loved by Lord Sri Krishna.
    Sri Krishna tells Arjuna to leave all kinds of religion emotions and fight kill all those family members just see them as the offenders of dharma but not as ur own kith and kin.. ISn't IT???? Whole Gita Lord said to leave attachments or MOHA and get over it and above it to do justice..!!! what is right !!!
    There can be love but there should not be attachment .. LOve and attachment are different things in all.
    A Vaishnava is one who is can go beyond mind and see things as they are and do justice as per the time requirement.. Not fixed to any rules and not bound to any rituals.
    For Understanding Lord Shiva You need to go beyond this mind .... and you cannot ever understand the leelas of Lord with our senses and mind.
    If you were in the place of Lord Shiva I know you will cry and cry for days for you son and go into depression also.
    Lord Shiva is perfect Vaishnav He is neither elated too much nor depressed too much..
    He is balanced at all times..
    That is one more quality of a true Vaishnav
    Being Balanced at all times..
    Hare Krishna.
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