hare krishna...pamho

exams bring lot of stress for me.although knowing that we should concentrate on the work in hand and leave the result in krishna's hand, i feel due to my dependence on krishna, i am not able to give my 100% input for prepration and loose self confidence. also i m not able to do my sadhna properly during exams:( i dont know how to deal with it and let my devotion be unaffected.

i request the humble devotees to guide me for this problem.

your servant


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  • Hare krishna
    jai srila prabhupada
    under ths qustion so many nice instructions hv been given it's very nice
    but the last issue made was little hard.
    u said that the true devotee never go to doctor is completely irrational.
    i thnk mataji said that bcos of our past karma we hav to suffer but the intensity of such suffering is reduced due to our bhakti.
    even i was in nagpur i hv seen the tempel president Brajvilas das prabhuji was taking treatment frm doctor.
    nw u tel then is he not true devotee? he is most senior about 70 yr. stil he is taking treatment that doesnt mean that he doesnt hav faith he does to maitain his body to offer a great and good survice further.
    ur notion that the true devotee never go to doctor is completely irrational.
    if i hv made any mistake then plz forgive me
    hare krishna
    • Volunteer

      I also agree with You Shashikant Prabhu. 

      To depend on Krishna means to use our intelligence. Krishna says when one serves Me with devotion and love I will give enough intelligence to understand Me and to come to Me.

      So intelligence means one will read Vedas, and live in such a way that his body will be used in His service very nicely healthy, strong.

      So that means one should take care of body as a Temple of Narayana.

      This body is not ours but it is an instrument which i use in the service of Krishna. 

      Suppose if i have some pain in body how will sit peacefully in lectures???

      How will be attentive to the Holy Names??? If i have some sever pain? Is it possible?

      If i do not have nice teeth how will i eat proper food, and if we do not eat this body will get weak and die.

      So what is the use?

      Better to use our intelligence which means know ayurveda also...

      In south India pujaris are very expert in serving to the Deities but still they spend 1-2 hours a day for taking care of their health by applying ghee on their bodies, messaging...

      Your servant, 

      • Volunteer

        as per me I use cow products and eat properly so that i do not get sick and waste my time.

        We do not want to disturb Krishna to take care of us but want to be strong to take care OF HIM.

        Your servant, 

        • Very wonderful thought mataji... 

  • Volunteer

    my humble obeisances dear Dean Prabhu, 

    How wonderful is Your faith into Krishna! Prahlada Maharaja was so depending on Narayana in every step. 

    But for those who are not having so much faith as Prahlada Maharaja out of His kindness Krishna gave us Vedas in which we can find knowledge of medicine, astrology...

    So it is for those who are not having very strong faith.

    It is true if we fully believe to Krishna and that He will protect us then we won't go to anyone in this world other than Him.

    But if one is not in that stage of faith and devotion then one should be honest, doesn't he?

    Krishna says if one worships Me with love and devotion I will give him or her intelligence using which one will understand Me.

    So He gives intelligence which means when your body get sick you use your intelligence and go to the doctor and cure that. 

    Or else using Your good intelligence find some medicinal grasses and drink so that you become healthy again. 

    Because out of our previous karma we have to suffer some reactions in the form of diseases. So body is a Temple and we have to take care of it nicely so that we render our service nicely.

    Your servant, 

  • hare krsna..........

    tanku sakshi 4 asking such a question. it was something wat all students want 2 know .All dat answers really inspired me also....now i will surely complete everything properly

  • E-Counselor

    Hare Krsna Sakshi,


    First thing, exam or no exam, there is no compromise on chanting. YOu have to chant your committed rounds everyday - never mind the pressure. Ideally, one should concentrate while chanting, but if you are not able to do so, still chant and complete your rounds everyday.

    If you love Krsna, you will follow His teachings in Bhagavad Gita. The lord clearly states that we have to do our prescribed duty. This is one of the foremost things we all tend to give up when we first come to KC, we give up our "attachment to our prescribed duty" and think we are progressing in spirituality, so it doesnt matter that we are not doing our duty properly. That is not pleasing to Krsna. We have to do our duty. In your case, it is studying. Remember, studying hard and appearing for exams is your prescribed duty, cheating and passing is not. It is no longer allowed, because you may be able to fool the examiners, you know you cannot fool the lord. So the only way out for you is to know the answer yourself.

    I have chanted throughout my school finals, college and CA exams. In fact, looking back, I feel the lord helped me pass CA. I never did any tuitions. The subjects that I was finding difficult, the lord arranged for my friends, who were rank holders, to teach me and the day before the exams also, they would bunk their office and sit with me and help me revise. The next day, the same questions would appear in the exam and thus I passed. If the lord could help an insignificant person like me, then why He wont help you? You have to be sincere in your sadhana as well as your preparations for exams, he will provide you all the help and guidance you need.

    Unfortunately, there is no shortcut to hardwork, not even KC. So chin down, nose in your books and get down to studying.



    • hare krishna...

      thanx a lot mataji...your words enlightened me.i wil surely do my prescribed duty,i.e, studies and sadhna, properly...and will not look for any shortcuts.


    • Volunteer

      Hare Krishna dear Devotees, please accept my humble obeisances!

      All glories to Srila Prabhupada!

      One of my friends is also doing her CA. So she goes to the Temple to Mangala Arati, and after Guru puja leaves for her studies. Of course completing her rounds at the Temple.

      HH Radhanath Swami once in lecture told: as if in previous ages people used to go to forests for doing tapasya nowadays students go to institutions to study, staying in the hostels, eating austere food, less sleep ...

      so if we want to serve to Krishna nicely then we have to tolerate austerities and do our duties with our best after chanting our rounds.

      Another incident was: husband and wife; wife was doing job husband studying. So she has to work very hard because he needed money for his education. Maharaj told her to do the minimum but the most important part of seva which is chanting 16 rounds then do her job until husband gets his PhD degree.

      She did as Maharaj told.  Now they are very demanded eye doctors and doing so much for Krishna both materially and spiritually.


      When we wake up on time and sleep on time then we can learn many things in few hours where as sleeping late and waking up late will decrease our intelligence which means we won't be able to memorize things.

      Your servant, 

      • hare krishna accept my humble obeisance ji. i think these answers help me too.thank u all very much hare krishna..

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