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externally it is appered that krishna was in favour of pandava. he assisted pandavas in so many ways, even he broke his wow not to take any weapon in hand was moved towards the bhishma to kill. ofcourse this ws the krishnas lila, and bhisma relished the nectoer of virya rasa. bt as a god he should be neutral. everything ws happening there ws under the modes of material nature. then how krishna took part in the bettle indirectly which was based on the three modes of material nature?

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  • Hare Krishna!!! Agtsp!!!

    Wherever Krishna is present it becomes transcendental & above the modes of nature. For us it may be a battle but for Krishna & his true devotees it is just one of his past times which has a purpose i.e. to free Mother earth of the burden of demonic qualities. And Krishna was never partial. In fact he is so merciful that all those who were killed (some millions) in front of him got liberation. So Krishna relieved those souls of their demonic body & Mother Earth of Demons. Everything Krishna does is transcendental & best for everyone.


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  • Hare Krishna ! My humble pranAms to the bhagavan and bhagavathas!!

    It was the 10th day of the war and still Arjuna did not take the courage to directly confront Bhishma and even if confronted he was not willing to take the offensive. So, in order to motivate Arjuna towards his duty, Krishna lifted the wheel of a broken chariot and faced Bhishma, intending that even the wheel of a broken chariot was enough for the lord to defeat Bhishma. Arjuna realised his mistake and then showered a tornado of arrows on to Bhishma's body, starting the end of kurukshetra war.

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            PAMHO, this is right that Krishna wanted to motivate Arjuna to kill Bhishma. And one more important reason behind this is that Bhishma had made a vow that he would force Lord Krishna to take weapons in his hand. Great devotee of krishna, Bhishma knew that no one can force Lord Krishna to do anything against his will. Still, The supreme personality of Godhead broke his promise to keep up the vow of Bhishma. Krishna is so very merciful that he brakes his own promises to keep up the devotees promises. This is the greatness of the mercy of the Lord and greatness of great devotee Bhishma who was very dear to Lord

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    Hare Krishna!!! ' how krishna took part in the battle indirectly which was based on the three modes of material nature?'- Even if he joined a battle which was based on three modes of material nature, He is the same Personality of Godhead as material nature is always under His control. All the members of the family of the Pandavas were completely dependent on the protection of the Lord, and therefore the Lord protected all of them in all circumstances. The Lord protects everyone, but one who depends completely upon Him is especially looked after by the Lord. The father is more attentive to the little son who is exclusively dependent on the father.

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