I feel whenever we are doing bhakti we should do it with full focus and determination . We should call the lord with our heart. Sometimes while chanting we get some various other thoughts and it distracts us of thinking about the lord. How does one really cope up with these distractions so that one gets full benefits from bhakti? Also kindly explain what do you all experience while chanting the mahamantra? I mean what visible results one sees while chanting mahamantra?

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  •    The object is to engage all senses when chanting if possible.... Feel the Tulsi beads, smell the flowers offered to Krishna, see the dietie or picture, hear the mahamantra, and the tongue is engaged in the Krishna mantra. This way there is very little chance for the mind to interrupt the chanting session.

       I have read how sages also prepare before chanting sessions and also take time afterward in order to experience fully the change that has taken place as a result of the meditation.


    • Hare krishna nanda Prabhuji,

      The answer is truly informative and teaches me how to chant perfectly. Thank you for putting in the hardwork which goes for researching the information related to the answer and taking out time from your busy life in writing the reply! I really appreciate the hardwork.

  • Hare krsna prabhuji.
    Chrnoon mein sat sat pranam.
    Pls KINDLY watch this video and then u will understand.

    And also as I had said u that ur DETERMINATION level to pls krsna should be Raisen above the level of ur mind OTHERWISE if it is on the level of mind or below it, then certainly ur living with ur GREATEST ENEMY.
    It will NEVER allow u to do Bhakti.
    Krsna has already said that 'Mind is only the cause of bondage and Mind is only the cause of liberation. Mind which is conquered is the cause of Liberation and that which is left unconquered Is the cause of bondage.

    Now read and understand this statement of mine properly.
    "Devotional service natuarally is very dear to the soul"
    Did u undetstand something???
    Let me explain. U love ur mother right???
    U love ur Father Right???
    In the same way it is natural that we love krsna to the utmost LIMIT.
    Because that is how the Soul Functions.
    The soul is the part and parcel of krsna by nature, The natural function of the soul is that it loves krsna to the utmost LIMIT. As the natural Function of a machine is to only work, work and only work. I the same way the Natural function of the soul is that it SIMPLY LOVES, LOVES AND LOVES KRSNA.
    But presently u see. Do we all love krsna???????????????????
    This is because our love is covered with layers of material contamination. So the love is not visible.
    But in reality if u will see then we all cannot live without krsna even for a single moment. As Radha Mata said above that we daily eat and sleep no matter which situation in the same way our original function is that we all love krsna no matter at what time, place, situation or during or pain. In all CIRCUMSTANCES we cannot LIVE WITHOUT krsna even for a SECOND.
    That is our reality.
    Have u heard the song "Tum mere ho is paal mere ho" If yes then u would be knowing that there is a line in that song which the Hero sings for his lover- "Aisi jaruri ho mujhko tum jaise Hawaye sasoonko"
    "Aise Talashu mein Tumko jaise ki pair Zaminooko"
    Do u know this is the reality of soul.
    This is ur Reality. If our body cannot livee without sleeping and eating then just imagine how can the soul live without "CHANTING"
    So chanting is the Food to ur soul not to ur body. So just use ur INTELLIGENCE and understand that we ACTUALLY cannot LIVE WITHOUT chanting and with this INTELLIGENCE u endeaveour for perfection.

    The Mind is befooling u. Mind had not tasted a higher pleasure so during chanting it thinks of other things. If the mind would have tasted the highest pleasure of devotional service then it would have NEVER distracted u form chanting. Instead it would have pushed u towards chanting. So keep ur DETERMINATION to ACHIEVE that Highest TRANSCENDENTAL pleasure while chanting Tell ur mind that it is soon going to attain ever lasting BLISS so it should help u in ur chanting.

    Also see these videos pls. Will help u.

    And also u asked what we experience while chanting??
    I experience thoughts of IDT Chatting during my chanting.
    But I immediately within seconds wind them up.

    Also Pray to Namaacharya Hardias Thakur Maharaj.
    Demoniac servant
    • Hare krishna charan prabhuji,

      Thank you for such an amazing reply. It is truly very informative and teaches me a lot. May god bless you charan prabhuji!  Thank you for putting in the hardwork which goes for researching the information related to the answer and taking out time from your busy life in writing the reply! I really appreciate the hardwork.

  • Hare Krishna..,

    Mind should be always under the control of the intellect. Mind if acts according the senses and sense objects it will go as per the desires. This is the difference between an animal and a human being. Human beings are provided with the capacity of discrimination and this discrimination is a quality of the Intellect and not the mind.

    In katha upanishad there appears an anology.. of a chariot with 5 horses..

    5 horses=5 senses,

    5 ways= the different paths the senses choose to proceed..,

    reigns= mind..

    the controller of the reigns= the charioteer=intellect. ( KRISHNA)/witness or supersoul.. 

    Passenger = soul.


    If the reign ( Mind) is controlled properly by the charioteer( intellect) the horses( senses) are not going astray in any direction they want to..They are following a perfect path..

    In other words.. If the intellect ( BUDDHI) is in KC...The person can make correct decisions and with wisdom and by power of discrimination he will chose between what is good and what is bad for him..

    This power of discrimination or intellect or buddhi is lacking in animals that is why when there is a want or desire arises the animal cannot control its mind and goes after satisfying its senses..

    But only humans can control their senses.... this faculty of intellect is given to only human beings..

    Let us say.. one example :-

    One person was starving was not given food for 3 days... suppose on the third..day a big plate with 50 varieties of foods were put infront of him.. What will he do.. first of all..1. he starts seeing, smelling ...( senses are acting)..2. salivating.. ( after senses send signal to the brain and mind.. mind said to the hand pick it up and eat it.. now the person is about to pick the food to eat it.. Can you stop him at this stage???? is the big question.. and how???

    yes we can stop him.. how???

    We can stop him by saying hey hey don't eat that it has poison in it.

    immediately the person's Buddhi ( intellect) makes a quick decision orders the mind and mind orders the hand to throw it away.. so now you see.. Mind is always under the control of intellect.  PROVIDED THE INTELLECT IS IN KRISHNA CONSCIOUSNESS. THEN ONLY IT CAN TAKE RIGHT DECISIONS.

    While chanting too lot of disturbances come.. it is common for all of us.. But ya if you can control the horses..and the mind. In other words.... To control the mind you need WISDOM.

    How did you control ur mind when you were doing ekadashi fast? didnt you?  

    ==> Initially it becomes difficult by constant practice one can achieve to control the mind.

    ==> Secondly, Chanting mahamantra itself is a cure to this mind. keep chanting even if mind disturbs you. One day it will give in.

    ==> Thirdly, When you love something .. like for example a person loves cricket match.. He gets immersed in the game so much that.. even if something is going on by his side he wont listen to it also.. until the last ball is played.. he gets glued to the seat. RIGHT??  if you love the work.. You will have focus or concentration in it. If you love Krishna you will do with 100% focus.

    Hare Krishna.


    • Hare krishna Gayatri Mataji,

      Beautiful explanation given. I really loved the answer. Thank you for guiding me. This answer perfectly resolves my query. Thank you for putting in the hardwork which goes for researching the information related to the answer and taking out time from your busy life in writing the reply! I really appreciate the hardwork.

  • E-Counselor

    Hare Krsna PRabhuji,


    While chanting the mind is most active and trying its best to distract us. This is maya's trick to ensure we remain in her grip.

    I agree with you that we should do chanting with full focus and determination. However, if we wait that we will chant only when we are able to give full focus and determination, then it will never happen. We have to practice both focus and determination. Wherever the mind wanders, we have to bring it back to Krsna. That requires determination. Imagine - can you say that you will drive on the road only when you are able to drive perfectly in all road and traffic conditions? No na. You have to learn driving in traffic and practice driving in traffic, only then perfection will come. Same way, unless we practice chanting despite distractions, the chanting will not be perfected and distractions will not go away.

    While chanting the mahamantra, full range of emotions can be experienced - from mind being restless and distracted, to getting soothed and settling down to the tunes of mahamantra, to feeling unexplained ecstacy while singing and dancing to the mahamantra.

    To see visible results, i suggest you chant a minimum of 4 rounds, every single day, without fail, for 6 months at a stretch. Note down your thougths before you start this exercise and review after 6 months. Once you realise how chanting has affected you and made you a much better human being, you will never give it up for anything in the world. Remember - the day you don't eat AND the day you don't sleep is the day you don't chant. So far, such a day has not come in my life where i didn't do both the same day - eating and sleeping happens in all situations of pain and pleasure. Therefore, chanting also happens in all situations of pain and pleasure. Just keep chanting, you will yourself understand.


    Your servant,

    Radha Rasamayi DD

    • Hare krishna Radha mtaji,

      Thank for the wonderful reply. It is true that practice makes someone perfect. Well I completely agree with you mataji. This answer perfectly resolved my query. Thank you for putting in the hardwork which goes for researching the information related to the answer and taking out time from your busy life in writing the reply! I really appreciate the hardwork.

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