How does one believe in these?

Hare KRISHNA! Here are some incredible events mentioned in SB

1) diti pregnancy lasted for full 100 years

2)The tug of war between the crocodile & gajendra elephant continued for 1000 years!

3)It took 365 days for indras vajra to cut off vrtasuras head!

How will common man believe in such events? like didnt crocodile get bored? the crocodile could have found 1000 preys in half the no of years and difficult to believe that vrtasura stood at one place for 365 days waiting for his head to be cut off!!

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    In panchatantra there is a story of 6 blind men who went on to see a elephant. When they came to the elephant, each one of them touched different parts of elephant and interpret it differently. One touched the trunk and said elephant is like a snake, another touched the tail and said elephant is like a rope, one touched the tusk and said its like a sphere, one touched the belly and said elephant is like a wall and the fifth blind man caught hold of the leg and said its like a pillar and the sixth got on it and touched its ears and said its like a fan. Now which of these is correct or which of these are wrong? Actually all are right in their perspective but its not complete understanding of the elephant... right..??? It so happened that a learned brahamana who had eyes came to that place and saw these blind men arguing and then he explained to them that an elephant is like a cow or a Buffalo, is a 4 legged animal and it has a nose long like a snake, tusks sharp like a sphere, belly wide like a wall, legs like pillar and tail like a rope and it has a hugh ears like a fan. Then the blind men could imagine how the elephant really is.

    Why I said this story is because it is very much what we are trying to do by science today. See only partial truth and conclude on the whole while the whole is something completely different. Hence, we have to accept the scriptures like SB/BG etc that are commented by bonafied aacharyas and accept what is there in it. Faith is something that one has to develop on the scriptures and the Guru who teaches the scriptures. By having strong faith it is said that one can move the mountains (now pls dont ask proof for this.. lol).

    • Hare Krishna Sudheendra prabhu,

      Thanks for clear and nice explaination I heard similar thing from HG Radhagopinath prabhu about the intelligence,strength and lifetime is getting reduced compared to previous times.

      Your Servant


    • Sevak

      Very nicely explained Sudheendra Prabhu Ji.

      Your Servant.

      Hari Bol! 

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    I was hearing one of the lectures by HH Radhanath Swami maharaj couple of days ago and maharaj was mentioning about a atheist who challenged existence of God by saying "If God really exists, let him kill me right now...!!!" and after saying that, he did not die. So he concluded that God does not exist. In this way he went on around the world and made many people believe that there is no God. But after some time, he left his body. So maharaj said, that Krishna has his own plan to execute rather than listening to our demand. Science is proving what is already proved or stated in shastras. Science has not discovered anything on its own that is not there in the scriptures.

    There are many ways how we can see such incidents mentioned in the scriptures. For instance, Vrtausara was killed by cutting off his head that took indra 365 days but we know that one day in devaloka is equal to one year on earth planet. So, by that sense, it could be one day there in Indra loka that took him to cut his head off.

    Krishna says in BG that one has to approach a bona fide spiritual master and hear from him the transcendental message of God. A practicing devotee need to develop faith in the scriptures. We can not go on speculating how things work and how it worked before. Nor do we have time for doing that in Kaliyuga as our life is very shortened. We can not say that we believe only things that we see personally. No. That is not the right way to gain knowledge. Hearing from a bonafide authority is the best source for gaining knowledge. There are many things that we believe which we have not seen in reality. Science says that an atom consists of neutrons, protons, and electrons. But who has seen them really? One may argue that we have microscope which can see such minute things but who has made such an instrument? Its us - humans and it can still be prone to errors. After all, we still have to see into the microscope with this pair of eyes that is still imperfect.

  • Hare Krishna all,



    Sudipta roy prabhu the facts you mentioned are proven scientifically as well, but the events mentioned by siddartha prabhu are not proven and no one has seen it, it is given in scriptures, for believers it becomes truth otherwise myth. Forgive me for any offenses. I even mentioned earlier about some old temples of the world which have no similarity with indian temples and which has different history. Till today I didnt understand or I am not fully confident of the truth, Faith comes from faith, if you are associated with practisioners of particular faith you will develop faith in that philosophy. As per today I am associated with vaishnavas and believe vaishnava philosophy has great acharyas who dedicated their lives to spread the philosophy so I have faith that there must be something great about vaishnava philosophy.I even respect other acharyas and spiritual leaders who tried geniunly to bring us close to the lord inspite of many difficulties.

    Your servant




    your servant


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      yes, scientists can only study but those things are created by some more intelligent One. 

      On the place of being amazed and accept His existence we try to be suspicious about those things which we can not prove. We are so greedy that these wonders are not enough to us.

      Yes, there were different types of Temples. And the word "Indian" is itself is new thing. 

         In Mahabharata says that there were different nationalities that time also. And one of the Kings even divided the Earth planet into different countries so that people with same mentalities live in a separate land from those who have another mentality.

      Just to protect from wars. And for the sake of peaceful existence.


      Who are most of these days  scientists? Drinkers? Drug users? Cheater? They can not be happy because of that they smoke. They eat meat to make happy their tongue.  Why? Because they are not happy. 

      If they are scientists then why to learn the science of being happy???????????????

      Why they die? Why they get old and ugly???????????? Let them solve their own problem first rather then finding fault in God.

      The truth is that me and You also will die soon. We will get old and this body will perish!

      Then again we will take birth staying in a dark womb for 9 months.

      Why should i believe to the words of some so known scientist rather to the words of my Gurudev who can control his senses???????? Who is fully satisfied. Who is always happy. Who is very simple. And his followers who live clean life. 

      Decision is  Yours Aakash Menon Prabhu! Believe to whom You want! It is Your own free will.

      Read all those historical books and see those Temples and waste Your life. Rather than taking to Your hand Srimad Bhagavatam and understand Yourself what Srila Prabhupada wants to say to us.

      Your insignificant and fool servant,  


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    Hare Krishna Siddhartha Prabhuji. Dandavat Pranam. All Glores To Srila Prabhupada

    /*You are as great as SP*/

    Dear Siddhartha prabhu. We should not talk like this. Its an offence to equate a normal person like us with Maha-Bhagavat liberated soul SP. Its an offence to who is saying and the hearer also. So we should refrain from such comment.

    /*well my GK is pretty poor. i only know the 1st & last one. otherwise i wouldnt have asked this question .*/

    Its not a question of GK. The whole point if so many amazing things happens around us which seems inconceiveable to us then where is the difficulty to accept the words of scriptures.All the stalwarts Acharyas has accepted that From Vyasa,Narada,Asita,Kapila to Ramanuja,Madhava,Chaitanya....Srila Prabhupada. They didn't find any difficult with this verses of scriptures.

    They were way more learned than us. You know the amazing fact To learn Sanskrit Grammer of vedic version it takes 12 years. What to puffed up with knowledge We even don't know Sanskrit.

    Faith is first thing in Transendental knowledge. Even when Krishna Saying this verse

    BG 4.1: The Personality of Godhead, Lord Śrī Kṛṣṇa, said: I instructed this imperishable science of yoga to the sun-god, Vivasvān, and Vivasvān instructed it to Manu, the father of mankind, and Manu in turn instructed it to Ikṣvāku.

    It is very diffcult to accept for us That there is really a sun god in the sun. This verse can also become like some kind of Mythology who doesn't have faith in God. Then Krishna's words would be of no meaning to that person. Then where is the question of acceptance of Krishna.  But see

    All the Acharayas from Shankara, Ramanuja ....................Lord Chaitanya all accepted without any doubt.

    So when we are in KC, already accepted Krishna as supreme, Then when Krishna is saying this things and Acharyas are confirming then we must also accept this things. It is not like that we accept this part of scriptures and reject others. We can't able to conceiving doesn't mean things doesn't happens in reality.

    All knowledge to understand things will be revealed to those only who are faithful and humbly serve Krishna,Guru and his devotees.So we have to be patient to understand things.

    We know there is Gravitation, But can scientist show us the object Gravitation itself. We can perceive things which are beyond senses through perception only. And to come to that stage we need to follow devotional process with patience.

    Your Aspiring Servant

    Hari Bol

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