How do you go to Goloka

Hare Krishna!

I Had some Questions regarding Goloka...

1- How does Goloka Look Like and what is there according to the Scriptural Descriptions? 

2- How to go to Goloka? (All the Requirements) 

3- How do I know if I am capable of going to Goloka?

4- What's the difference between Material World and Goloka? (As in what's there in Goloka that Material World doesn't have?)

5- Will I be able to talk to Krishna and Play/dance/etc... with him because there are already Trillions of Souls (Devotees) who are already busy with Krishna

6- What's the Difference Between Vaikuntha Dham, Saket Dham, and Goloka and how far away are they from each other?

7- Once we enter Goloka, is it possible for being able to travel to other spiritual worlds (Just for touring :D)?

8- Can I meet Prabhupada and all the other Gurus in Goloka or will they change out there and would not be able to meet them for some reason (like forgetting me, a materialistic human stuck in Maya)?

I am a Neophyte Rascal, Thus I don't know anything except Chanting, Regulative Principles, Some Stories from Srimad Bhagavatam, and eating Prasadam.

Hare Krishna!

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