• We can only be sure that if we familiarise yourselves with the quality of God & His energies we will become attracted & attached towards Them that is the mission to chant properly & regularly so that our mind can distinguish one energy presence from another.
    We May have arrived hear because of our desire to demonstrate our affections for God & Hi's creation?
    The Good News is now's we have TheWay-In that case we should just chant, serving & shearing the serve w/others, in this way
    There is no separation between hear & there, as other way we are simply serving God & His purposes more-so than simply seeking enjoyable circumstance. In 10,000 years when Krishna is finished demonstrating His opportunity to everyone who will listen an apply Hi's teachings & practices then we can expect to go-home-back to the GodHeads. It doesn't matter where we've been nor where we go, it matters only, that we submit our False Egos to God's services. & through that service Loving attraction & attachment will grow between us & God. It is at that point going Home will become an option! This is my understanding! We are purifying our existence by our associations w/God & His service while attempting to bring ourSelves-into the awareness of Hi's forgiving graceful generous awareness!/As I see it, where ever we are we are externally servants & in that way (alone) we we know bliss & happiness!? Serve God & there is little separation & suffering good luck! Harebolah
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    Hare Krsna,


    If one follows 4 regulative principles and chants 16 rounds of mahamantra attentively, one is sure to go back to Godhead. This we say for sure because this is the promise of pure devotee of God, Srila Prabhupada. To be sure, one has to follow the path and have faith in guru and guru parampara.

    To answer - how do we know we desired for the material stuff and came to earth - again the faith in scriptures. THe important thing is not to know whether we desired waht and came to earth - the important thing is to figure out what is the purpose of life and how to get out of here, to go back to Godhead. Whatever we desired, we landed up here. And this is not the permanent abode - we would not like to stay in this dukhalayam ashashwatam world - therefore, we need to go to a place where there is permanent bliss - that place is the lord's abode - whether Vaikuntha or Goloka. As oer our desire and sadhana, we will attain what we deserve.


    Your servant,

    Radha Rasamayi DD

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    Please read Jaiva Dharma book by Sri Bhakti Vinod Thakur.... it explains about Tatastha Shakti [Marginal potency]

  • Dear Shyamu Prabhu,

    We never left Goloka . One who reaches the spiritual planets after liberation does not comes back. Krishna has made it very clear in Gita.  We have always been here in this material world as the tatastha shakti of Lord with anadi karma . 

    By Sadhana one can go to the spiritual planets. 

  • -From the point of Absolute Truth, transcendental jiva is never touched or contaminated by material nature, and because of that, being just observer, duality such as fall and rise, up and down, cant be applied.

    -In Lord are all temporary material creations as well as His transcendental creations, and because that same Lord resides in everyone, we can conclude that Goloka is in us to.

    -The only difference between "liberated" soul and "conditioned" one is in consciousness.

    -By changing the consciousness, jiva and Lord reunites.




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