How do we know?

I mean no disrespect, but I am wondering, how do we know that the scriptures are true?  How do we know that the Bhagvad Gita and all the other books are not just legends or metaphors but literal truth?  Are there any arecheological findings that provide physical evidence of these texts?  How do we know that these are true and that other books like the Bible or the Quran are false?

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  • First, who says the other books are false?  Srila Prabhupada often said that Jesus was also a guru, and anyone worshipping god will go to god.  He also said that bhakti yoga is best process for this yuga. But that does not make the other books false. (I am a seminary graduate, and have zero faith in the horribly mistranslated, manipulated, and plagerized bible... but that is just me).

    As for 'how do we know?'. Reading authoritative scriptures, hearing from one's guru, doing service, and chanting our rounds will help us feel closer to Krishna. When our spirituality improves through sadhana, we know we are on the right path. You will feel a happiness/bliss/love like you never experienced before.  But "proving" the scriptures to be true, by any empirical means, is not really possilbe.  It comes down to faith eventually. 

  • I am reading Bhagvatam this is composed by Vyasa-deva, In the beginging on time there was No scripture or any book to read. There was nothing (based on science and religion). If you want to believe in the big bang that is also fine, Usually people who are regigious belive that a supreme 'being' created the universe. With our tiny intelligence and mind we cannot understand that a 'person' or being created the universe. So then comes the VEDAS, This is the first book created and later written by Veda Vyasa. In back bygone days people seemed more intelligent they didnt need anything to be written down (there is scientisifc fact for this, maybe just NO TV lol). All other religions are just 'offshoots' on the original Vedas ie Islam, Christinaity etc. You asked how do we know if they are true? It is based on the disicplic sucession of spiritual masters (who are in themselves the 'book vedas'. It is not simply 'books' going around telling you there is a god or a soul. The evidence is the person. Otherwise how did they know about it in the first place? If you are reffering to the original Vedas we have it in the form of Bhagavad-gita and Bhagavatam. It is there for all to read freely. Passed down through generations (millions and billons of years) By word of mouth and by scripture. 

    The main reason for us being in this world is basically ('man+women), we being trained into being devotees of god. We are in fact 78 percent 'God' and can have Gods power like Brahma. Shiva is 84 percent, VIshnu is 92 percent and Krishna is 100percent God. So just see Krishna has given us 78 Percent divinity (He gave birth to us as 'souls'.). This is according to Vaishnavas and Prabhupada. Hare Krishna. Hope that helps. (all my info comes from Bhagavtam)! No speculation!

    • Thank you for your thoughtful reply :)  I am sorry, but I'm confused.  You mean to say that the books are true because there were spiritual masters who copied them down?  How do we know what they were saying is true and not just a legend passed down for generations?

      • Thats for You to see and understand. There is nothing i can say further. Sorry)

  • Hare Krsna , 

    Lord Govinda is glorified by the name The Supreme Absolute Truth. So please believe that false things cannot emanate from him . 

    • Jai jai jai. so true!!! 

      Eternal truth. Sanatana Dharma. Rest all is false only turth is Supreme Lord and all scriptures golorifying Lord are equally sacred and True!

      • 🙏

  • Hare Krsna,  

    I want to tell my experience. When I first started chanting the holy names I had difficulty in continuing finding no pleasure.  Doubts were there as to whether what the scriptures have told is truth or not . Felt bland also . Bored also . But by chanting daily the condition improves.  All the doubts were getting cleared also . Felt longing towards the mantra as well . Started feeling love as well . My love towards the mantra and experiencing the mantra's love towards me . Although I have very loving parents and husband . The love that the mantra offers far excels everything. Its a beautiful experience .

    Having doubts about scriptures is a diseased condition . So please try to chant and you will be cured of that disease .

    All the best 

    Embrace the scriptures 

    Embrace the holy names 

    Embrace Govinda 


    • Thank you for your answer.  :)  So, you mean to say that by having faith and trusting Krishna, I'll see the truth eventually?

      • Yes absolutely correct . 100% true . You will not only believe in scriptures , you will start loving him a lot too . 

        Please chant and see that for yourself . All the Gaudiya acharyas have promised that and many are realizing that everyday because of chanting .

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