If the Krishna is supreme personality then why he allowed so many religions to evolve. If there wouldn't have been different religions then there would have been no fights for religion. I am born Jain. Jainism or Buddhism also have history for past thousands years , also there are very old temples. So please explain there evolution with reference to Krishna consciousness.

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  • HARE KRISHNA Mataji,

    First of all, I must say that Jesus, Muhammad, Mahavira, Buddha were very much devoted to the supreme spirit, Lord Krishna. Jesus addressed himself as the Son of the God, Muhammad addressed himself as the devotee of the spirit. But the followers themselves made the Islam or Cristian. Jesus never said to make a religion, he always said that to share peace. In this contaminated world where there is not the supreme peace, they are unable to identify the supreme. We all Vaisnavas are really happy that we know the real spirit, or it may be said that we have done something very special in the previous life that we were able to have the right mind, that we must not change. We must serve "Shri Shri RadhaKrishna jugal rup", that is the supreme almighty. We are all in a sea where there is few islands of hope. We need ships to reach the islands of hope and happiness, the ships are Vaisnava Pantha (i.e to love Vaisnava, to serve Vaisnava, to worship Vaisnava.) and the captain of the ships are the Prabhus and Swamis and matajis, we must be ready to serve them. Prabhupada taught us to serve Krishna in a delightful way, so that we can find our real life, what we are, who we are, ...

    krishna says, ""Ya me bhakta sa me priya||"" means, that one who loves me, is very dear to me. So we must try to be in the way which Srila Bhaktisidhdhanta Saraswati Goswami Maharaj said. Please request them, please say them to say "HARI BOL" just request them to say "Hare Krishna" once, they will understand the sweetness of Hare Krishna .

    Jai Srila Prabhupad .


    Mataji Hare Krishna, and thank you to ask such a beautiful question which will tell others what is the right way of living.

  • E-Counselor

    Hare Krsna Mataji,


    The lord appears at different times and preaches as per time, place and ciccumstance. As you know, in Srimad Bhagawatam, 24 appearances of the lord are mentioned, out of whihc 10 are major. So our scriptures also say that the lord advents more than once. So what is the problem?

    How many ways are there to reach your house mataji? I am sure, more than one. If there are more than one paths to reach your house, and you are one person in one locality in one city in one country on one earth in one universe, how can there be only one path to reach God?

    As fas as Christianity is concerned, Jesus Christ himself states he is son of God, Prophet Mohammed says He is messenger of God. Buddhism is mentioned in Srimad Bhagawatam itself. Not sure of Jainism - though I heard it originates from Rishabhdev - mentioned in SB.

    Only in Gita the lord says that this knowledge is complete and after knowing this, nothing more needs to be known or understood. Thats why we consider Gita to be complete knowledge. Again in Gita, Krsna says everything emanates from Me. I am God. Nowhere else, in no other scripture it is mentioned like that. Thats why we believe KRsna is God. There are other shastric evidences of course. Telling you in the most simplistic manner.

    For the sake of argument, everyone cannot eat the same food every meal all their life. Human beings want variety. That same way, there are different ways in whihc to approach God or the Science of Self Realisation. The soul has to evolve and will eventually come to this path. Have faith.


    Your servant,

    Radha Rasamayi DD

    • Hari bol. 

      Bahut hi sundar tareke se samjhaya aapne.  [Nice way to explain]

    • Thanks Mataji. You have cleared my doubts. Thank you. Hari bol

      • Hare Krishna

        The answer of mataji is complete but i also want to add in this discussion that vaishnava path is not made for each and every soul.There are some liberties in islam such as eating non veg so a person with that conscience can not become vaishnava and also same in some other religions. 

        But krishna knows it and he loves all jivatmas so he has prescribed different paths to reach him. The one thing he doesn't want is to allow people become absolutely atheists.So as Srila Prabhupada said "If you are a good christian, be a good christian" because prabhupada knows that this path is suitable for that person to reach krishna.

        But with the grace of Sri Krishna, we have so many krishna devotees who were not hindu by birth.So all we need is his mercy.As mataji said the soul will eventually come to this path.

        My main concern is with hindus who are followers of demi-gods and therefore smoke, drink and eats non-veg. May Lord krishna show them the real path.

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