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Dear devotees,

As you all know, Lord Krishna is the Supreme Personality of GodHead and everything in this universe (& other universes) are created & destroyed by His wish. 

My question is, how can any curse affect Lord Krishna ?

Even the war of Kurukshetra happened because of His wish as He wanted to preach the Bhagavad Gita. Gandhari was not even a demi-god. Then how come her curse got implemented thereby destroying the Yadu dynasty ?

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  • Hare Krishna,

    Gandhari, the mother of 100 Kauravas in anger cursed Krishna after the Mahabharat war that since you were responsible for the destruction of the Kuru dynasty and her 100 children she cursed Lord Krishna in retaliation that his Yadu dynasty will meet the same faith and will be destroyed.

    Lord Krishna had appeared in this material world to protect devotees, establish Dharma and vanquish the miscreants in which the Mahabharat War played a significant role in which many soldiers were killed on the battlefield on both sides and only the pious 5 Pandavas survived in the disastrous war and the Supreme Lord's purpose of establishing Dharma and the message of Bhagvad Gita was served by siding the pious Pandavas who were devotees of Krishna. 

    Lord Krishna wanted to fulfill the curse of the grief-stricken Gandhari because throughout her life she remained loyal to her blind husband Dhritarashtra and the second reason as described in the 11th Canto of SrimadBhagvatam was that Lord Krishna wanted to finish his earthly pastimes for which he had appeared on the earthly planet. The Yadus were Lord Krishna's relatives and kinsmen and had appeared with him on the earthly planet to serve in his pastimes. Thus the curse of Gandhari proved to be beneficial for their destruction and at Prabhas tirtha in Gujarat, 36 years after the Mahabharat War, the Yadus fought amongst themselves when they were cursed by a Sage and Lord Krishna also ended his earthly pastimes nearby when he was sitting under a tree and was struck by an arrow on his right thumb by the Jara hunter.

    Regards and Hari Bol


    • Thank you very much, devotee, for the information which you shared with me. I watched the last episode of Mahabharat on Star Plus yesterday evening in which Gandhari curses our Lord and understood why Lord accepted her curse.

      Hare Krishna.
    • Dear devotee,

      Thank You for answering. So, I think this was his Lila. Really, Lord Shri Krishna's Lila is hard to understand.

      Was Gandhari also a devotee of the Supreme ?

      Hare Krishna.

      • hare krishna,

        one reason was also that the yadavas after period of mahabharata were developing adharma in them since under the rule of krishna's reign they hv become very rich and strong and after destruction of mahabharata they were even becoming more and more adharmic by addictiong to alcohal,disrespecting sages,bullying, after mahabharata destruction before the start of new age kaliyuga the whole remains of the last age had to be ended..............we can see that after the onset of kaliyuga whole dharma,mantra,yagya,weapon-science,gurukul all got polluted and lost their originality.............the highly evolved science of that age got all lost after the start of was all god's plan to give a new start to society by destroying all remains of last civilisation which got ill-mannered due to more increasing adharmic practices.......that's why with krishna all mosmories and warrioors and sages with their cedic knowldge went away........mahabharata war was indeed a climax of dwapar yuga and a symbol of future adharmic prevalence in kaliyuga society

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