Hare krishna to everyone....

please accept my humble obeisances... dandavat.

a few days back i was trying to overcome the problem of gossiping. my neighbor and my college friends always gossip about other people... and i try to avoid it very much. but still i cannot stop it. how can i avoid gossiping and stop others from gossiping with me??? i know prajalpa is very bad in our sadhana, and i just want to stop it immediately!!! please help me out with this...

i will be the most thankful, hare krsna...

an insignificant servant,


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  • hare krishna mataji ...!!


    discuss about Krishna and his pastimes when you come in contact with  your college & neighbours

    this will help  u to advance in devotional service

    & it will help them to become pure ......and god knows they may become the servant of lord..




  • hare krishna prabhu


    we can stop prajalpa by simply adopting satsang

    and by asatsang tyag

    hare krishna

    • yes I have had this problem too. the only thing we can do is continue to do our seva and sadhana well. Just be careful what you say to others if it's private don't tell anyone about it. Also be careful of what you do around the temple. It's hard for me to do that here as well in New Vrndavan. I was told to be aware of fault finders in temples. Just be on your guard. Krishna will help you through this. What I do is I usually keep to myself most of the time and only associate with those I can trust fully. Hope this helps.


      Hare Krishna

      your servant

      -Hari Lila Devi Dasi

      • thank you so much all of you for your kind help

        i really appreciate it alot!!!

        please pray to Krsna that i can follow all the tactics to save myself from gossiping...

        i will surely follow them....

        hari bol, dandavat...

  • Prabhuji,


    Its a very serious problem that even i come across.... even im seriously looking to over come it. Please also let me know about any solution that u come across.


    Hare Krishna.

    • Thank you sudha mataji...just read ur comments....


      I'll surely try this... hope it works for me...


      Hare Krishna.


    Hare Krsna Mataji,

    All Glories to Srila Prabhupada

    As you rightly said gossiping is bad for sadhana. We should avoid association of Non devotees. So once you start talking about your spritual activities, chanting uninterested friends will be weeded out. They will no longer want to associate. Even if you are dragged into gossip then do not contribute to gossip. Just be physically present while make the mind think of Krsna and start chanting Mahamantra softly. This is my tested formula. The moment they come for Gossip I start chanting and the gossipers move away magically. While cooking etc keep listening to lectures of HDG Srila Prabhupada. Mind will be engrossed in analysing the discussions that you heard even while gossipers keep blabbering. Keep your self busy with chanting, reading and associating with devotees.

    Hope this helps


    Hare Krsna

    Sudha Mehta

    From Bosnia


    • You are right Mataji.

  • hare krishna!

    please accept my humble obesciences!

    all glories to srila prabhupada and guru maharaj!

    This is quite a practical problem that all devotees face in the beginning stages....However the ways to eliminate this anartha is not posible overnite....but only thru months of sheer sadhna..we must ensure that we hear more, more krsna katha..more lectures...more chanting of the holy names...gradually this will become our gossip which is favourable...anartha nivritti...taste only prasadam...dats olso imp...hope these things help u..n hope i cud serve u pleasingly...

    your servant,

    amarnath das

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