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    Radhanath Swami Maharaj once said, a forest fire is started when the wind blows, tress of branches rub against each other, the rubbing barks create sparks which turns into a huge fire. Now whom to blame for creating the fire? No one. Do not even try to find cause. It is hopeless.

    What was in our karma has happened. One cannot anything about it no matter how much we think. This is our material body, and as per our previous activities we have bourne our fruit.

    See them now as good fortunes because those incidents will always remind you that everything in this world is temporary and that we have no control on it. All we can do is submit all our activities to Krsna.

    Hope that helps.

    P.S. Do think about thyroid as a possibility. It is true... I know since I had it :)

  • Hare Krishna Only and only Chanting Mahamantra with full concentration and by seva, you may try to over come this. However we cannot change our past no one can, but focusing your mind and consciousnesses will get you self confidence.

    Hare Krishna.

  • hare krishna n dandvat pranams

    dere is no need to be depressed about the deeds of one's past remember one thing what has been done can't be undone n whatever has been done dat was as per the wish of almighty krishna so don't broode over d past n try to analyse ur own follies which i believe everyone has got d capacity by d grace of krishna.every misdeed shall be converted into good deeds gradualy by continuous chanting n leaving every other things to krishna.normally people get depressed due to d uncertainities of d future dere r rare cases of depression under d shadow of past deeds just start a fresh honestly doin goods to all who come in contact and try to remember krishna before doin anything to will immidiately feel very light n carefree since u woud be doin everything under the supreme guidance of krishna .

    hre krishna

    dandvat pranams

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    Hare Krishna dear Devotees, please accept my humble obeisances! all glories to Srila Prabhupada!

    To regret about bad things which we have done is good. But not so good if we over regret. We have to know that Lord Patita Pavana is very merciful. It is true that we are fools and did all kind of foolish deeds but He can nullify them by His mercy.


    When we accept ourselves as an insignificant then gossip of other people about us won't disturb us.

    It is like this: "i am insignificant. Whatever they think of me is true or even a compliment". But when we think about  ourselves  as we are some kind of princess then problems will come.


    Let them spread anything they want! i do not care! i will just wish them only good things! Let them be really happy! I will do my japa and please Krishna and His Devotees and everything will be all right!

    We can not please everyone every time! But we can try to please Krishna always! And it is the perfection of life.

    Your servant, 

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    Hare Krsna

    humble obeisances

    Please hear this lecture , it will help u.. a lot..


    • thanx to all of u..dandavats..hari bol

    • hare krsna to all..thanku so much for ur valuable suggestions ..ill try harder..anand patel prabhuji and matajis

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