Hare Krishna, dear devotees! I am Prahlad-Nrisimha dasi from Perm. Russia. I saw the video on youtube The Making of Hare Krishna Flash Mob and was inspired to do the same in Russia. Actually some devotees are doing in Russia similar things. But the question arose at some devotees if it is autoritative activity... If Srila Prabhupada approved it... They are siting S.Prabhupada where he daid that devotees should not look like street dancers and try to please public but reveal only devotion and purity. (Srila Prabhupada's letter to Tamal Krishna Goswami, 30.10.1969) But in the Harinama Newsletter of His Holiness Janananda Gosvami there is a recommendation there to arrange Holy Name concert for public in different styles. So please, how can I tell, prove to some devotees that Hare Krishna flash mob is a good initiative

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  • "By hook or by crook" the mission is to attract the hearts & minds of all! This evolution is Accualy much like Sri Chaytonya's ministry method. Being attractive is the root of (KC) & well documented as a "pleasure Pastimes of Krishna & doing that which is pleasing to KRISHNA & we've already won for with & pleasing to KRISHNA is both exciting & fun.*
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