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      Hare Krishna Sarvopama Dasa ACBSP Prabhu,

      Very nice quote Prabhu.

      Especially for the western perspective.


    • Jai Shri Krishna..


      G.B. Shaw surely was a liberated soul.. that was beautiful!

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        Bernard Shaw was a good man and a good writer. I wouldnt go about calling him liberated soul.


        To be liberated, one must take One of Lord's primary Names like Krishna, Govinda, Gopala, Rama, Narayana etc, at the time of death. If you mean, he was a liberated soul in the body, then it is definitely not correct, because he would have been teaching God consciousness, which GB Shaw did not dedicate his life to, unlike Jesus.

        If you meant to say that GB Shaw was just a good person, my reply doesnt apply and you can ignore it.

        Hare Krishna


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    Dear Abhinav Prabhu,


    The problem that you are facing is also faced by most devotees in the World in this Kali-Yuga

    unfortunately. His Divine Grace, Srila Prabhupada gave some explanations on vedic instructions

    given for animal sacrifice when explaining Narada Muni's meeting with a hunter who later stopped

    killing animals.


    There are always animal killers and animal eaters in human society because less civilized people are accustomed to eating meat. In Vediccivilization, meat-eaters are advised to kill an animal for the goddess
    Kali or a similar demigod. This is in order not to give the animal
    unnecessary pain, as slaughterhouses do. In the balidana
    sacrifice to a demigod, it is recommended to cut the throat of an animal
    with one slice. This should be done on a dark-moon night, and the
    painful noises expressed by the animal at the time of being slaughtered
    are not to be heard by anyone. There are also many other restrictions.
    Slaughter is only allowed once a month, and the killer of the animal has
    to suffer similar pains in his next life. At the present moment,
    so-called civilized men do not sacrifice animals to a deity in a
    religious or ritualistic way. They openly kill animals daily by the
    thousands for no purpose other than the satisfaction of the tongue.
    Because of this the entire world is suffering in so many ways.
    Politicians are unnecessarily declaring war, and, according to the
    stringent laws of material nature, massacres are taking place between


    As you have seen in the explanation above, even this sacrifice is very risky as the soul of the person who has done the sacrifices is accumulating sins and suffer similar pains in his next life.

    It is also mentioned that such sacrifices are not recommended in Kali-Yuga as explained below. 


    “In the Vedic literature there are numerous prescription of sacrifice. Andin some of the sacrifices animal sacrifice is also recommended. So that
    animal sacrifice does not mean to kill the animal. Animal sacrifice
    means to prove the strength of Vedic hymns so that one old animal is put
    into the fire and he's given again a new life, renewed life, just to
    show the potency of the hymns, Vedic hymns. But in this age, Kali-yuga,
    those sacrifices are forbidden." (Shrila Prabhupada, Lecture, 700416LE.LA)


    Obviously, as other prabhus have mentioned, you will have to be tolerant and patient.

    Your friends may still not accept your explanations however convincing you may be.

    You may advise them to observe the difference in controlling their own senses by suggesting

    that they do not eat meat for some time (eg a few days/weeks).


    His Divine Grace Srila Prabhupada mentioned that after meat eating and/or intoxication,

    the next stage would be illicit sex. (real or through masturbation). If your friends are

    honest, they will admit this effect.


    As also mentioned, if these friends are still not inclined to change their behaviour,

    then you need to leave their association or else risk falling down unless you have

    other devotee friends who will help you keep on the right path.  

    A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada
    Description of Shrila Prabhupada
  • Just tell them you dont have to leave any thing just add krishna to your life by chanting hare krishna every day for a fixed number of times chodne ke badle krishna ko jodo . .. Soon they will not leave meat meat will leave them ...

    • Good one prabhu.  A senior devotee who gave a Bg lecture recently also said something similar.  How true this is!


    • "Soon they will not leave meat meat will leave them ..."

      awesome thought...

      Good to hear about Krishna ko jodo

      Nice one prabhuji

  • hare krishna ! we cannot stop a person from meat eating bcoz all person are fallen soul ...and unless and untill they dont know about supereme lord, dont know basic rules of knowing the spirit soul they wont accept anything u say or scriptures do...demi gods like kali ma bheru etc are a temporary solution for their problem which in return u get very bad things try to first make them understand about spirit soul than tell similarities of human and animals...then they may understand .....hare krishna ur servant srinivas

  • Hare Krishna Prabhuji and mataji

    PAMHO n Dandavats

    All Glories To Srila Prabhupada

    On this topic i wud like say that cover of Maya can only tearable with the help of Krishna. It's very good tht ur compassionate about others also, that causes u to question.

    Try to give them more and more Prasadam(offered to lord) arrange feast,and on that occasion play "Prabhupada Kirtan Dhun". Try to convince then to chant. While that tell them to avoid Meat eating. Don't try to convince them our Philosophy. Try to give them more and more Prasadam(so many tasty dishes are available in Vaishnava Food book) it will give them Sukriti.

    and try to tell them about Higher Taste. Once they get Higher taste they will automatically stop eating meat.

    I know process is not simple to act, but pray lord to make it simple.

    Plz tell me my mistakes Prabhus and Matajis, coz I'm most fallen and conditioned soul i'm not at all eligible to answer these que. but this conditioned soul tried to give answer. plz forgive my mistakes.

    Your Aspiring Servent,


    Hare Krishna.

  • Hari Krishna


    You cannot convince anyone. Just bring them to temple, give them khichdi prasad. they need to be transformed slowly. KC may be a slow process, but it is a sure shot process. Let them dance, sing enjoy. Introduce them to chanting. And then see the results.


    amit savarkar

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