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    Nothing can be thrust on anyone. Each individual in this world is unique and considers what he does is right. It is an evolution process through which each individual becomes refined and pure. Some do it through their mistakes as learning process, some heed to the advice of the fellow human beings. If any one visits the slaughter-house and feels the pain these hapless beings are subjected to, will leave meat eating voluntarily. However, those who do not, they learn the hard way. Anyway after a certain age, doctors do suggest that meat eating may not be good for their health and then they are forced to leave this habit. However, taking non-veg should not be a taboo. For many TB patients, even for Indian widows, it is suggested by doctors to take non-veg for early recovery. What is required is purity of soul and body. However, to attain this state, mind is to be cleared from all attachments to tastes and greed, for  which taking non-veg (which is a form of greed), is suggested to be given up.


    S Sen, Baroda.

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      Hare Krsna p,


      read 5th canto bhagvatam for them.. they wont eat meat after that..





    Formerly  Animal Sacrifice used to do by pure Brahman for the cause of uplifting them. It would earlier because Brahman was so pure and they had power to elevate a soul. But in kaliyuga  there is no one Brahman is so pure.  Nowadays people do this thing to satisfy their senses(taste satisfaction) that’s why they eat it and enjoy it but earlier days it was not enjoyed by people. Second thing Brahman used to select that either this animal is able for sacrifice or not but nowadays general people decide this. So whole thing is different , it is a just slaughtering of innocence animal on the name of so called religion like offering for kalimata etc. One more thing you can aware them that if they will eat nonveg they also have to take birth as animal in next life because it is the law of nature that is mention in Vedas.

  • Self discovery begins with bhoga and ends with tyaga. So, as long as the bhoga stage remains, nobody will listen to any reasoning, they will go by their own logic. Hence, it is futile to preach to these persons what is good or what is bad. Once this Bhoga stage is over, automatically people will go for tyaga, when one learns by himself how to sacrifice such lust for worldly things.

    Hare Krishna.

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      Mention to your friend that Krishna says in BG that He is the "Seed giving Father of All living entities" so this means that we need to look after animals as they are also children of God just like us.  We wouldn't kill and eat our siblings if they couldn't talk would we? Likewise we need to apply the same mind set to animals.  Give your friends lots of prasadam and ask them to chant at least one round daily.  There will be a change, may be slow but it will surely happen in time. 

  • Hare Krsna Abhinav prabhu,
    Dandavat Pranaam.
    You need not try to convince your friends. Just keep on give them Krsna prasaddam. Because no matter how much we try to convince someone, Krsna has given everyone their free will. So better, give them Krsna prasaddam & if they are anti-KC then you need not even tell them it's Krsna prasaddam. Just give them sweets that are offered to Krsna. Slowly things would change.
    Hope I didn't disappointed you.

    Your Servant,
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