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hare krishna.

srila prabhupada studied in college, runs his family by working in pharmacy but i didnt heard srila prabhupada that he learnt sanskrit from any sanskrit school. please help me solve my confusion about how did srila prabhupada learnt sanskrit and from where.

yours servant,


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He learnt from his guru. In Indian all saints and Brahmans they know Sanskrit very well. They are very fluent in writing, speaking and understanding Sanskrit . Sanskrit language is the most beautiful language.
Hare Krishna. Bhaktivendanta srila prabhupada ki jai.

hare krishna.

but according to avaya charan movie srila prabhupada did not get much chance to meet his spritual master. so how was it possible. i am also from bharat barsh but most of the people nowadays do not know sanskrit. school curriculum is also not like that way? please clear my confusion.

Srila prabhu pada learnt in his childhood time.
Hari bol
I think in state board is not there. But Sanskrit teaching is there in CBSE. I am from CBSE board. Well all Indian priests and saints they know Sanskrit very well.

It say Prabhupada himself in an interview

Prof. Gombrich: Yes. But did you yourself study Sanskrit at Vṛndāvana or...?

Prabhupāda: No. We had studied Sanskrit in school, colleges. In our time, Sanskrit was compulsory. In our days. Nowadays, I don't think so...

Indian man: I, I also had compulsory up to...

Prabhupāda: Sanskrit compulsory, and additional there was Sanskrit. So I took both, compulsory and additional.

Prof. Gombrich: I see.

Prabhupāda: Up to my I.A., I regularly studied Sanskrit, and in my B.A., I gave up Sanskrit. I read history. (laughs) No. Not in B.A. B.A., my combination was economics and philosophy. In I.A., I.A. was intermediate. I.A. I had history and Sanskrit.

(Interview at Macmillan with various English Reporters and Professor Gombrich), 730912IV-LONDON - September 12, 1973 )


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