Once, in a village, there was a thief. He wantd to bcme the richest person in the world. But not by doing hard work. He prefered to steal.One day he decided to loot a temple coz he had once heard dat there is a lot of money in the donation box of that temple. But wen he entered the temple, a Maharaj was giving lecture. He thought of pretending to be a devotee and follow the lecture. And thn wen all devotees are gone, he will thn be able to loot.After abt half an hour, he heard the Maharaj sayng:"KRISHNA IS THE RICHEST ONE"On hearing this, the thief thought that if Krishna is the richest one, thn by looting Him, he will bcme the richest person in the world. Thus he dropped the idea of looting the temple.All of a sudden he jumped and shoutd wid enthousiasm:"WHERE CAN I FIND KRISHNA????"Everyone was wonderng who is that devotee, so excited to meet Krishna.The Maharaj thn told him:"Krishna is in Vrindavana."The thief thn said:"Where is VRINDAVANA found?"He was thn told to go straight North and thn turn East.Without losing a moment, he went to Vrindavana.Once there, he started looking for Krishna with great enthousiasm.But he did not find Him.He thn asked a passerby:"Where can I find KRISHNA???"He was thn told dat Krishna is in Govardhan Mountain.With great eagerness, he ran around Govardhan, shoutng:"KRIIISHNAAAA!!!! KRIIISHNAAAA!!!! WHERE ARE U??". Many devotees doing parikrama were wondering who is this advanced devotee, so eager to meet Krishna.Thn the thief asked a devotee:"Where can I find Krishna??"He was told to visit all holy places where Krishna had His pastimes.Ryt away, he went to all holy places by continuously shoutng:"KRIIIISHNAAA!!!! KRIIISHNAAA!!! WHERE ARE U??"It was thn that Lord Krishna appeared in front of the thief.Krishna told him:"I AM KRISHNA. TELL ME. WAT D U WANT?"But seeing Krishna's beauty, the thief remained dumbfounded.Krishna thn said:"I KNOW WHAT U WANT. U WANT TO LOOT ME, RYT? OK, I'LL GIVE U ALL MY ORNAMENTS AND OTHER PRECIOUS THINGS"But instead of accptng, the thief said:"No, my Lord. I did want to loot U. But nw that I hve got Ur darshana, I dnt want anythng else. I just want to be Ur devotee n serve U eternally. Plzz, dnt give me those jewels. They look better wid U."Lord Krishna said:"Amen!"Thus, the thief became a great devotee of Lord Krishna and served Him eternally.ALL GLORIES TO LORD KRISHNA!!!!!!!!!!Hare Krishna Hare Krishna Krishna Krishna Hare Hare Hare Rama HAre Rama Rama Rama Hare Hare

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