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    by our own example. if we are strictly following the 4 regulative principles and chanting 16 rounds every day, any one who sees you will be attracted towards KC.


    recently I was talking to one of the very senior grahastha in Bangalore - Sri Sri Lakshmi Narashima temple, he said we should NEVER preach in the mood of a preacher that I know better then you. if we do so, we may defeat the other person by the philosophy but there will be no transformation. always take the humble position.

  • hare krishna


    yes as told by prabhu we should be humble and kind and serve them verynicely so that by seeing our service and humbless they will automatically comes in our way.



    with best krishna conscious wishes


  • i understand first we should become Krishna conscious then rest will be taken care by krishna.
  • The Best Way is Sanghchatvam , Association i feel , There are lot of Myth about Krisna which has to be removed .


    Rest Best way is by Sankirtan Movement and as a Vaishnav behave and act then we make People aware , but we require quality then quantity

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