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    Material life means being in material world and it is branded as Dhukalayam-Ashwashtam meaning A place which is full of misery and temporary. So having any hope of better material life itself looks stupid idea then what to speak of hope against hope????

    On the other hand, Spritual life is transcendental. It is beyond the 3 modes and what ever you do as a DS, is permanent. During my early days in KC, I was given this example which would give me hope against hope in devotional service.

    In this life when we were born, we did not knew how to speak, how to walk, how to read/write, etc... We learned everything from scratch. After this life, some how due to our material attachemnt we are reborn as a human (very rear) we have to do all the once again. like we have to start learning A B C D and 123... etc...

    While when it comes to DS, if we complete only 50% of what is expected, we will start from 51% in our next life. That is called Hope against hope.


    This does not go on to say that we should stop what we are doing, but due to some circumstance, if some time in our life we fail to continue or at the time of death we could not remember Lord and have to take birth again, then you will have all the credits of this life and lord makes necessary arrangement for us to go back ASAP.


    Another point of view I can look at here is that the duration of our stay in material world may be millions or trillions of years and it may appear to be very long duration. But in the spritual world, it is just a flash of a moment. You can say its like a blink of a eye in spritual world. with in that time, we come here try to enjoy and get frustrated and go back and surrender to Krishna. When we remember this, it gives us hope against hope in DS.


    Hare Krishna.

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      What is DS coul d u plz clarify

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        DS - Devotional Service

        KC - Krishna Concessions

        SP - Srila Prabhupaada

    • Very nice explanation.
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