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Spiritual Quest


Hare Krishna to All dear Devotees of Lord Sri Krishna.

Please accept my prayer for your good health and bright spiritual future.

We are very glad to inform you that we started our new website "Spiritual Quest" for the pleasure of devotees.

Please visit : Spiritual Quest

Krishna willing, we will be able to add more blogs (Hindi/English) full of practical instructions one need in practicing his/her daily spiritual life.

Here we will have,

and many more things...

Please, we need more devotees to join our team for many services like translation, books, ppt etc. For more info please read, 

Please do suggest if you have any in regard to Website.


Please visit : Spiritual Quest

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the site is not opening since 12th march 2011

Hare Krishna Prabhuji,




There might be some thing wrong but as far as site is concern, i'm getting everyday more than 50 visitors and having comments by them on blogs + chat too.


Please try again,


And if you still have any problem than let me know...


Thanks you very much prabhu for informing.



 Read more : Spiritual Quest


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