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I want to help my family members financially, because my earnings are just enough to fulfill my needs.Because I am in good position and they think I am earning a lot and keeping it for myself. The fact is, I am earning good but I have expenses that are unavoidable (no luxuries) and at the end I am left with nothing. I tried to explain them the situation but they dont believe me and think that Iam hypocrite who speaks about god but does nothing for family and relatives, but krishna knows the fact.


Eventhough I leave this to krishna, but sometimes hurt a lot when your own family critize you for not being helpful. How can I overcome this situation where I am forced to become guilty for all which I not doing. I pray krishna to give me strength to fight against all odds and become nice servant of devotees. Any suggestions are welcomed.


your aspiring servant


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  • Hare Krishna,

    Firstly know that money is just energy it flows not take money too flows automatically to people who desire it ...Rent is a problem I guess 40% going there..why dont you get more room it would be 20% for much as you can divide and while transporting use cheaper modes of public transport...When it comes to Food...Buy from stores where there are offers and ..then give the rest to your family..Remember a man with an empty pocket is far happier as compared to one with a filled pocket..A rich man finds ways to spend money ending up to spend on unnecessary demonic sense gratification case you can buy a piece of jewellery for  Radha Rani or buy some nice dry fruits for Radha Rani and Krishna if u have deity at home..Do these small offerings for God...give away the rest to your family...think that am clearing off my burden of managing money...give it away and see more coming to you..Hari Bol not too intelligent honestly ..but hope this would help 

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    Hare Krishna dear Devotees, please accept my humble obeisances! All glories to Srila Prabhupada!

    Rahul Banerjee Prabhu is correct. Your situation is not out of this world. Meaning such like problem is there in every family. 

    Such like problems appear when we do not use money properly. What does it mean to use money properly?

    In Srimad Bhagavatam in 8th Canto Gurudev of Demons Shukracharya says that one's money should be divided into several parts:

    SB 8.19.37: Therefore one who is in full knowledge should divide his accumulated wealth in five parts — for religion, for reputation, for opulence, for sense gratification and for the maintenance of his family members. Such a person is happy in this world and in the next.


    The śāstras enjoin that if one has money one should divide all that he has accumulated into five divisions — one part for religion, one part for reputation, one part for opulence, one part for sense gratification and one part to maintain the members of his family. At the present, however, because people are bereft of all knowledge, they spend all their money for the satisfaction of their family. ŚrīlaRūpa Gosvāmī taught us by his own example by using fifty percent of his accumulated wealth for Kṛṣṇa, twenty-five percent for his own self, and twenty-five percent for the members of his family. One's main purpose should be to advance in Kṛṣṇa consciousness. This will include dharmaartha and kāma. However, because one's family members expect some profit, one should also satisfy them by giving them a portion of one's accumulated wealth. This is a śāstric injunction.

    It is so nice that You have desire to take care of Your family members.

    To live only for one's own self is not so good. Our life we should live as a sacrifice. 

    As like a mother: she prefers to be hungry but feed her child rather than feeding her own stomach. This is a responsible life. 

    We think that these days money is not enough no matter how much we earn. For example, my mom used to earn 200$ per months working as a doctor in government job. And she used to think that money is not enough. She could not save money, all money used to go somewhere ...somehow. Then she changed her job and started to get 800$ even though money was not enough...

    In this way money never will be enough until we do not spend it correctly. 

    Correctly meaning in the service of Krishna. 

    Your servant, 



    • Hare krishna Mataji,



       How can I spend money in the way you mentioned into five parts.In my earnings after tax say I get 100%,

      40% goes for rent,10%goes for transport,6% goes for PF,8%goes for telephone&internet,10%water,gas,electricity,20% food and maintenence,I send some money to parents eventhough they have more than sufficient on their demand, If something remains I am saving that to buy my own house. I dont live in luxuries place I live in normal unit house even then most of the money goes for rent. Never go out to restaurant or picnic spots and dont have any bad habits.I used to spend 10% to serve temple but have stop serving as my earnings gone down. I know I sound very self centred but I want to keep my family and parents happy as they have expectations from me.I feel guilty of not using lakshmi in krishnas service, but I know krishna understands every situation, where as my family and parents don't.

      Your servant

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        then there is need for stopping for a while and thinking for what we are working and doing all these things. If by earning money we are not able to maintain our family then what is the use of such like a job? 

        Man's duty is to maintain the family and female's duty is to take care of inner sides of the house. 

        If we can not donate to Krishna something, if we eat non healthy food or junk food, if we do not sleep enough and take enough rest, if we do not have time to chant our rounds properly, if we can not help to our dependents them what is the use of such like a job? 

        I do not know, i am not expert in earning money but if human life is meant for sacrifice and if we are not doing that then what is the use of such like a life?

        Plus we may ruin our own health and spend huge amount of money for that...


        In other sides if parents also are not satisfied and because of that ask more than required then it is their own fault. 

        In His lecture Radhanath Swami says that son's main duty is not that of maintaining gross body of parents but to give them the top most thing shelter of the lotus of Krishna. 

        As like Lord Kapila dev did. He instructed His mother in Spiritual science and left her. And she also did not demand him to maintain her body. But she also started to do austerities by maintaining her body only with whatever comes from nature. 

        In this way the best thing is to try to make them Devotees. 

        And in vanaprastha stage usually parents voluntarily leave their family into secluded places in order to disturb youngsters and practice austerity. And when husband excepts sannyasa wife comes back home and again not for enjoying family life but for continuing her austerity but at home. 

        Your servant, 

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