• Hare Krishna Radha Krishna prabhu!

    You have posted an important questions. In order to understand Bhagavad Gita we need to get explanation from exalted devotees of Krishna. Sometimes, just reading the verses may not make sense although every verse is meaningful and there is scope of thinking that Krishna said something wrong. Let's read the text again: 

    O son of Kuntī, I am the taste of water, the light of the sun and the moon, the syllable oḿ in the Vedic mantras; I am the sound in ether and ability in man. (B.G. 7.8)

    1. Taste of water: it has scientifically proven that water doesn't have any taste. However, water is the main ingredient of any taste you can think of. If you take water out from honey, there will be no taste, if you dry up completely a juicy fruit there will be no taste. Do you see now why Krishna said He was the taste of water? By the way, about 75% of human body is water only

    2. Light of the moon: It is right that the moon gets light from Sun and the origin of Sunlight is Krishna i.e.,  the brahmajyoti emanates from Krishna. From scientific studies it is evident that juice of fruits depend on the moonlight only not the sunlight. Only sunlight can't help produce juicy fruits. Now you see the difference between sunlight and moonlight. Both are lights, but different outcomes. Can you see now why Krishna said that He was the light of moon? 

    It is very good that your friend in inquisitive. Lord Krishna likes people who ask question about Him. 

    Your insignificant servant,


  • I perceive sunlight as warm and bright and moonlight as soothing and cool. For me, there is a difference. And hence I can see that Krishna is saying about the sunlight and moonlight. There is no problem in differentiating between sunlight and moonlight. Your friend can consider that. Pls ask him to understand the underlying essence of the words which Krishna spoke. Not everything can be taken literally and thought about in scientific terms :)

    Bhagavad Gita is as deep as ocean and as vast as the sky.



  • E-Counselor

    Hare KRsna Prabhuji,


    Let me begin by saying that your friend seems to be believing more on scientists than on scriptures, like most of us. The problem is that scientists version keep getting updated, whereas the scriptures are timeless and do not need updation. Have you ever seen a new updated version of Vedas, or Srimad Bhagawatam or Gita? Whereas the scientists say one thing today, the rank opposite the next day. Earlier belief was that the Earth is the centre, now the belief is that Sun is the centre. Tomorrow it could be something else, who knows.

    Now coming to the point in discussion - I am the taste of water. I dont think there is any dispute in this. The light of sun and moon - here he is disputing that sun has its own light and moon reflects that light. I can answer in two ways - advanced devotees feel that the moon has not yet been discovered by scientists, the moon they say is something else. If that is the case, then moon can have its own light. then this statement is all right?

    Now if we think that the moon we know is the correct  moon, then also what is the problem? The benefits of sunlight everyone knows, it is said that the benefit of moonlight is that it provides sweetness to fruits and vegetables. Even scientists agree that sunlight and moonlight both are required for sustenance on Earth. So effectively Krsna is saying, I am the light of sun and I am the reflection of the light of sun. So effectively the sun is able to reflect its light on moon because of the Supreme Lord? How many of us have the power to reflect light? We dont na - therefore that is also a quality. So whats the problem?

    Lastly, I agree with Dishant prabhu - pls lets not use words like rascal simply because someone does not accept our version. He is inquiring - we are giving answers. If we are pure in our sadhana, then and only then our words will reach his heart and he will understand. Even if he rejects, its ok - he is better than millions of Indians who have rejected our scriptures without even reading them, atleast he is reading for himself and rejecting.

    If you are not able to convince him still, then you can suggest to him that you park this question for now - we will ask in a lecture to a senior devotee. Move ahead and read the rest - you can say that noone can understand or accept everything at one go - just read once and then decide.


    Your servant,


    • The scriptures...all scriptures in fact have a very unique quality to them. They can be very self referenced....but who is that self that references it? it goes very deep and can be understood on so, so, so many levels. Literal levels, metaphysical levels, self levels. Sometimes someone has to be at a certain point to understand what is written in a certain light. Kind of like.....the words of Christ. Unless you are at the same conscious state of mind in which the words were said how can one expect to understand them at that very same level? Faith to climb the mountain of understanding, then once understood, there can still be another mountain to climb, but we can only see it from where we are at, at that moment in time.....i hope my explanation made some sense at all. I think Rashmi is extremely intelligent regarding her spiritual practice and understanding. I dont think ive complimented you enough Rashmi, and I know you will simply be humble about it anyway lol. But I like and respect your posts quite a bit. Thank you Rashmi....the correct term is Mataji for a female devotee correct?

      Reflection is seen in many scriptures, some Buddhists I have heard it referred to as mirror wisdom. Two mirrors face one another. Both are divine. One is crystal clear. The other has some dirt on some areas of it. What happens through our practices when we clear the dirt off of our mirror? What then are we reflecting. Anyway, excellent posts. Thanks Mataji...if thats the right term. I always enjoy reading your responses.

  • Hi  Prabhuji 

    Hare krishna .

    if we accept Krishna is Master of Everything (Whole our Universe and all other unknown universes ) . 

    now considering the Verse . - I am the taste of water, the light of the sun and the moon .- we all know Water has not taste . still Merciful God says that . as we all know nothing in this universe is not part of Krishna . he is every where and with in everyone. so He is there in illusion that Moon Created using SUN. after all he is the creator of MOON and attached it Moon. he is at the Core of every entity of this universe and all other universes. he is there in Water , SUN and MOON. to understand basic core meaning of this . we all know SUN And MOON are Helpful in providing Light . and water Quenches the thrist of every living entity on this earth. by this verse lord trying to say .what ever is there on this universe i am part of it . let it be in term of material or illusion it is created by me.... 

    i hope i have answered the question . and please dont use word like Rascal for him may God give him senses and one day he can understand true form of our beloved lord.

    hare krishna.

    Krishna's Servant.

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