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Help please! I need krishna in my everyday life.

Hare krishna !
Please accept my humble obeisances , all glories to Srila Prabhupada.

Dear and highly aprecciated and respected devotees , I'm Mario and I am 14 years old.
I wish someone would please help me with this dilemma being presented to me:
I go to highschool and love krishna very very much (I follow the 4 regulatory principles and other rules of Vaisnava etiquette ) , and I went to krishna center of Mexico City , where I recommended tilak always look and let me grow a small sikha .
I accepted with great pleasure that recommendation and let me grow a small sikha and went everywhere with my forehead decorated with tilak .
At my school they prohibited me put tilak on my forehead and forced me to cut my sikha and carry books about Krishna to read in my free time. They not allow my japa beads, even if I don´t use it.
What should I do , since I spend many hours in school and do not want to waste any time or spiritual advancement dedicated to krishna ? Really makes me very sad that I have banned in school all connection with things that have to do with krishna, and tried to reach an agreement and do something , but was unsuccessful . Any recommendations ?

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Thank you very much!!

I`m doing japa with my fingers in my rest, and the school is ok. I really appreciate your comment and your worry, don´t be worried, because i won!!! Whatever happens, all we have god in our heart and I love Him without any doubt!!!!!

Hare krishna



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