• The more you gamble, the more Krishna will gamble with your life. For He is the greatest gambler!

  • Prabhu gambling is nothing but cheating. You will never win money, you will only loose by getting cheated. And even if you gain money by cheating others in the gamble you will not get a good consciousness over that money. Only money that is earned honestly can give peace of mind.

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  • Hare Krishna,

    No one can help you but you  yourself can. If you have will power to come out of it you can do it. ( to leave any habit you have to be strict to urself for 21 days).. 

    One kid was hugging a tree and shouting help me help me!. ... I want to get released from this tree.  But who is actually holding it? is it the fault of the tree or the boy? It seems you are quite matured person you have seen the world. Esp. those who have seen a casino they know how the world is like.  You know now what is good and what is bad also. If not you wont come here and ask help. You know it urself that this is something bad then whats the issue in not leaving it?

    Casino is an addiction. Addiction for getting rich overnight without doing hard work.  I can understand that only from this addiction.  Basically lazy to do hard work to earn living. eh?

    + Greediness to become rich.

    our lives should be simple and a simple person doesn't need big car  he can manage with a cycle. A simple person need not have a iphone.. he can manage by simple android phone also. A simple person need not have a big house. He can live in a small rented home or even a hut also happily. simple person need not have 5 course meal 3 times a days he can even be happy with a some roti and dal also. Simple person need not wear so much jewelly to maintain in society. 

    When we cut down our need and demands we can become satisfied with whatever we have and for earning a daily bread it does't requrie you to go and gamble.  Even a begger can be proud and respectable sin free.   If a begger is able to live , why can't you live with small job working doing hard work or labour job also is fine. but not gambling. In this gambling ultimately you are going to get sins.

    How I will tell you. Addiction is like this. you see some wins when you play.... and you think you can get more money so easily within few minutes will bring all that you have .......put into gambling. invest everything lose every thing eventually, then you will opt to drinking in sadness and depression.. anger, frustration...will araise.. faliure and dissappointment.... that you became a pauper.. then finally you will robbing people doing other illegal activities to find money for investing in play gamble again.... . This is endless cycle of sins adding one after another. You know better right? You have much more live experience .. you can see people playing there in casino with the intention of becoming rich.. then finally become paupers. meanwhile you kidney and liver damaged.. because too much drinking and pressures.  Health gone.. You will be put in hospital.. No one to take care as there is no money for paying the bills of hospital. Your entire life is lost because of this gambling.

    Sanskaar lost, wealth lost, health lost all you got is a list of sins added to your karma bank balance. For which you will have to keep taking births to clear this back log. It is never ending cycle.

    Beggar is far better then you. He is atleast not making new sins. 

    A simple labourer is who on other hand is working day and night living with whatever he gets offering a bit of it to Lord Sri Krishna and sharing the food with family eating limited, less tensioned live. . living peacefully and doing bhakti.. no health issues as no over eating or under-eating.. contended life. doesn't crave for show off. Simple living and high thinking!!!!

    Hare Krishna.

  • E-Counselor

     Hare Krsna Prabhuji,


    I saw your profile - you are very much in India only. Then what is the compulsion to be a gambler by profession? Can you not get another job? 

    You have stated in earlier post that you are finding a lot of peace by chanting. Chanting can be done by anyone. To get proper results, one has to chant 16 rounds and follow 4 regulative principles. One of the regulations is no gambling. So the choice is yours - what is more important to you - chanting and related peace of mind or gambling? 

    You continue chanting...gradually you will become purified and want to give up gambling yourself. Other option is - you give up gambling now itself and continue chanting. 


    Your servant,

    Radha Rasamayi DD

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