hare krishna mataji and prabhu ji

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  • a person whose hands and le-s are tied up cannot free other person he himself has to be freed

    most of us who joined the movement were from the same back -round but they -ave up family or they preached there family in my case itried but failed went to mayapur did my new bhakt pro 2 month and laer joined tskp in mumbai

    somehow or other many people came intouch with krsna consciouness they -ave  up meat eatin- i was a sml instrument

    who participated in this sankirtan  yajna after all we all are spirit soul the soul platform is a very hi-h sta-e its just like skin diesease my i and mine

    buy we can try our best in spreadin  krsna consciousness to others keep in touch with devotees and  try to focus more on krsna consciousness rest is our desire and fate take heip from devotees read the books your a-e is the ri-ht a-e  concentrate your mind whole heartedly to krsna consciousness dont  ne-lect your family but sincerel practice krsna conscious to your best ability   hare krsna

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    Hare Krishna Debashis das,

    I think  the issue is not whether non veg is good or bad.

    The issue is, "This is the condition I am in. How can I best practice Krishna Consciousness".

    I feel the same way, even associating with devotees. How is it possible you might ask?

    Best way to practice Krishna Consciousness is by following the instruction of Caitanya Mahaprabhu.

    1st Instruction is to perform ... Sankirtana.

    It is easier for me to get homeless people in America, who never heard of Krishna, to join me in Sankirtana, chanting the Holy Names of Krishna, going around a few blocks, than to get devotees to join me. Sometimes Jahova's witnesses, Mormans and other Christian street preachers join me walk a few blocks chanting the Holy Names of Krishna. Somehow devotees have their mind set on something else... like other methods of performing devotional service or perhaps their mind is just set on rules and regulations like, no onion garlic or no tea or no this or no that.

    A few years ago, I was in Mayapur and I was advised by a devotee, "you go ahead an Chant in the street and Krishna will send you people". Krishna sends people to chant with me almost every time. Unfortunately not the ones practicing the 4 regulative principles... etc (Only twice I had a devotee join me).

    My frustration is worse than yours.

    Following the instruction of Caitanya Mahaprabhu is more important than anything else in following Krishna Consciousness.

    You just join a Sankirtan group. Once a month, once a week.. what ever you can. If you are willing to do this, you have my blessings and blessings of many devotees all over the world performing Sankiratana.

    Devotees, kindly forgive me for expressing my frustration for your unwillingness to perform Sankirtana.

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    The problem that you are facing is also faced by many devotees in the World in this Kali-Yuga

    unfortunately. It is normal that you will face some resistance from your family members

    especially when they first learn of your desires to eat vegetarian food only.

    I had the same problem a few years ago but Krsna helped and the family changed their habits.


    It is important that you know scientific facts about the dangers of meat eating.

    You need to try patiently to explain these dangers to them even if they don't want to hear

    about it. I think you also need to chant Hare Krsna mantra and pray as much as you can

    to Sri Chaitanya Mahaprabhu and then Krsna to give you their benediction so that your parents

    become vegetarians. Another thing that can help is to try to make them taste the most

    delicious vegetarian prasadam that you can obtain or purchase, even without telling them

    where you got the food from. Lots of delicious vegetarian dishes can be prepared often easily, quickly

    and at relatively cost. Prasadam has great effects although you must be patient.


    His Divine Grace, Srila Prabhupada and his disciples gave a lot of explanations in different books

    about the dangers of meat eating. I will quote some of these, hoping that if you are

    able to discuss these openly with your parents, it will help. It can help you to understand these better.

    Obviously, you must know their personalities and judge if they can listen to these arguments. If in the

    beginning, it makes them angry, then you must try the other methods mentioned above.


    From the book The Higher Taste:

    "Human teeth, like those of herbivores, are designed for grinding and chewing. Humans lack the sharp canine teeth

    designed for tearing flesh that are characteristic of carnivores."

    "Once it has been swallowed, meat requires digestive juices high in hydrochloric acid to break it down.

    The stomachs of humans and other herbivores produce less than one-twentieth of the acid produced by carnivores".

    "Since humans, like non-flesh eating animals, have digestive tracts twelve times the length of their bodies, the rapidly decaying flesh in a meat-based meal is retained for much longer, producing a number of toxic effects." 

    "One organ adversely affected by these toxins is the kidney".

    "The pancreas is also adversely affected by the toxins".


    From the Srimad-Bhagavatam third canto: 

    "Where there are women and meat, there must be liquor and sex indulgence."

    "The sinful activities forbidden by the sastras are illicit sex, intoxication, meat-eating and

    "When animals are killed in a slaughterhouse, six people connected with the killing are responsible for
    the murder. The person who gives permission for the killing, the person who kills, the person who helps,

    the person who purchases the meat, the person who cooks the flesh and the person who eats it, all become
    entangled in the killing." 

    "Karmis are advertising that without eating meat, their vitamin value or vitality
    will be reduced; so to keep oneself fit to work hard, one must eat meat,
    and to digest meat, one must drink liquor, and to keep the balance of
    drinking wine and eating meat, one must have sufficient sexual
    intercourse to keep fit to work very hard like an ass."


    Please try your best and be as patient as you can be while also showing without anger

    that you are determined in not eating non-veg food. It may also help if you can study 

    and live in a separate town for a while but keep this as last option especially if you

    cannot afford it.


    Hare Krsna

  • Hare Krsna.

    Say to your Parents that eating food before offering to Krsna is eating sin.

    We should only eat the remanants offered to Krishna.

    In Gita its clearly stated that Krishna accepts only vegetarian food stuffs.

    You do chant the holy name of krishna always with firm fatih.

    He would clear all your obstacles.

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