Help for Vrindavan experience

Hare Krishna to all.

Pranam to all senior vaishnavas.

By the mercy of the Lord, I am getting the chance to visit Vrindavan second time for 5 days. I want some help.

Like some lila sthalis are close t each other while some are at distance places. The first time i went there i spent time mainly in nidhivan, imlitala, banke bihari mandir. If some one can give me the lila sthalis in a order which will be easier to visit. Like i know some of them are in walking distance whereas some are accessible by i chose an area and visit all place which are close.

Also i wish to spend some time in Barsana - any idea where to stay there....i have heard of Maanmandir also.... 

anyone who has practical visiting experience of Vrindavan and Barsana. please guide.

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  • I am not sure what are you talking about? Did I ask for some information from your end? Do I know you? Why are you asking me to check out someone else's profile.

  • Where are you from? Are you an iskcon devotee? Are you initiated?

  • Volunteer

    Hare Krishna

    day 1

    ISKCON VRINDAVAN morning program till 9:30 prasada

    visit 6 goswami temples -- 

    1. Radha Madana Mohana Temple - Sanatana Goswami discovered the deity of Madana Mohana and this was the first temple to be built in Vrindavan. The original deity of Madana-mohana was taken to Karauli for protection during the Muslim attacks led by Emperor Aurangzeb in 1670.
    2. Radha Damodara - The original deity was carved by Rupa Gosvami and gifted to disciple, Jiva Gosvami, who built this temple. place were our Srila Prabhupada stayed for few years
    3. Radha Syamasundara - This is one of the lesser known but very important temples as the deity was manifested from Srimati Radharani's heart and given to Syamananda to worship.
    4. Radha Ramana - "Radha Ramana" means "one who gives pleasure to Radha", andRadha Ramana is one of the few original deities still left in Vrindavan. Radha Ramana is said to be self-manifested from Gopal bhat Goswami’s saligram silas in 1542.
    5. Radha Govinda - This temple was built by Maharaja Man Singh and the original Govindaji was reinstalled in Jaipur during the Muslim attacks.
    6. Radha Gokulananda - This temple has a Govardhana shila gifted by Lord Chaitanya to Raghunath Dasa Gosvami and is believed to contain the thumbprint of Lord Chaitanya. The temple also has Radha-Vinoda deities of Lokanatha Gosvami, Vijaya Govinda of Baladeva Vidyabhusana and Viswanath Chakravarti's Radha-Gokulananda deities.
    7. Radha Gopinatha - Gopinatha was first installed 5,000 years ago by Vajranaba, Lord Krishna’s grandson, and rediscovered at Vamsi-vata by Paramananda Goswami.

    8. nidhi Van

    9. Banke Bihari

    after visiting above , visit katyayani temple & Gopeswar mahadev temple [Shivji Gopi roop]

    For visiting local temples in Vrindavan you need to take rickshaw only as taxi/car cannot be used on narrow roads of Vrindavan

    day 2

    Govardhan, Radha kund, Shyam kund, do ricksaw parikrama so that u could visit all leela places around Govardhan like Govind kund, kusu sarovar, poonchari ka loutha , Jatipura, Manasi Ganga

    day 3

    Gokul, nandgaon, brahmad ghat [where Krishna ate mitti] , raman reti, Mathura Main Mandir,

    Ter Kadamb--

    Krishna used to call cows by playing his flute in the evening and hence the name Ter Kadamb.

    Paavan Sarovar -- Vishakha sakhi’s father(Paavan) built this Sarovar and Krishna had taken bath in this Sarovar.

    day 4

    Barsana, Dauji

    For visiting places like Radha Kund, Sham Kund, Govardhan, Mathura, Gokul, Barsana, Nanadagram you need to book taxi/car.

    for taxi booking please contact welcome centre of iskco wic is ear samadhi mandir of Srila Prabhupada

    day 5

    attend all programs OF ISKCON VRINDAVAN

    please contact welcome centre of iskcon for devotee guide

    & stay at Sri Krishna Balaram International Guest House at Vrindavan

    any doubts call me on 9820607747

    • Hare Krishna prabhu ji,

      Great help prabhu ji. Have noted all the points.


      I will keep your number, may need to call you in case i need clarification.

  • I just pray some more information from senior vaishnavas regaring braj and mainly barsana

    • E-Counselor

      Hare Krsna Pia ji,


      I must thank you for pulling me out of my laziness in writing more.

      In Vrindavan, there are only 2 self manifested deities present currently - one is Sri Sri Radha Raman Lal ju - followers of Gaudiya Vaishnav Sampradaya worship Him in this form, the other is Sri Sri Banke Bihari.

      Both the places are must visit of course. One needs to be careful of personal belongings in Banke Bihari temple esp.

      The dos and donts of Dham visit are : always maintain correct consciousness, do not mingle freely with people in condescending manner - always consider every dhaam vasi to be direct associate of the lord, no physical relation in dhaam, the most difficult - do not lose your temper on anyone for the duration of stay in dhaam, try to ignore minor irritants and concentrate on bhakti, dont waste your time in shopping for sarees and such stuff, shop for deity dresses and paraphernalia instead, no mundane music, no haggling, fighting, shouting, insulting, basically maintaining correct consciousness is very important in dhaam.

      All the 6 Goswamis temples are manned by bengali priests. YOu can happily talk in bengali with them and they will permit you to click photos even in places where it is not allowed. Try to see the original script of Rupa Goswami in Ter Kadam, the other shaligram shilas of Gopal Bhatt Goswami near Radha Raman Lal ju temple. THere is so much to be done in Vrindavan, you will feel separation after 9 days and will not want to return.

      If you dont want to go out any evening, you can find out and attend - normally some big Maharaj or prabhu is visiting Vrindavan and there are classes held in the evening for some course or the other - you can attend that. They also have plays sometimes int he evenings. Basically, I would first visit ISKCON temple, find out the program there, then chalk out my plan around what is the temple program.

      I am waiting to hear from you when you return.


      Your servant,

      Radha Rasamayi DD

      • Hare Krishna Mata ji,

        I am also planning for Vrindaban second time with my family.. may b after two months, but my parents got frustrated last time coz of no rules there for Traffic. Our Car used to Stuck here and there for 30- 30 mins.. and also there are lot of beggars (I guess... dey r really beggers) they wear Krishna's tilak in their forehead and ask for money by taking the name of Radhe Radhe.... Who are they actually???.. why dis is happening with them?????  and  also what is the best way to explore everything there related to lord krisna.

      • Hare Krishna mataji,

        I am going there during the durga puja vacations. I am trying to collect as uch information i can before that - i dont want to waste the time after reaching there.

        I am waiting to go there so much mataji that many a times i am feeling a sense of separation already.

        It is better not to get emotional in website forums, but I think you can understand why i am asking for more and more.

        In Barsana also, there is the temple of Ladliji - it is on a hill top - a little altitude - but it is manageable - it is said that She does not give darshan to everyone - we should simply spend time there and keep on chanting and ask for Her favor to reach the Lord. we had the blessings of Ladliji last time.

        then there is maangarh mataji, which i could not visit last time, it is the place where Radharani used to go in seclusion when she use to get upset on the Lord and then the Lord used to go there and cry and beg for Her mercy. 

        Please bless me such that I proceed a lot this time.

  • E-Counselor

    Hare Krsna Pia ji,


    Sorry for late response.

    In Vrindavan for 5 days - lucky you. What we would do is - anyways mangalarati is in our temple - so mangalarati, then cahnting, then darshan arati, guru puja in the temple. Then we would go out after prasadam. You can ask in the tour guide place inside the temple - if they have any groups going to Barsana/ Nandgaon/ Rawal/ Govardhan - you can join. Govardhan parikrama is a 7 - 8 hour job - if you dont stop to eat. Better to have a guide with you who does this regularly. Other places I mentioned are half day trips.

    Evenings, you can go to the 6 goswami temples - ask any rickshaw walla, he will take you - you say you want to visit all 6 goswami temples at one go. In the process, you can do seva kunj and nidhi van also.

    Banke Bihari temple and shopping in front of the temple, you can keep for one evening. I normally get poshak, deity paraphernalia there. People say Loi Bazar is the place to go to shop, but I personally find the street in front of Banke Bihari better.

    Pls spend as much time in Radha Raman Lal ju temple as you can - visit 2-3 times, carry binoculars with you. Try to see the fire which was lit originally - 500 years ago. They will not allow you to cook there (being in female body) - you can get prasadam to eat there. It is really divine.

    I would recommend chanting in nidhivan, seva kunj, banke bihari temple, rawal, ter kadam, maan mandir, nand gaon - practically everywhere you go. It is a divine experience.

    Pls be careful to not haggle with the rickshaw walla or such staff there - they are all devotees of the lord, remember.

    Pls keep a bag with you to keep specs, camera, phone etc away from monkeys. That can really cause havoc.

    Enjoy the lassi, milk of Vrindavan and come back and tell us your experience.

    YOu can visit Mathura one day.

    Whatever free time you get, so service in the temple - make garlands, break vegetables, participate in the kirtan.Dont waste a single moment in Vrindavan.


    Your servant,

    Radha Rasamayi DD

    • Hare Krishna mataji,

      It is always nice to read your replies. I appreciate the effort and time you gave to reply my post.

      There is a little change in the program matagi, it has become 9 days. I am keeping my fingers crossed to let this visit to Vrindavan a blessed one.

      I want to spend a day in Barsana also. I have got some useful tips from your post.

      1. Do you have any idea where can we stay overnight in Barsana.

      2. If you have any idea of some less known saint who has experienced 'bhagwat prem' such that we can try to meet him. If not, can u suggest some place where such saints are seen. I know this is kind of peculiar to ask.

      Last time we went to vrindavan, I had very very nice and pleasant experience in Nidhi van.

      mataji any any other thing that you might want to advise please feel free to advise. 

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